08 September 2006

The Divine Council of Maronite Bishops (and Sex)

Divine President (to be)

The Council of Maronite Bishops wants a president who is competent, experienced, objective and altruistic with high moral and physical qualities and above trivialities….

For this, they will need to forge the powers of Our Lady Zeinab, Our Lady Aicha and Our Lady of Bishwet and even then they will need divine intervention and even then they will need…

Divine Nation

"Lebanon is considered a nation of minorities that coexist in peace and love and thrive for the common national good. In Lebanon, there are 18 religious confessions. Each of them has rights and obligations as stipulated in the constitution," - The Council of Maronite Bishops

Yesssss! 18 sects happily enjoying one larger than life orgy party beyond your wildest fantasies. 18 sects squeezed in a country smaller than kisss el 3a2rabi [scorpion’s vagina].
18 religious confessions coexisting in peace and love.
Not 4 million citizens with equal rights and opportunities!
18 herds of sheep lovingly, peacefully and happily following their divine leaders… eh wAllah!

Divine Victory

"But there are groups that take unilateral decisions and take the country to where we don't want to go" - The Council of Maronite Bishops

You thought they are talking about the Shiites?!
The Maronites, Sunnis and others had their turns in the past.
This is a divine nation of 6x6 mukarar.
What is done by or to one sect [herd] must also be done by or to the others.

Divine Sectarianism

A modern secular Lebanon is not in the near future.

Divine Sex (recycled)

We are screwed.


Sophia said...

Given the little you mentioned fom the declaration of the council I could say that the president they want should be cloned and they would have to ask Rael (the sect) to fabricate a perfect president clone for them. He must have blond hair, green or blue eyes, beautiful features and so on...IQ is not a problem since the bishops will think for him...

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Funny to witness the slow decay of “Al Marûniyyah al-Siyâsiyyah” [“political Maronite-ism” for lack of a better translation].

I mean these guys were staunchly opposed to all forms of secular and Westernized Arab nationalism throughout the 20th century- they even went to war three times for that reason (1918, 1958, 1975)…and yet they now seem to be content with playing second fiddle to <the Future Movement, a Wahhabi front organization whose leaders openly call for the elimination of all Christians and Shiites, as well as non-fundamentalist Sunnis for that matter.

Thank Allah and Yahweh, many Maronite political leaders such as Gen. Mitchell Aoun and George Corm have condemned the ignorance and bigotry of the Maronite Bishops of Bkerké.

Ms Levantine said...

Totally with you one this one Bashir. Personnally, I only listen to the Whirling Dervishes of Tripoli. And your conclusion is pretty accurate too.

RoxieAmerica said...

The longer I live, the more I am sure that some walking this earth are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.

Lazarus said...

helweh ya bashir :)

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

I think you should consider supporting the Jim Webb senatorial campaign in Virginia.

Jim Webb quit the Republican Party in the early 1990s, after clashing with the staunchly pro-Israel “Neo-conservative” ideologues he viewed as enemies of America and the West.

The fact he’s running against George Felix Allen, a self-declared friend of the Israeli fascist far-right and a staunch supporter of President Bush’s neo-colonial wars of aggression can only endear him to us!

Over the past decade, the White House, the Pentagon and Congress have become mere Middle-Eastern-occupied Bantustans with the kings of Israel and Saudi Arabia calling the shots…

Clearly, it’s “time we got our country back [and] on track”.

So join me in supporting the Virginian maverick...and add a link to the Jim Webb site (no pun intended!)

I love Munich said...

I agree wholeheartedly! It is only depressing anymore ...

Sophia - I like your idea a lot!! :)

Anonymous said...

Funny to witness the end of the so-called "Al Marûniyyah al-Siyâsiyyah” and the beginning of "Al Shiiyyah al-Siyâsiyyah”.


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