01 January 2007

I may be breaking the law just by posting this:

This legal ruling in Sydney may become a precedent that will radically change the internet as we know it.

It considers a simple link to other websites as a breach of copyright and as piracy.

If this rule is copied around the world then alternative news websites, search engines etc will have to be significantly modified or just shutdown.

What about blogging?

Well this would effectively put an end to all blogs.

Happy new year everybody.


Sophia said...

Kul Eid wa inta bkheir.

Bashir said...

Thanks Sophia, w' inti kaman :-)

notorious said...

mb i think it would be a good idea if u post the free firas post between each post u post, :D la7 til3an rabbi min kitrit rl "post" yala bidak shi ya post? salim 3al post, post post post, eh leik ma tinsa to post the post bein kil post w post

Bashir said...


Post ikht hal shaghli.

BTW: firas and a link are on the top right hand corner in the sidebar :-)

Nouj said...

1. Kil el a3yad w into bkheir.
2. I think it's a way of tijheel and keeping people from knowing each other.. Maybe I'm too drastic..
3. It's good to talk about Firas cause it reminds us that some people are trying to hide the "truth"
4. about the law again: wliii

notorious said...

post ekhet hal balad

Mirvat said...

post el post bein kill post we post? shinouyyeh hayda el post kein?

mb, this is the way of controlling all the media and it's very dangerous. hopefully it won't be adopted everywhere and people would oppose to it.

happy new year

Bashir said...

It is the post about
Firas Hatoum and colleagues
posted on Dec 25


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