03 January 2007

Lebanon: Saddam Hussein and Lebanese Politics

The last week in 2006 wasn’t just about the celebration of the holidays. There’s also the anti-government protest, the hanging of the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and politics in the Middle East. Let’s start with the non political posts.

The environment was the concern of Dove’s Eyes View who comments on the Bush’s administration most significant concessions to date on the dangers of global warming as it proposes protecting the polar bears. This, she wrote, marks a reversal by the administration from its reluctance to acknowledge the consequences of climate change.

And Layal voices the concern of a Lebanese youth who refuses to leave Lebanon despite the current political conditions and even though all of her high school and university friends are traveling abroad.

The hanging of Saddam Hussein brought many bloggers back from their holiday-break. The following is just a sample of the opinions and comments on the subject.

Pierre Tristam wrote about the hanging of Saddam Hussein in a very strongly worded critique about the invasion of Iraq in what is known as Operation Iraqi Freedom and about the policies of the US administration in the Middle East:

There was, at dawn on Saturday, no “justice” meted out in the assassination of Saddam. It couldn’t even have that Mussolini feel about it: a popular execution in broad daylight, unafraid and unquestioning, because in this case the executioners themselves have too little to distinguish them from the executed. It isn’t just their faces that are masked, but their motives and future plans. Meanwhile the hanging has been merely the enactment of a scene written in American stage directives almost two years ago, to fulfill another one of those sensational benchmarks the Bush administration invented as substitutes for real strategy, for policies that could make a workable difference for Iraq.

Sophia also had this to say about the hanging of Saddam: ...

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Leila said...

Thanks for the link, Bashir. Happy New Year...May 2007 be better than the last one, insha'allah.

Wadard said...

If anyone still hasn't seen An Inconvenient Truth, it is now freely available from YouTube. :::[An Inconvenient Truth Conveniently on YouTube] although I recommend the cinema experience if it is still on in town.

nightS said...

I was like HUH? this is me?! :D hehehe..thanks..and happy new year
wa ennani bakeya bakeya bakeya :P

Bashir said...

happy new year ya jama3a :-)


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