08 November 2006

Lebanon: Sweet and Sour

Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and an alternative drink to the regular carbonated soda were topics discussed in the Lebanese blogs this week.The reconvening of the internal political discussion among rival Lebanese politicians in the form of “the consultations” was also the focus of many blogs.
Before embarking on the tiresome task of reading about the various conflicts in the Middle East it is advisable to start with the refreshing “jallab” drink which is described graphically by Jamal:

In Lebanon, well in the Middle East to be more precise, the ultimate thirst
quencher is Jallab.Jallab is two parts. The chilled liquid part is made from a
syrup concocted (yes I love the verb concoct and all of its concoctions) from
dates, grapes, and rose water. Part two is best described by…
The issue of female/male relationships in Lebanon (and maybe elsewhere) is a thorny one. An article was published in the New York Times discussing just that. Among the many bloggers who critiqued this article was Rampurple who blasted :
This article make women in Lebanon seem so desperate for marriage where in
reality, if we are simply going to talk about the women clubbing, most of them
are university students and/or career oriented women not so desperate for
marriage as they claim. […]I also find it degrading for men, to place a quote in
the article that all men who stay in Lebanon are not-ambitious, have closed
mentalities and stay to find a virgin to marry. In my opinion hat quote is
Let us now turn to politics, war and other related issues. Let’s start with Lebanon. What does each party in the wide Lebanese political spectrum want from the discussions they are having? Jamal has one answer:

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