03 January 2007

“Hadan Mish Ma’ Hada” or "The Beirut Collective"

Remember the brave hearts mentioned in this post: "Hadan Mish Ma' Hada" on the 30th of Dec?

Well they are officially called "The Beirut Collective".

And they can be reached through e-mail at the following address: beirut.collective@gmail.com

or at their website: beirutcollective.taharar.org

Thanks for the info Sarah (member of BC).


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi MB,

Thanks for linking to my latest post in the Lebanon section of Global Voices.

Frankly, this came as a surprise for even though we generally agree on most political issues, this time around, I was afraid you my find my prose too “polemical” given the current circumstances.

But, once more, you’ve proven to be the most secular cum broad-minded blogger around in the great Hilâl that stretches from Larnaca to Ahwâz!

Your helping the “Beirut Collective” is one more proof of your unrelenting dedication to the twin causes of classical humanism and social progress in that part world plagued by racism and bigotry.

Allah Ya3teeq Al-3âfiyeh as they say in the old country.

Bashir said...

Vic, you give me more credit than I deserve, thanks.


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