26 October 2006

Lebanon: Communities and Contradictions

Weekly roundup of Lebanese Blogosphere for Global Voices Online:

The Lebanese blogosphere is growing like crazy. This means that the following summary is not all inclusive. And in the attempt to cover as many new blogs or newly discovered blogs as possible, other interesting posts and/or blogs are missed. But you can always find links to worthy blogs in previous summaries or check back here every week.

The end of last week was the end of the fasting month of Ramadan or Eid al Fitr, and Amal commemorates the occasion with a not-so-smiley face reflecting the situation in the region: (the script in the photo is Arabic for “Happy Holiday”)

The issue of the Lebanese Jews is not a popular topic of discussion in Lebanon. The Jews of Lebanon is a blog tackling this topic in particular. In this post the author summarizes and critiques the book “Jews of Lebanon: between coexistence and conflict” and declares that the Lebanese Jews were pioneers in promoting nations independence.

There is a Palestinian community in Lebanon. Most of them are refugees since 1948. And Hilal has this to say about them:

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