17 October 2006

Angry Neighbour

I have been itching to post this photo for months.

Now seems to be a perfect time with Olmert screaming at us to smoke the peace pipe with him right after whacking the hell out of us and shouting "now look what you made me do to you?!".
I don't know the source of this photo so if you do please tell us.


the perpetual refugee said...

Well said Bashir.

Sophia said...

Great photo and good timing. We should ask Olmert to stop violence before asking to smoke the peace pipe with Sanyura.

jooj said...

That was indeed the pinnacle of impudence. Blood hasn't dried yet!

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

On another subject: you’ll be happy to learn the Washington Post has officially endorsed Jim Webb.

Hip Hip Hip!


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Check this blogger on Jim Webb”.

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Jim Webb Finds Support In Middle East
Oh my. Does he know Jim calls "them" towel-heads? Would it matter?


Congrats Ustâz MB, our postmodernist geopolitical Ta3leeqât are read even in the most remote confines of Virginia!

On a more serious note, it’s precisely because Jim Webb would cut the binding chains tying Washington to BOTH the bigoted kings of Israel (a.k.a. “Pharisees”) and the evil Islamist princes of Saudi Arabia (“Towel-heads”) that he would restore America’s lost sovereignty…

“Time we got our country back on track” as the man says!

notorious said...

bachir we appreciate the time u spend postin and researching, taking into consideration ur newborn child, ur job, and all that otha shit :P keep it up man


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