13 February 2007

An Act of Terror. Not a Message.

This is not a message, this is simply an act of terror.

But our ingenious/simplistic Lebanese mind will always come up with some superficial theory based on the date, time, proximity of the act, name of the owner of the donkey that happened to be passing in the nearby village, to explain that everything is directed at stopping the son of the glorious leader from taking a pee near that tree while driving home late from a twenty five bottles of beer on the wall party, or maybe it is meant to increase the already overblown popularity of some other glorious leader, or even that it is meant to get a third into action so that his sexy girl friend gets horny after seeing how strong, macho and caring he is. There you are, three theories satisfying the pro the anti and the non aligned.

But those who suffer are always the poor. Like the commuters who choose buses as a cheap means of transportation. They die. The pain is there to stay. The anxiety of this act of terror will spread and engulf the country.

The specter of Iraq will loom. What messages do the daily bombings in Iraq with their tens and hundreds of casualties have?
Early this morning, the Lebanese media confidently reported that the unforgivable blasts killed 12 civilians and injured 18. Later on we found out that the numbers were 3 dead and 20 injured. A silly commentator with a sillier politician/analyst sighed in relief that the number was less than the one reported earlier.
Silly (my self-censor is forcing me to be polite)! The act is huge, even if one person is injured!

Then another silly commentator with a sillier politician/analyst declared that in another incident, in Beirut this time, the car carrying the mufti (sunni) came under attack and insults etc from the protestors, camping in the center of the city. This, he reported, occurred as the mufti was heading to say a prayer for the late R. Hariri.
The TV broadcaster forgot to mention two things:
1- the mufti (sunni) was accompanied by the other mufti (shia) and the other sheikh akel (druze) and other religious figures.
That the whole story did not happen. At least not in the way it was reported. The mufti had to clarify the issue in a statement later during the day.

Two acts of terror happened this morning. Bomb blasts and a rumor. The third is an act of silliness (I'm still being polite) committed by our pride and joy, the Lebanese media in cooperation with our political analyst/political leaders.

Something is cooking for us. Something is cooking slowly.
And we are too easy.

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Angry Anarchist


Living Away said...

this is my fear!! something is being cook and we are gonna eat late!

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

it is a shame that while the people should be the sovereign rightful owners of their land, of their future, of their own minds, that each should be a sheapard in his or her own pasture of life, we are alas such sheep and are so easily manipulated. history is such a rewind button.

Sophia said...

Hi Moussa,
I hear your anger and your bitterness and yet you manage to convey your message with a touch of humour. I am also worried. I think the only thing Lebanese can do if they have brains ( I am sorry for being rude) is refuse to follow their present leaders and ask massively for new elections. If Lebanon is a democracy then somebody must be held accountable for the present mess.
We must aslo bring our former warlords present statesmen to justice. Enough is enough...

How this government can ask Hezbollah to disarm while they are not capable of making the country secure for all its citizens. There is a fallacy at work here. They don't stop whining and complaining about bombs and political assassinations and a hidden foreign conspiracy showing their incapacity to protect lebanese and yet, at the same time, they want us to believe that Hezbollah does not need its weapons because there is a strong government ? Can't anybody see a contradiction and a fallacy here ?
Take care.

Liliane said...

Good points raised.

Can't add anything!

notorious said...

without being polite.... akhusharmutness


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