31 October 2006

Ban Cluster Bombs and Punish the Users - Dammit!

Join us on Nov 4 for the National Day Against Cluster Munitions.
Remember that Lebanon has none.
But Israel does have some and has used them. Israel threw about 5 million of these bomblets on Lebanon.
40 percent lay unexploded in the soil of quarter of the area of Lebanon.
Almost every day they kill and/or maim youngsters and elders alike.
Not to mention the other phosphorous and radioactive munitions, but let's not digress.

Anyway, it will be at Martyr's Square Area (some call freedom square others downtown but that doesn't matter now). From 11AM to 10PM.


Anonymous said...

Say no to hezbolla, say no to shoot on cevilians only because they born in israel even when there is no army base near them, say no to snatch soldiers, 18 years old soldiers that didn't do to them nothing, say no to hide behind cevilians and lunch rockets from their.
start with yourself and then demonstrate agains others.
we will demonstrate against our govermant that use in those bombs, but why you don't you demonstrate against you freinds hezbolla that start all this shit only because they want some respect in the arab world...why? start to think why things uppend and stop blame israel all the time...fuck sometimes people are so stupid..both in israel and in lebanon.

Sophia said...

I wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

Anon from 12:28 AM,

Let me start first by saying I am sorry if you have lost a dear one during this war. It sounds from what you wrote that you are guenuinely distressed.
If you live in northern settlments, then we do not live very far from each other, a 40 minutes drive at most.
I am on the other side of the border, I was born under Israeli occupation and lived its wrath. I could see the Israeli soldiers with their tanks and their firearms aimed at us from my classroom window. I used to look the other way and focus on what the teacher was saying.
Bombs would be falling, and I would be reading Racine, Voltaire, Hugo, Al-Mutanabi etc and dreaming of another reality..my friends died in school, school buses were bombed in front of my 16 yr old eyes by "friendly..oops it was a mistake" Israeli bombs, and I would go home study my math,biology, chemistry and dream of a better world..I got lucky, I did not die, I did not lose an arm or an eye or a dad or a mom..I got lucky I survived occupation, and I witnessed how the freedom fighter heroes liberated my village and other villages..I was lucky I made it to the day where I could sleep in my own bed without bombs as my background music.
I am a physician now, and my mission is to save life and improve its quality.
Your bombs dear friends did not manage to erase Love from my heart, your mighty IDF did not manage to bomb me into a monster..But I learned how to stand strong, I learned that NO ONE protects you but your own self...I learned to listen to the fake pity words, say thank you, laugh inside and never depend that any true benefit will come out of them.
I learned how important it is to stand for your rights.
Do not give us Lectures on how we should feel and what we should protest..Our childhood was stolen, we were humiliated, terrified and terrorized over and over by your mighty army..We know we do not have your military might, but we have ourselves, our self worth, our love of life and our will to live free.
I feel sorry for all the Israelis who stayed in shelters during this war, for I KNOW VERY WELL what it means to hide under the sink of the bathroom for days and days thinking that it is safe from bombs (since we really did not have shelters in south Lebanon as our goverments have always been busy stealing money under the pretense of helping us and never gave us anything)..I know very well how scary the feeling is when the bomb hits, you hear the sound, the smoke fills your lungs and you start screaming to find out whether people around you are still alive..I know the feeling very well my friend.

I am not asking for your sympathy or sorry words, but when we decide to say NO To Cluster Bombs in a civilized and peaceful protest, spare us your comments, and join us in saying NO TO KILLING instead.

Zahrat Al-Kindawl (a flower from south Lebanon)


Sophia said...

HRW's page concerning cluster bombs


RoxieAmerica said...

Thank you sophia, I was just going to add: [JURIST] Human Rights Watch (HRW) confirmed [HRW report] for the first time Thursday that Hezbollah [BBC backgrounder] used cluster bombs [FAS backgrounder] during the recent conflict with Israel. According to HRW.

It does appear that Hezbollah used cluster bombs too. So now, are we going to compare who used the most cluster bombs in order to justify Hezbollah's use of cluster bombs? Just wondering.

I love Munich said...

Clusterbombs are a HORROR, regardless who used them, IOF or Hizbullah, MUST be punished!
We're in the 21st century but I sure don't feel it once it comes to that! Brutality is increasing, weapons are more and more sophisticated and the more injuries they can cause, the more they can rip people to pieces, the more popular they become! It is a shame, a disgrace for mankind! Instead of investing more and more efforts in finding PEACE and COEXISTENCE - they invest BILLIONS in developing more and more killing-machines! Where is world-sanity? Conscience? Compassion? I'd talk to my ARCH enemy, would I be able to save ONE LIFE - regardless of which!

They are disgusting me ... UTTERLY disgusting me! I wish so much I could join you all at this demo ... MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL!!

Omar said...

wish i was there to be part of it :(

i love you lebanon!

Sophia said...

If you are referring to the report that I mentioned you definitely misread the report. Otherwise, you have to give your sources when you assert that Hezbollah was using cluster bombs. The only country that manufactures cluster bombs is your country. The ones they gave or sold to israel date back to the seventies.

I think your comments on the situation in the ME are becoming more and more erratic and more and more propagandist and shallow. Verify your sources and read well before writing something.

Chet said...

I wish I could join you but since I can't be there in body, I will be there in spirit. My prayers are for you and your people. Take care and God bless.

Chet said...

I meant to add that I am adding you to my blog roll if that is alright.

RoxieAmerica said...


I was considering this: "The Lebanese Shia militia used two Chinese-made Type-81 rockets for cluster strikes that hit the Galilee village of Mghar on July 25, according to evidence gathered by the US-based organisation." http://www.guardian.co.uk/syria/story/0,,1926467,00.html
Although Israel made extensive use of cluster weapons against Lebanon during the last days of the conflict, this is the first independent confirmation that Hizbullah used the controversial weapons too.

I am sorry for failing to add the source of what I was reading.

RoxieAmerica said...

Sophia said, "I think your comments on the situation in the ME are becoming more and more erratic and more and more propagandist and shallow."

Your observation is correct as to the erratic nature of my posting. It would appear to be such. It is however not as much "erratic" as it is a personal change in position regarding Hezbollah, from one of support, to one of non-support based upon the after-events of the Hezbollah-Iraq war.

If that means I should not post comments here, that is perfectly fine. If it means I should not post comments at your blog, I also fully understand.

Sophia, your observations are correct, I have shifted my position on this issue. I have added a "I support Israel" banner to one of my blogs, a first ever such banner.

As a citizen of a nation directly threatened by President Ahmadinejad, whereby he advocated a world without America could exist at his world without Zionism, and the strong support of Hezbollah, the circumstances forced me reconsider if I can continue to support Hezbollah.

Hezbollah of course does not care if I support them or do not support them. Iran does not care if I support them or not support them. I am but a very small fish in the world fish tank.

As I said, I have no problem, and no hard feelings if it felt I should not post here because of this change of support for Hezbollah.

Sophia said...


This is not my blog and I have nothing to say as to you commenting on this blog. You are always welcome on mine.
However, my personal line of blogging is to never give any support to a party or to another. I know I am always critical of Israel but I can be critical of other parties in the conflict this is why I am uncomfotable with your one sided comments.
However you know my blog and you know that there is a room for reasonable dissent on my blog and you are welcome to comment within these limits.
Thanks for your answer I will look at the reference and tell you on this section what I think of it.

I appreicate your frankness.

Sophia said...


I read the article in the Guardian you referred to and the source at HRW. I have few comments:
1- HRW documented one site with pieces and some injuries suffered by one person.
2- Israel seem to have documented most of what is presented as an evidence, namely 113 sites.
3- In Lebanon, 5 million bomblets were dropped on civilians and they continue to kill.
4- It took Israel some time to document this 'fact' I wonder why.
5- The only country fabricating clster bombs is the US. The stock in the hands of the Israeli army was sold or given with the help your tax money.
6-Israel is among the first twelve arms and weapons trader in the world (Amnesty report 2006, Dead on Time). It sells some of its fabricated or donated weapons to China despite US outrage.
7_ In all this there may be a possibility that hezbollah acquired some of these bombs from China through another country but then again it is through israel's arms trade.
8- israel,s silence up to now on cluster bombs sent by hezbollah is due to one of these two things:
Fabrication of the facts;
Fear of revealing its role in the trade of these weapons.
In both cases, israel has a much larger responsibility and no wonder why countries are calling for a ban on these bombs.

9- The same day HRW published the story on hezbollah, a Hezbollah official denied having these bombs while Isrel never denied having them and using them.

10- Not to negelect also israel,s tactic is to accuse the other side of the same crimes it is accused of no matter these crimes are not equivalent in their scope and consequences. Israel is claiming here immoral equivalence for hezbollah in order to escape international condemnations and prosecutions.
However Israel is ready to hold the contary when it comes to the suffering of jews, it is claiming moral non equivalence for the suffering of the jewish people.

11- HRW has been under fierce and harsh critics and bullying by israel because of its accusations against israel. The shaky evidence against hezbollah will never be substantiated by israel, it is just a PR tactic for holding critics at distance, for the moment...

One has always to read the news with a critical mind. Your reading of the news seems to me tailored to suit your beliefs and not to challenge them.

RoxieAmerica said...

Thank you Sophia. It was never my intention to make a whole case, but to point out the news report I had seen. I stand against cluster bomb use in civilian areas, which should be obvious to any group or army. I do not defend, nor have I ever defended Israel's use of such weapons in civilian areas.

Living Away said...

I have a very close relationship with Lebanon, even though I never went there...
I'm sorry for all those atrocities!

If you have time, please read what I wrote last september! Tahnks!


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