27 September 2006

Catch-22 Irony!

The chief of Hezbollah (Party-of-God, Islamic-Resistance-in-Lebanon) forbids (tahreem) his followers from engaging in any form of sectarian strife in Lebanon, stressing that the split, although critical, is political, not sectarian, and is part of the democratic struggle and claiming that both sides of the divide include representatives of all major sects.

The leaders of the Cedar Revolution (which includes the Future Movement, Progressive Socialist, Lebanese Forces and which is Bush’s validation for the success of his democratic “crusade” in the Middle East) collect, separately, their followers in separate sets according to their sects and speak sectarian (and feudal et al) to them.

And as if this situation is not absurd enough, Rice herself intervened, in this internal Lebanese “democratic” post-war struggle, in favor of the anti-Hezbollah camp, predicting more assassinations (?) and a brighter future (??) in “probably several years”.

Bush did not deliver in Iraq!

Bush will not deliver in Lebanon!!

A Rally for a Rally and a Tooth for a Tooth

Minister of Social Affairs (or Welfare?) Nayla Mouawad (barbie of the parliament), whose voice and poise were absent during the war, except when helping in the attack against Hezbollah, rides in style to be on time as not to miss a moment of the counter-victory rally by sectarian Lebanese Forces. (Photo)

Another Lebanese patriot at the Lebanese Forces Counter-Victory-Rally (Photos):

Now for photos of "Non-Lebanese-Patriots from the other Non-Lebanese-Virtual-Devine-Victory-Rally"
Here is Sheikh Hariri (mini) putting on the "robe of leadership" and vowing "a rally for a rally and robe for a robe" or something like that (photo):

And another less publicized Lebanese-Rally from up north of Lebanon sometime in the past (photo)

Nassrallah is so HUGE we need three speeches by three large leaders (Hariri, Ja'ja', Jumblat) to counter one of his.

Bremertz may have found the tooth of the suicide bomber who was involved in the killing of PM R. Hariri.

The word on the street in Beirut is that it is coated with gold!

26 September 2006

Nassrallah & Ja'ja'

The following is a beatiful post on the Lebanese Forces rally and Ja'ja's speech from Remarkz:
Political Desperation is Never a Good Thing

And by the way, the not-so-civil-war at Ain el Roummani has nothing (and I mean nothing) in common with the resistance in Maroun el Ras. And those who did not call for a government of national unity when Ja'ja' was in prison [and Aoun in exile] are his present allies the Hariris and the Jumblatis. And the asshole on LBC who was trying really hard (squeezed butt, squinted eyes) to convince FPMers and Aoun that those at Harisa (Ja'ja's LF martyr's rally) are his people (flock=sect) not those at the other rally (Victory rally), well he's just an asshole...

On the other hand Nassrallah's speech is given a very thorough analysis by Sophia in this post:
Hassan Nasrallah: The New Face of Moderation in Lebanon and the Middle East ?
Reading it is worth the time and effort.

And while your are at it I will be going about being busy waiting to welcome my second child to this world.

25 September 2006

The Misery Unfolds - Slowly...

"The bodies of five children have been removed from under the rubble of a collapsed building in the south more than two months after it was hit by an Israeli air strike....Ali Alawiyah identified his two daughters Aya and Zeinab, his son Hussein and his nephews Batoul and Abbas..."
- Naharnet

24 September 2006

Environmentally Friendly Weapons!!

Green Peace should love this.

Environmentally friendly artillery with reduced carbon emissions, quieter warheads to reduce noise pollution, recyclable bombs that produce less smoke and can be converted into manures, and lead free bullets. Like that when you shoot and kill a person your conscience is clear that you did not cause lead poisoning.

Don’t dare suggest beating the sword into a plow head [how naïve!].

How could you think that the concept of green munitions is a contradiction in terms?

Can it be Called Victory Rally?

HezbAllah can claim victory.

And this rally can be called Victory Rally.


Because one of the main goals of the Israeli collective and indiscriminate attacks on Lebanon during July and August was: to create a major schism between HezbAllah and its civilian supporters.

This evidently did not happen.

23 September 2006

At the Victory Rally

Look who was there in red!

20 September 2006

Lebanese Blog-Round-Up

This week's roundup for Global Voices Online:

This week Lebanese blogs discusses circumcision, the environment, the Pope’s quote on Islam, Lebanese politics, post war hardships and suspicions among other things.

Let us start this weeks sampling by answering these questions: What if Google was used to settle battles … who would win? Interested in knowing? Lazarus has graphical answers to a number of world conflicts.

What do you think about male circumcision? Maya@NYC wrote on this and other stuffs. Her post sounds like this:

Female brains work in mysterious ways. Even for a female observer. I have seen the tantrums, the jealousies, the possessiveness, the suspicion, the disregard… But male brains… not to be sexist or anything…. Men have this PC-inspired quality: shut down completely before updating the information. Tonight, an American female friend, after 3 hour of chatting and 1 glass of wine (or was it the other way around?) finally gathered the courage to ask me: so is circumcision a big thing in Lebanon?

What do you think of the environment in Lebanon? Take a look at the photo of the sad state of the Beirut River taken by Anarchorev.

Now let us look at the topic which had the most posts in the Lebanese blogosphere this week: the Pope’s quotation about Islam during one of his lectures. The reaction to the Pope’s quote was not just a simple attack or defense. They were in fact very diverse. They range from a call for inter-faith marriage to declaring that all religions are intrinsically intolerant.

Sietske in Beiroet makes the following call:

I myself am very much fed up with the whole religion issue, and I think my best contribution to this society has been to marry someone of a different faith. And when I think about it, all my good friends are mixed couples. We’ve got a Christian-Druze couple, a catholic-Sunni, an orthodox-Sunni, a Shia-protestant, a Shia-Sunni, to name just a few. And these are all marriages of 13 years or more. They all have kids that are oblivious to the fact whether someone is a Christian or a Druze or a Muslim. You want to do something for your country? Marry someone from the other sect. And make it fast. Time is running out.

Read the rest of the round-up here....

18 September 2006

One of Naji's Unpublished Work

Here is an unpublished caricature by Naji Al Ali. It shows a boy sitting and poking his penis. The boy's feet are cut off. The script (Ar) reads "It is forbidden to stand in the face of America [USA]. [Signed by] the Arab regimes.

Sabra and Shatila

"There’s another significant anniversary this week, but not one that’s attracted the sort of attention the 11 September commemorations have.

On the morning of Saturday, September 18th, 1982, reporters entering the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila near Beirut, Lebanon, were met with a ghastly sight. Piles of bodies littered the dusty streets of the camps, mass graves had been hastily constructed and buildings had been bulldozed over corpses. The slaughtered were old men, women, and children. A massacre had taken place here. The estimated death toll were in thousands.

What had happened here? What could have provoked this type of inhuman slaughter? Who did this?"

Thanks Sabbah

13 September 2006

More Cluster, Phosphorous and Inaccurate Rockets Used by IDF

It turned out that the UN was wrong about the number of unexploded cluster bombs (duds) still lingering in South Lebanon.

It turned out that the number is not 100 thousand. It is actually around 500 thousand since the total number of cluster bombs delivered to Lebanon is around 1.2 MILLION according to an article by Meron Rapoport in Haaretz today.

The article quotes a commander of a MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) unit in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as saying:

"In Lebanon, we covered entire villages with cluster bombs, what we did there was crazy and monstrous..."

He also said that the

“IDF fired some 1,800 cluster rockets on Lebanon during the war and they contained over 1.2 million cluster bombs”

The United Nations' land mine removal team in Lebanon expects that 40 percent (equivalent to half a million) of the bombs remain unexploded.

The MLRS commander also said that the IDF used:

“cluster shells fired by 155 mm artillery cannons, so the number of cluster bombs fired on Lebanon is even higher.”

The article goes on to state that:

“…soldiers in the artillery corps testified that the IDF used phosphorous shells…”

And how accurate (surgical precision?) were the rockets used?

“The commander asserted that there was massive use of MLRS rockets despite the fact that they are known to be very inaccurate - the rockets' deviation from the target reaches to around 1,200 meters - and that a substantial percentage do not explode and become mines.”

Read the rest. Very striking revelations…

12 September 2006

Round Up of Lebanese Blogs

Here's this week's round up of Lebanese blogs for Global Voices Online:

Lebanon: Field Trips, Wardrobe Personification and Poetry

Have you wondered why most women like shoes? Or can blogging be life threatening? Then read on and see what answers the Lebanese Blogosphere has. This week’s blogs have topics that are as serious as a threat to a fellow blogger for his political cartoons and as light hearted as a comparison between shoes and men and neckties and women. You will also find trips to and photos of the battle fields in South Lebanon plus stories of recovery and accounts of the horrors of unexploded cluster bombs. This roundup ends with an interestingly “looking” piece of poetry.

Maya@NYC starts a post by asking: “Why do most women really like shoes?” She then starts her detailed answer by saying: “Shoes are like men.” Well, you may want to read the rest.

Ana Min Beirut does not let Maya@NYC get away with her hypotheses. He replies in a post of his own: “Women are like neckties”.

The war on Lebanon may be over but the problems it created still linger. Many bloggers wrote about leftover ordinance that are causing post-cease fire casualties. Especially cluster bombs:

Sietske-in-Beiroet visits the South of Lebanon and posts photos and information about this problem.

“When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is “Anti-Semitic”” is the title of a post by Mirvat at the Lebanese bloggers Forum. ...

Check out the rest here...

11 September 2006

Not in my Name!

PM Tony Blair was one of three leaders who refused to support a cease fire during Israel’s indiscriminate war on Lebanon few weeks ago. The other two were Pres Bush and PM Olmert for obvious reasons.

PM Blair admits that he allowed British airports to be used to transport US smart bombs to Israel. And we all know where these bombs exploded.

Blair collaborated with Bush in propagating false basis for the invasion and subsequent destruction of Iraq. Casualties in Iraq amount to tens of thousands and still counting.

Blair days as PM have expired. His ministers are resigning. His people are asking him to leave.

Yesterday he was in Palestine/Israel instigating Palestinians to fight each other and supporting Olmert who has in custody (read kidnap) members of Palestinian cabinet and parliament. The same who were elected according to US and British set standards.

His visit to Lebanon today prompted the deployment of army and security around Beirut. His visit prompted a quarantine of downtown Beirut to protect him from Lebanese love and hospitality.

Lebanese have gathered on the outskirts of downtown to welcome him with banners that read: “You are NOT welcome”.

Was he invited and if so by whom?

Is he carrying a message? What is this message and what a poor choice for a messenger?

Will PM Sanyoura give him a hug and a kiss too?

Will he be offered baklava?


September 11: International Day AGAINST terrorism.

All forms of terrorism.

State sponsored terrorism included.

"Latuff Threatened by the Israeli Right-Wing Party"

Freedom of speech and tolerance?!
My blogger friend Ahmad has this story about the cartoonist Latuff. Many of his cartoons on the recent Israeli aggression against Lebanon were posted at Ahmad's blog. They seem to have caused some hurt to some Israelis prompting some threats against him:

It was not very surprising when I learned that my friend Carlos Latuff has been threatned by the Israeli right-wing party. His courageous cartoons must be causing a lot of discomfort for those who cannot handle an opposing opinion. The initial page is in Hebrew. (You can view it here) Below is a screenshot.

"This Carlos should have been 'taken care of' a long time ago, in some way or another. The question is: what should we do, and whose responsibility is it to do so?"

Jim Webb for U.S. Senate*

Jim Webb is a Republican centrist who served as Assistant-Navy Secretary under President Reagan.

He quit the Republican Party in the early 1990s, after clashing with the staunchly pro-Israel
“Neo-conservative” ideologues he viewed as enemies of America and the West.

Today, Jim Webb is running as a Democratic candidate in the Virginia senate race.

It is said George W. Bush and Nancy Reagan are furious about
Jim’s soon to be released television ad featuring excerpts from a 1985 speech by President Reagan praising his leadership…

I believe that Jim Webb will make a great U.S. Senator from Virginia.

Jim is running against George Felix Allen, a self-declared friend of the Israeli fascist far-right and a staunch supporter of President Bush’s neo-colonial wars in the Middle-East and South Asia.

You can make your voice heard in Washington by supporting Jim’s campaign: even a modest donation can help make a difference.

Please visit Jim's website to learn more about him and about his candidacy.

*This post is copied as is from "The Middle East Memo"

08 September 2006

The Divine Council of Maronite Bishops (and Sex)

Divine President (to be)

The Council of Maronite Bishops wants a president who is competent, experienced, objective and altruistic with high moral and physical qualities and above trivialities….

For this, they will need to forge the powers of Our Lady Zeinab, Our Lady Aicha and Our Lady of Bishwet and even then they will need divine intervention and even then they will need…

Divine Nation

"Lebanon is considered a nation of minorities that coexist in peace and love and thrive for the common national good. In Lebanon, there are 18 religious confessions. Each of them has rights and obligations as stipulated in the constitution," - The Council of Maronite Bishops

Yesssss! 18 sects happily enjoying one larger than life orgy party beyond your wildest fantasies. 18 sects squeezed in a country smaller than kisss el 3a2rabi [scorpion’s vagina].
18 religious confessions coexisting in peace and love.
Not 4 million citizens with equal rights and opportunities!
18 herds of sheep lovingly, peacefully and happily following their divine leaders… eh wAllah!

Divine Victory

"But there are groups that take unilateral decisions and take the country to where we don't want to go" - The Council of Maronite Bishops

You thought they are talking about the Shiites?!
The Maronites, Sunnis and others had their turns in the past.
This is a divine nation of 6x6 mukarar.
What is done by or to one sect [herd] must also be done by or to the others.

Divine Sectarianism

A modern secular Lebanon is not in the near future.

Divine Sex (recycled)

We are screwed.

Divine Leaders (and Sex)

Divine Bush

This secret of secret prisons is no more a secret. The other secrets will have to wait for now.


Detainees are not tortured (emphatic with bangs on the table). We just smoke them out and beat umm extract the hell umm the information out of them. Our methods are tough [macho], safe [condoms] and lawful [that is the reason for secrecy].

But we do not use torture, I say!
Read my lips!
And by the way, are you with us or against us?!

Ahmadinejad is nothing when it comes to God’s will. Ahmadinejad is not part of God’s will.
God told me [Bush] so.

Divine Ahmadinejad

Bush is nothing when it comes to God’s will. Bush represents the greater Satan. God told the Imam Mehdi (GSHA) who told the Ayatollah Khomeini (GBHS) who told me [Ahmadinejad] so.

Divine Sex

We are screwed.

Air Blockade Lifted (yeh right)

Minister Aridi said the Jewish state lifted its blockade because of Beirut's "steadfast position" and "pressures" brought to bear on Israel.

Poor Lebanese officials.

Actually thinking their silly sleep-in, few courtesy phone calls and theatrical press conferences actually bore pressure on Israel.

Tsk tsk a nation whose leaders are as such.

Pity us if we think we are ever NOT besieged.

Meanwhile more casualties from leftover ordnance.

Crocodile Hunter

I always feared that "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin will be killed by a crocodile.

06 September 2006

This Week in the Lebanese Blogosphere

This week's round up of the Lebanese blogosphere for the Global Voices Online:

Topics discussed in the Lebanese blogosphere this week involved, among others, literature, war-art, the art of souvenir production and war-humor.
Peace is a topic that is almost always present. A few samples discussing and dissecting the concept of peace with Israel have been selected for this week’s roundup. In addition to these we have historical account, from a personal view point, of one blogger who lived the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and what followed. Happy surfing. Check out the rest...

05 September 2006

Take a Look

Look at (read and study if you like) this table of the list of collective massacres perpetrated by Israeli Army in its attack against Lebanon in summer 2006.

Now have your say.

Did you know that the number of Palestinians killed (in Palestine by the IDF) during the Israeli attacks on Lebanon is greater than the number of Israeli killed by Hezbollah rockets on Israel during the same period?

Isn't it a shame that Lebanese (including Danny in Emirates and other nationals) would rather send their donations for the reconstruction of Lebanon to Hezbollah than to the Lebanese government?!
Their reason: Hezbollah is known for its honesty while the Lebanese government officials are notorious for their corruption.

Back to Square One

Breaking news this morning:

A convoy carrying former head of the intelligence branch of the internal security forces Lt. Col. Samir Shehade was targeted by an explosion in Rmeileh near Sidon. He and five of his companions were injured.

more: Naharnet and the BBC

04 September 2006

Nano to Terrorism

What is nanotechnology?
A basic definition would be: the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale.
In other words it is the engineering of tiny machines.

How tiny is tiny?
Atomic and molecular tiny.
A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. The average human hair is about 25,000 nanometers wide.

What can nanotechnology produce?
Lifesaving medical robots or untraceable weapons of mass destruction.
Networked computers for everyone in the world or networked cameras so governments can watch our every move.
Trillions of dollars of abundance or a vicious scramble to own everything.
Rapid invention of wondrous products or weapons development fast enough to destabilize any arms race.

Who’s so hot about the idea these days (and has always been)?
Nobel Laureate Shimon Peres.

He wants it to be used in the fight against terrorism of course.
Read this quote from what said the other day:

In a war of this type, it is necessary to have the use of a completely new kind of technology, such as nanotechnology - a new dimension, and not merely enhancement of existing technologies. A terrorist activist may be deterred if he knows that he could encounter new means that make it possible to detect him, even among a large crowd; that his hidden weapons could be found by invisible means. The defense system should use tools that are operated from a distance, robots and intelligence of a kind not yet known.

I had the privilege to introduce new weapons systems into the Israel Defense Forces that gave Israel the deterrent capacity it still enjoys today, that is to say, a capability that remained in force for some 50 years. I am convinced that it is possible to do so again, and for a long time.
Fair enough. Terrorism is abhorring to say the least.
Have all other methods failed, or is it because of the large investments Peres has in this industry?

More on nanotech...

01 September 2006

Cuddle Cuddly Cluster

Cloaked by the cease fire:

Lebanese fatalities are still on the rise. The casualty figures as of 29 August from unexploded cluster bombs and other ordnance rose to 59 people, including 13 killed and 46 injured.

Up to 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets remain in South Lebanon.

90 percent of all cluster bomb strikes occurred during the last 72 hours of the conflict as a good-will-gesture on the part of the Israelis.

Cluster bombs were shipped to Israel during the conflict from the United States of America. But, unsurprisingly, the USA is now investigating the immoral use of these bombs against Lebanon.


The all-loving, all-caring, democracy-promoting, new-Middle-East-delivering and anti-Semitic-terminating cluster bombs will be with us for many, many months, possibly for years. They will be bringing peace to lots of homes, lots of farmland, lots of commercial businesses and shops. The people who will be maimed, wounded and killed are just part of Rice’s new-Middle-East birth pangs. So its okay.

Meanwhile the “cease fire” in the Israeli-Lebanese war is still “officially” respected by the warring parties although the land, air and sea blockade continues.

Let’s give Bush & Co a big group hug.
See how homely and serene Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon have become.

here and here


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