08 September 2006

Divine Leaders (and Sex)

Divine Bush

This secret of secret prisons is no more a secret. The other secrets will have to wait for now.


Detainees are not tortured (emphatic with bangs on the table). We just smoke them out and beat umm extract the hell umm the information out of them. Our methods are tough [macho], safe [condoms] and lawful [that is the reason for secrecy].

But we do not use torture, I say!
Read my lips!
And by the way, are you with us or against us?!

Ahmadinejad is nothing when it comes to God’s will. Ahmadinejad is not part of God’s will.
God told me [Bush] so.

Divine Ahmadinejad

Bush is nothing when it comes to God’s will. Bush represents the greater Satan. God told the Imam Mehdi (GSHA) who told the Ayatollah Khomeini (GBHS) who told me [Ahmadinejad] so.

Divine Sex

We are screwed.



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