26 October 2006

Lebanese Encyclopedia - LebPedia

Samer at Carpe Techno has embarked on a difficult but worthy project of a wiki-Lebanese-encyclopedia which he calls LebPedia.

This is an online encyclopedia which anyone can edit or add contents to just by visiting.
The same as WikiPedia, the free encyclopedia.

The search is on for volunteers to add contents etc. So if you are willing to help go to CarpeTechno or visit LebPedia and contact Samer or sign up to the mailing list.

Good Luck, especially when adding contents on Lebanese history (ya latif) which, I am sure, will be continuously edited.


Anonymous said...

I like the picture of the crucified Lord on the right side with the symbol of the grain wheat that dies in order to bear fruit. Where did you get this picture?

bloggingparis said...

Eternely edited LOL. li souk el Haz

Bashir said...


You can find it at http://www.virtualdali.com/
or at most sites that feature Salvador Dali


Yes, lil asaf indeed. We still don't even have an accepted history textbook in our schools.

notorious said...

remember 1 thing guys, the winner writes history, in our case, no1 won, but no1 lost either (unless for the real patriotic lebanese)


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