11 November 2006

Tribunal and Secular Lebanon

How can one speak about the failures of the Lebanese government, and the entire political system in Lebanon for that matter, without being accused of wanting to derail or disrupt the inevitable forming of the (semi) international tribunal that will indict the murderers of PM Hariri?

Try criticizing the traffic jams in and around Beirut or Fatfat’s proposal to post cameras all around Beirut and observe the reactions.

And how can a new web site about secularism do any good in a country where even secularist are tuning their ears and minds to sect-terminology and sect-taxonomy appreciation? Where the simple questions like “where are you from” or “what food do ‘you’ eat” have sectarian connotations? In a nation where “we” has a different definition for different persons at different times.

1 Comment:

Nouj said...

The fact that there is a site like this and yours, there's still hope for us to get out of this sect-sick-struck situation.. And as for the fact that one will be called anti-semitic or murderer of Hariri.. well let them all go to hell.. we are the ones who suffered thru all.


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