05 September 2006

Take a Look

Look at (read and study if you like) this table of the list of collective massacres perpetrated by Israeli Army in its attack against Lebanon in summer 2006.

Now have your say.

Did you know that the number of Palestinians killed (in Palestine by the IDF) during the Israeli attacks on Lebanon is greater than the number of Israeli killed by Hezbollah rockets on Israel during the same period?

Isn't it a shame that Lebanese (including Danny in Emirates and other nationals) would rather send their donations for the reconstruction of Lebanon to Hezbollah than to the Lebanese government?!
Their reason: Hezbollah is known for its honesty while the Lebanese government officials are notorious for their corruption.


Anonymous said...

and I am quoting: "......Lebanon is a failed state. It cannot clean the Hezbollah mess within its own border and even its own army is infested by that iranian parasite. But Canada will be sending plenty of money to help rebuild what was destroyed and almost everyone will continue to blame Israel. Life goes on….......

ali bedun ma3na hehehe said...

fatfat is in charge of security..heheheheheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh....trust whooo come on....God save lebanon..ya i forgot..baby hariri big brain for national issues...sooo plz make sure where u send ur money

I love Munich said...

This list of collective massacres perpetrated by Israel is MORE than sickening!!! If it is official - why do they get away with this? If you commit a crime, you go to jail, same with me - so why does nothing happen to them?
ROTTEN double-standard this is called ... if George W. likes it or not!

How's everyone? Your family? Thinking of you guys!!!


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