31 October 2006

Ban Cluster Bombs and Punish the Users - Dammit!

Join us on Nov 4 for the National Day Against Cluster Munitions.
Remember that Lebanon has none.
But Israel does have some and has used them. Israel threw about 5 million of these bomblets on Lebanon.
40 percent lay unexploded in the soil of quarter of the area of Lebanon.
Almost every day they kill and/or maim youngsters and elders alike.
Not to mention the other phosphorous and radioactive munitions, but let's not digress.

Anyway, it will be at Martyr's Square Area (some call freedom square others downtown but that doesn't matter now). From 11AM to 10PM.

Lebanon: Political Uncertainty and Men

Many Lebanese blogs are reflecting the internal political bickering that is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future of the country. Most of the posts in this weeks review are bleak with little hope for the future. This is something that is very unusual for a people who take pride in being life-lovers. But then this may just be a phase Lebanon is passing through.

As the “war of words escalates” Blacksmiths of Lebanon compiled a list of pro and con quotes that have lead to a general sense of unease.

Hilal (Ar) summarizes the situation by stating: “this is a country hanging in void”.

And to add to the political uncertainty some elements of security doubts, Bech tells us about gun silencers caught by security forces at the airport in Beirut.

The Grateful Arab describes the infinite cycle of crumpling and rebuilding of the Lebanese society by comparing it to the myth of the Sisyphus. Then points out that:

The response of the Lebanese civil society to the July War is infinitely more
important for the future of our country than anything that happened on March 14,
2005. We urgently have to build on these achievements as our only hope of
survival as a country at this point is the strengthening of our civil society.
NGOs in Lebanon need to be supported at all costs, they need both volunteers and
funds (an area where expatriates can particularly help). Change will only happen
from the bottom up.
Liliane sees the political situation getting worse with little hope for the future:
I don’t know how I actually still have hope that Lebanon will shape up to get
better. We all know the children of today are tomorrow’s politicians, so how can
it get better while the way children (most) are being raised will only lead to
more xenophobia and prejudice.
Meanwhile more victims of the Israeli war on Lebanon are falling almost daily more than two months after the cease fire was announced as pointed out by Lazarus.

The rest can be found here...(at Global Voices Online)

26 October 2006

Lebanese Encyclopedia - LebPedia

Samer at Carpe Techno has embarked on a difficult but worthy project of a wiki-Lebanese-encyclopedia which he calls LebPedia.

This is an online encyclopedia which anyone can edit or add contents to just by visiting.
The same as WikiPedia, the free encyclopedia.

The search is on for volunteers to add contents etc. So if you are willing to help go to CarpeTechno or visit LebPedia and contact Samer or sign up to the mailing list.

Good Luck, especially when adding contents on Lebanese history (ya latif) which, I am sure, will be continuously edited.

Lebanon: Communities and Contradictions

Weekly roundup of Lebanese Blogosphere for Global Voices Online:

The Lebanese blogosphere is growing like crazy. This means that the following summary is not all inclusive. And in the attempt to cover as many new blogs or newly discovered blogs as possible, other interesting posts and/or blogs are missed. But you can always find links to worthy blogs in previous summaries or check back here every week.

The end of last week was the end of the fasting month of Ramadan or Eid al Fitr, and Amal commemorates the occasion with a not-so-smiley face reflecting the situation in the region: (the script in the photo is Arabic for “Happy Holiday”)

The issue of the Lebanese Jews is not a popular topic of discussion in Lebanon. The Jews of Lebanon is a blog tackling this topic in particular. In this post the author summarizes and critiques the book “Jews of Lebanon: between coexistence and conflict” and declares that the Lebanese Jews were pioneers in promoting nations independence.

There is a Palestinian community in Lebanon. Most of them are refugees since 1948. And Hilal has this to say about them:

Read the rest here...

24 October 2006

Julia Boutros Sings Nassrallah's Words

The theme of Julia's new video clip is Nassrallah's reply to a letter sent by the fighters resisting the Israeli invasion last July.
The reply was transformed into lyrics by Ghassan Mattar.
Mattar, the composer (her brother), the director (a Boutros too) all belong to the secular trends in the Lebanese spectrum (sectrum) of "colors".
They do not even belong to the same religion as Nassrallah. (Boutros = Peter)
Go figure it out...
Bravo Julia!

Watch the video clip here.

via Hilal

Julia Boutros Official Website

Lebanon: Beirut and Blogging

Weekly roundup of Lebanese Blogosphere for Global Voices Online:

This week some of the bloggers of the Lebanese blogosphere flirt with Beirut and with blogging. But you will always find politics, religion and war. Remember that Lebanon is in the Middle East.

Why do you blog? Why do I blog? Why does Maya[at]NYC blog:

read the rest...

17 October 2006

Angry Neighbour

I have been itching to post this photo for months.

Now seems to be a perfect time with Olmert screaming at us to smoke the peace pipe with him right after whacking the hell out of us and shouting "now look what you made me do to you?!".
I don't know the source of this photo so if you do please tell us.

15 October 2006

Call for Support

A call for support from my blogger friend Karin for:
...1st. Lt. Ehren Watada who refused to go to Iraq, deeming this an
and illegal war. The important part is that not only HE will be standing
trial (and facing up to eight years in prison) but the war
itself (and
together with it it's "organizers") will be legally

I feel that Ehren is the one who stands up for what all
of us feel ... and don't find it fair to let him stand alone!

14 October 2006

Lebanese Blogs Round Up

This week's round up of blogs in the Lebanese blogosphere for the Global Voices Online:

Lebanon: Politics and the Finer Arts

The political turmoil in Lebanon seems to be taking its toll on the Lebanese blogosphere. Many posts reflect on the internal squabble going on. But we can still find some art, poetry and environmental concerns.

Starting with the fine art of caricature: Amal started a series of cartoons in which she draws Lebanese bloggers in addition to her cartoons on current events. Her latest was that of Jamal. Check out her depiction of other bloggers like jij, eve and hilal.

In the spirit of Ramadan, Jamal defines the meaning and job description of the “Msaharati”:

Read the rest here...

12 October 2006

Book of Genesis. "Brand New Middle East"

And God created G W Bush.
And God saw that he was good.

And God said to G W Bush.
"Go to the chosen land and bring the folks back to me."

And G W Bush came to land of Iraq.
And worked and preached and prayed and fasted for three years.

And G W Bush sent 655 000 of the people of Iraq to God.
And G W Bush is still working and preaching and praying and lying as hard as he can.

G W Bush has not seen the light yet.
And neither has God.

10 October 2006

Oct 9, First Day of School

In a show of solidarity, all of Lebanon started official teaching yesterday, Oct 9.

I started my official classes - as a teacher - yesterday.

Before entering the school courtyard at 7:15 in the morning I saw a homeless sleeping on the doorsteps of a church on Makhoul St, in Beirut.

While returning home around 5 PM, I met another homeless picking up and eating grapes from the trash cans facing the Picadilly, Hamra St, Beirut.

This is not my Lebanon?!


Karin is receiving hate comments because of her position on the affairs in the Middle East and the world. And of course she is accused of being - guess what - an anti-semite...

Over the last number of days I find myself being the victim of rather nasty
and even malignant harassment. The two people who seem to have as goal to
unnerve me are IBRAHAM AV, STEPHEN KOHN and SHLEMAZL. They were both warned by
me in no uncertain terms to stop this despicable conduct otherwise I would take
consequences and delete their comments. They decided not to pay attention and
continued slandering me...

the rest...

06 October 2006

An Urgent Call

The following call is from our fellow blogger Sophia at Les Politiques:
Because the US, the first power in the world, is an integral part of the Israeli-Arab conflict, siding with Israel no matter the circumstances, and even intiating wars in the middle east on behalf of Israel and asking Israel to do the same on ist behalf, it is becoming clear to everybody by now that the US is incapable of playing the role of a honest peace broker in the region. The EU was and is still absent from this scene trying to work out its internal divisions and to catch up on the US's hegemonic new role in the region and the world. The future is grim in the middle east. It is this context, I [Sophia] believe, that pushed the signatories of the following decalaration to unite in one voice calling for an immediate settlement. I [Sophia] am translating here their statement as published in French by le Monde. The list of the signatories is long (more than 140) and include, as you can notice, many personnalities from across the globe and the political spectra; ex head of states, ex prime ministers, ex ministers, ex ambassadors, etc... "

"The text, which is my translation from French here, is also in English at
the site of the
International Crisis Group who launched the initiative ."

Bringing the Israeli-Arab conflict to an end

"We are calling, as the middle east has been going through its worst crisis ever, for an urgent action from the international community to come up with a global settlement to the Israeli-Arab conflict. Except the extremists who prosper across the world stage by exploiting the rage generated by this conflict, we are all losing. Every passing day is taking away from us the perspective of a peaceful and durable solution. As long as this conflict will last, it will engender violence and instability in the region and beyond. [...] "

read the rest here...

04 October 2006

Blog Round Up

This week's roundup of Lebanese blogs for Global Voices Online:

The Lebanese blogosphere keeps growing day after day. Rampurple, who is a member of the Lebanese Blogger Forum and who maintains the Lebanese Aggregator in addition to her own blog states that the total number of Lebanese blogs in the aggregator have reached 287 so far. This makes the task of a round up of blogs even harder; nevertheless the following is a sampling of some of these blogs starting with the non political posts.
Maya@NYC and Ana Min Beirut are back with the male-female debate. Maya@NYC started the deliberation like this:
In the morning, the reflection in my bathroom mirror is just a façade. It
carries nothing in it. Just shapes, colors, forms. I am not there. I am in
someone’s mind, on someone’s thoughts, in someone’s heart. In someone’s eyes.
There are men that look you in the eyes. They look at you intensely and make
every effort to hear your laugh.
To which Ana Min Beirut replies:
For us men, that experience is much much less philosophical or existential if
you want. Of course we do look at the mirror to size up the shape of that ever
growing gut and we pat it in and out trying to make it disappear or we can just
turn half-way so that the angle is such that we see no gut. Of course we do
stand and flex those muscles and say to ourselves: “Damn, those muscles put that
Schwarzenegger dude to shame”.

Murphy’s laws may be well known but Ahmad mentions some lesser known dictums of Murphy:
Light travels faster than sound.
This is why some people appear bright until you hear them
He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
Those who live by the sword get
shot by those who don’t.
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented
Perpetual Refugee is the Lebanese blogger who wrote about his experience while working in Israel. Perpetual Refugee stopped blogging for a while after the latest Israeli war against Lebanon. He returned to blogging this week with a post in which he says:

02 October 2006

Good Deeds

Don't congratulate them when a new child arrives. Congratulate them when the child grows to do good deeds. -African Wisdom

Updated Photos Here...

01 October 2006

Haifa - Nassrallah - Twist

Lebanon is a twisted country. Not lemon twist. DNA chain twist. A twist within a twist within a twist.
I did not see Haifa Wehbe's interview on New TV, but Prof As'ad reports that she said her heart beats for Hassan Nasrallah when she sees him. I don't believe it is only a sectarian thing (she being a Shiite et al) as he said. I have heard admiration and adoration for Nassrallah from ladies across the sects. Although I have to agree with the Prof that sectarian polarization has reached a critical point in Lebanon with no secular alternatives in the horizon. Secular parties have so far been a total fiasco, but that is another story.
This sentiment towards Nassrallah is shared by ladies around Lebanon who also have a thing for the Italians landing on the shores of the South.
Do we need social scientists to explain this phenomenon?


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