29 November 2006

Lebanon: Minister Pierre Gemayel Assassinated

Lebanon witnessed this week the brutal assassination of its minister of industry and trade. This terrorist act overshadowed all other events and topics in the Lebanese blogosphere. Nevertheless, the posts were as varied and different as the political inclinations of the Lebanese themselves. Here is a sample of what they had to say:

Blogging Beirut and Liliane posted some pictures from the scene of the crime and from the demonstration and funeral that followed.

Lazarus comments:

It is telling when a group of warlords point fingers and claim righteousness
when a young man is brutally killed. what is more disturbing however is the
Machiavellian “intellectuals” who expect that riding the tailcoats of warlords
to a sovereign and independent Lebanon is the way to go. They see a goal (which
most us do share) and sincerely believe their path is the “smart one”, yet I
wonder if they realize that they have been walking on a treadmill for the past
two years.
Abu Kais saw that:

The battle for Lebanon right now centers on the tribunal that will bring the
killers of Hariri and others to justice. The court’s local and foreign opponents
are stopping at nothing to block its formation, including assassinating members
of the cabinet that will approve the plan.
While MarxistFromLebanon mentions an SMS message he received calling for him to participate in the demonstration:

I got this sms on my mobile phone and it seems it is circulating through out
“Imagine Wi’am Wahab, Assem Kanso, Nasser Kandil, Sleiman Franjieh,
Talal Arslan, Mohamad Fnesh as your new ministers, Salim Hos as your prime
minister and Michel Aoun as your President!
Participate Tomorrow and they
will stay home!”
Another point of view from Dr Victorino de la Vega:
President Bush, Prime Minister Olmert and their Saudi Islamist friends were
quick to blame this horrendous crime on Syria and Iran, even though there isn’t
a single shred of evidence against these two countries. Maybe we could ask Dick
Cheney and Mike Ledeen to fabricate a few colorful proofs with the help of the
Israeli embassy in Niger- think nuclear “yellow cake”… hmm yummy! ;)In fact,
Pierre Gemayel was a leader of The Phalange (“Al Kataeb” in Arabic), an overtly
Fascist Christian group modeled after Franco’s Hispanic version of the Nazi
Party called El Movimiento Falangista: not really the standard textbook
definition of a “democrat”… even by the Middle-East’s notoriously low
The Rambler compares “news” from neighboring countries with “news” in Lebanon: ...

Read the rest (plenty more) here...



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