06 December 2006


What do you see?

Fellow human beings?

or faceless crowds that you can easily dismiss as wrong, irrelevant,
peasants, misguided, unworthy, untrustworthy, different, heretical, decadent,

-Painting and caption: by Ibn Bint Jbeil.


AM said...

K) All of the above.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Basir, I am flatered...

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

sorry, misspelled your name bashir.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great piece of art work...also the "moon" to the right of the page is good too. very insightful as well. do you sell your work? just curious. i don't know if you live in lebanon or the u.s. but if anywhere near where i live, i would love to see the work if a show ever happens to take place.

btw...sorry moussa about the capital letters..lol...was late while i was typing.
thanks and peace

moussa said...

Hi buck:

I live in Lebanon and these are paintings done by fellow blogger/artists (links under work).
I don't know if they sell.


Moussa said...


:) & :( that is the problem.

Ibn BJ:

Thanks, the honor is mine.

Isa said...

No faces, but still beings...human.
Its the combination of all that faces we call "the" world.

I like the painting very much and the text as well.

Have a nice weekend

Through Gracepeace said...

Words in hearts healing

Then the Lord whispered in our hearts…..
Words can reach where weapons cannot

We asked our village sage, how can we restore
warmth to the face of our souls when
the favorite poisons of Satan,
fear, despair, and hatred alight
upon innocent hearts as ashes
from the funeral pyre of joy

How can the eyes of faith close to sleep when
across the night bed of hope
sheets of despairing pall are spread and
the lurid hollow eyes of perjury beam, and
subvert words of sacred text, laughing
as divine counsel is debased and done violence

Dear sage, we asked, how can goodness smile when
unabashed hatred slaps virtue off the face of shame
emboldening hatreds minions, who feverishly
twist and mutilate the morals of their victims
deceiving those souls until they believe that
sin is virtue, murder is justice, and hatred is love

As he spoke, his downcast voice intoned that
riotously, by perverse commission
Satan's minions bathe in rivers of wine in Hades, and
with vapid mocking lust, they harvest
those deceived souls, reaped by suicides sickle

Your path to heaven cannot be paved with
chaste corpses across a river of blood, embrace
the dreadful ebb and flow of truth in your heart, meet
doubt and dishonor when they surface, for they
reveal to you that compassion, not revenge, fulfills the soul

His voice beamed as a bright light when he said
bravely, deeply, reach into your heart
without guile, without deceit, without prejudice
touch faith there, then inexorably
God's words in hearts healing
like the timeless rain, drawn unrelenting to the sea
will swell into a profound unsounded amity
in the soul's oceanic sanctuary, and become peace
lapping upon the shores of divine purpose

Copyright © April 2006

Bashir said...

Thanks Isa

wish you a fruitful week too.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

you can deffinitely publish my work at Global Voices. Thank you very very much.


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