26 November 2006

Worse than Sectarianism

The private savings in Lebanese banks amount to about 60 billion US dollars.
This is keeping the Lebanese economy from total bankruptcy. So far this is good.
But .…

60 percent of these savings are owned by 2 percent of the Lebanese.
I will not do the math.
This two percent do OWN Lebanon.

I have observed the democratic and progressive crowds descend on Beirut time after time.
I have heard them chant for the longevity of the Beyks, Sheikhs, Princes, etc.
These titles, for those who are unfamiliar with the Lebanese taxonomy, are feudal titles that are lingering around for hundreds of years now.

The feudal lords happen to be among the two percent mentioned above.
These feudal lords are leading Lebanon to a new century of democracy and equality as they have effectively led us through the turmoil of the previous century. They will lead us as their grandfathers led our grandfathers to modernity.

Our feudal lords, may the Almighty Lord keep and save them, own the land of the eternal cedar and its glorious people.

Yes there is something worse than SECTARIANISM.

NB: Don’t nobody get me wrong, I am for the International Tribunal.


Anonymous said...

bashir...indeed who knows u well can never get u wrong ..w thats our lebanon ..walaw ma we'r captured by the greatest responsible ppl

bech said...

good post

Bashir said...

Thanks bech.

Anonymous: give yourself a nickname to fascilitate response.

Sophia said...

Great post. However, as I wrote in answer to Marxist from Lebanon in the comment section of one of my last posts, the emotional link between the lords and the people ahd died. The people are not dumb anymore, they are having a difficult life without the usual protection and the respect they used to get from their lords. This has changed. The people of lebanon are not willing, at least, to sacrify their lives now for their lords as they did in the past.

Anonymous said...

Fuedalism is in its death throes in Lebanon. The old fuedal families are being ecliipsed in every region and sect with only a few exceptions.

However, sectarianism is still alive and will determine our political behavior as long as it is entrenched in the political system.

We need another generation or two to escape this colonial nightmare.


Lazarus said...

eh walla, good post. although i may disagree with the ending. feudalism and sectarianism feed each other with positive feedback; one of them has to end for the other to end.


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