11 September 2006

"Latuff Threatened by the Israeli Right-Wing Party"

Freedom of speech and tolerance?!
My blogger friend Ahmad has this story about the cartoonist Latuff. Many of his cartoons on the recent Israeli aggression against Lebanon were posted at Ahmad's blog. They seem to have caused some hurt to some Israelis prompting some threats against him:

It was not very surprising when I learned that my friend Carlos Latuff has been threatned by the Israeli right-wing party. His courageous cartoons must be causing a lot of discomfort for those who cannot handle an opposing opinion. The initial page is in Hebrew. (You can view it here) Below is a screenshot.

"This Carlos should have been 'taken care of' a long time ago, in some way or another. The question is: what should we do, and whose responsibility is it to do so?"



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