30 December 2006

Don't cry for me Mesopotamia

Excerpts from prof As'ad's take on Saddam's execution, the rest of it is here...

"Yet again, the Bush administration looks stupid exactly when it thinks it is being smart, or when it thinks it is being strategic in its actions. Saddam Husayn was not your typical tyrant: he was not even a consistent ideologue; unlike what his supporters would like to think. Saddam switched his views and stances, all depending on the interest of his tyrannical regime. He flirted (and more than flirted) with the US and Israel for much of the 1980s. He was a pagan and atheist in the 1970s..."

"The trial itself, like everything that the US managed in Iraq, were bungled. If the US occupiers wanted to show Arabs a legal system or a court proceeding unlike what they have in their own countries, the US failed miserably, just as it failed miserably in translating any of its empty rhetorical promises. The trial was in fact as cartoonish and as politically managed as trials in neighboring Arab countries. From the changes of the judge (and whatever happened to that judge who went missing as soon as he said in "court" that he does not consider Saddam to be a tyrant?), to the selection of the crimes--clearly intending to spare Gulf countries, Europe, and US embarrassment from their association with the crimes of Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war years."

"This execution will go down as a sectarian decision and not as a political or legal decision, as it should be, because the ruling government a) relies on a foreign army of occupation..."

"People in the region will look back at Saddam with some nostalgia because Arab leaders are now more submissive and subservient than ever to US/Israel, and Saddam's bombast and bluster in his last years will be remembered."

"It is a sign that the Bush administration has nothing to offer but same of the same. Some brilliant mind in the White House I suspect came up with this idea of the execution hoping that it will galvanize American public opinion--they don't think beyond that."


Anonymous said...

Why don't you spend your energy concentrating on problems in your own country than speaking ignorantly about US actions.

Are you jealous you don't live in the US?

If you spend more of your thoughts and ideas on how to improve your own living conditions it would make a much more positive effect.

I am tire of people ignorant of happenings in the US and ignorant on US policy making ignorant and uneducated mockery of the US.

Sophia said...

You have to understand that as long as the US will meddle in other countries internal politics, the people of these countries will spend some time meddling in US foreign policy because it concerns them in the first place.


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