18 January 2007

Lebanon: A Bouquet of Topics

A variety of subjects were brought up in the Lebanese blogosphere this week. Following are some of the topics with links to selected posts about each. Hope you enjoy reading them.

On the Environment:
The oil spill that covered the Mediterranean coast last July as a result of Israeli bombardment of civilian oil fuel depots in Lebanon is well underway and largely successful according to this update with pictures by Blogging Beirut.

On Art, Poetry and Paintings:
When coffee is prepared in the traditional Lebanese way, also called Turkish coffee, coffee grinds are left at the bottom of the coffee pot. Ibn Bint Jbeil used these leftovers to paint. The paintings are posted on his blog with accompanying poems.

There are more drawings and paintings by Mazen which he posted on his blog Kerblog. And even more paintings by Suzanne Alaywan which she also posted on her Blog.

On the Economy:
Lebanon ski resorts, which are a major tourist attraction, and a source of income for Lebanon are suffering according to TearsforLebanon.

The labor unions in general and the Lebanese Labor Unions that have recently joined the protests going on in Beirut are the subject of an analytical and historical article by Marxist From Lebanon. The article ends with the conclusion:...

Read more about other topics here...



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