30 December 2006

“Hadan Mish Ma’ Hada”

Rola, Sandy, Sarah, Rasha Najdi, and Mohamad Ali Nayel are five members of the group “Hadan Mish Ma’ Hada” (Arabic for “someone who is not with anyone” i.e. not with any political leader or group).

They gathered this week in front of the Lebanese University’s administration building in Beirut to demand a national university that transcends the sectarian and political divides splitting it, among other things.

They accused the opposition and the government alike of ignoring the vital issues confronting young Lebanese.

“Hadan Mish Ma’ Hada” staged a protest a couple of weeks ago in Hamra Street (Beirut) to draw attention to their movement. Their slogan was: “we are not a million but we are ‘some one’”.

It takes tremendous courage for such a group to demonstrate in a season when tens of thousands of protestors no longer satisfy our appetite, in a season when demonstrators congregate in millions and zillions. And even then demands are not met.

“Hadan Mish Ma’ Hada” is becoming a catchy phrase around here as political disenchantment grows.



Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Dear MB,

E’id Adha Mubaraq: may the New Year bring you joy and happiness.

As those who hate our culture try in vain to sully this sacred day, the only reply our nation will give them is renewed unity and steadfastness with the help of the Almighty.

God bless you and your loved ones.


Dr V.

Sophia said...

It is tough to be a young person in Lebanon today in a confrontational political climate paralysing the country. I sympathise with these people.

notorious said...

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Bashir said...


Once I get any extra info i will post ...

Anonymous said...

this is us , we are called the Beirut collective .
email us @ beirut.collective@gmail.com and we will let you know .
or go the site : beirutcollective.taharar.org



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