18 December 2006

The Road to Qana

“The Road to Qana”, by Jallal Khoury, is a play worthy of watching.
It is currently showing at Monot Theater in Beirut.

The directing is simple but the dialogue is deep, reflecting philosophical and political views in a discussion/debate that takes place between four characters. One of them is a born again neo-conservative American who visits Qana with her Indian husband. The couple get involved in very intense quarrels on issues like religion, sex, politics and philosophy. The other two characters are a Lebanese and his alter-ego.

A musical band accompanies the play with music by Sami Hawwat.

Here is rough translation of Jalal Khoury's words about the play:

“Struggles have taken a religious nature since the fall of the Berlin wall which took down with it the secular ideologies that reigned over minds and politics for about two centuries. The divine became a springboard for earthly conflicts, creating and unleashing diverse and clashing extremisms.

Al Quds, Urshalim, The city of peace in Aramaic, has become a title, a motto and the
center of many struggles. Struggles which have lead some to believe that the wars, fears, destruction of the environment etc are all signs of the end of the universe. While others are lead to see that the mayhem we are experiencing is the birth pangs of an age of enlightenment, an age of values which future generations will enjoy.

“The Road to Qana” is a play that is trying to echo all that in the minds. It is also the story of a person looking for a place where ages are manifest and in which s/he finds him/herself…”


laila said...

I'll be in Lebanon for the next 2 weeks, hope I'll be able to catch it

the perpetual refugee said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'd like to see it if I can.

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