11 November 2006

Major vs Minor Changes

Bush has started his minor cosmetic changes in the aftermath of the midterm elections.
Lebanon is minor.
Lebanese politicians are minor.
Lebanon and its political mess will surely witness some changes.
Is change always good?
Joseph puts it this way: “No one in Lebanon is as important to Bush as Rumsfeld has been.”
And yet he is gone.

So beware.


notorious said...

it really hurts that after all the hard work peaple put in this country akhritna nekhod mouse3adet min iraq w hal douwal el minteik rabba, tari ni7na nteik rabna too

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

"Lebanon and its political mess will surely witness some changes."

They don't call you Moussa for nothin' my dear Nabawiyy friend...

Let's the corrupt Saudi-Israeli gangsters of Koreytem get ousted from power in the coming weeks, Allah and Zeus willing!

ali said...

Well sad to see 14 March figures fall, but a real change that they called for once,means step one:they should fall....cause they are the same old shit


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