10 October 2006


Karin is receiving hate comments because of her position on the affairs in the Middle East and the world. And of course she is accused of being - guess what - an anti-semite...

Over the last number of days I find myself being the victim of rather nasty
and even malignant harassment. The two people who seem to have as goal to
unnerve me are IBRAHAM AV, STEPHEN KOHN and SHLEMAZL. They were both warned by
me in no uncertain terms to stop this despicable conduct otherwise I would take
consequences and delete their comments. They decided not to pay attention and
continued slandering me...

the rest...


I love Munich said...

Thanks so much for getting this to other people's attention! The only way to stop this kind of despicable conduct is exposing it to the feedback of as many readers as possible.
Not only did Chet as well as I suffer pretty much equally from this filth - Ibraham Av did succeed to top it all off by registering Chet as new member of the KKK! This action alone does shine a clear light on the sick mindset of this man. No worries though .. we got it all under control!

I apologize for the wrong number .. they are of course THREE .. but initially were "only" TWO - I decided only afterwards to add Stephen R. Kohn who apparently considerd Ibraham Av a GREAT teacher to follow!

Thanks again Moussa - I really appreciate it!!

Chet said...

Thanks for posting this, It has been a hassle for Karin and myself who seem to be his favorite targets. The sad part there is nothing we can do about it. As we found out.We could file suit against Ibraham, but That costs more than I think either of us has and then maybe not get anywhere. Again thanks for posting this about Karin.

the perpetual refugee said...

I wouldn't worry about these idiots.

I was harrassed by Shlemazl for a while.

It is comforting to know that they're aggitated enough to harrass you. That means you're doing it correctly.

Ibrahamav said...

A law suit! How important I am in your lives. How stinging that it has been proven that you are little but worthless antisemites.

Sucks being you.


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