01 September 2006

Cuddle Cuddly Cluster

Cloaked by the cease fire:

Lebanese fatalities are still on the rise. The casualty figures as of 29 August from unexploded cluster bombs and other ordnance rose to 59 people, including 13 killed and 46 injured.

Up to 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets remain in South Lebanon.

90 percent of all cluster bomb strikes occurred during the last 72 hours of the conflict as a good-will-gesture on the part of the Israelis.

Cluster bombs were shipped to Israel during the conflict from the United States of America. But, unsurprisingly, the USA is now investigating the immoral use of these bombs against Lebanon.


The all-loving, all-caring, democracy-promoting, new-Middle-East-delivering and anti-Semitic-terminating cluster bombs will be with us for many, many months, possibly for years. They will be bringing peace to lots of homes, lots of farmland, lots of commercial businesses and shops. The people who will be maimed, wounded and killed are just part of Rice’s new-Middle-East birth pangs. So its okay.

Meanwhile the “cease fire” in the Israeli-Lebanese war is still “officially” respected by the warring parties although the land, air and sea blockade continues.

Let’s give Bush & Co a big group hug.
See how homely and serene Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon have become.

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RoxieAmerica said...

The weapons of war are simply horrible. This is the major reason that peace is a far better path than war, so long as peace is without surrender.

Sadly, the pieces of war left behind have killed those who never participated in war.

Solomon2 said...

Are those American cluster munitions? I thought we painted 'em bright yellow or orange so civilians could more easily avoid uxb. I definitely recall that the munitions dropped in Afghanistan in 2001 were painted bright yellow.

Anonymous said...

perhaps Busmert and Co. ,ran out of paint..

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Moussa,

Bushmert doesn’t care about collateral damages specially when it comes to disposable beings of the brown kind.
To him, we’re just insects waiting idly for the IDF’s phosphorus-enhanced cluster bombs

Anonymous said...

100,000 left unexploded? That seems like a little much. In addition, these weapons are designed to detonate, so 100,000 duds is a ridiculous number. I'm trying to say, don't blindly accept all that you read.

MOST IMPORTANTLY- Israel has an organization that cleans up sights where Katushyas have landed before any media ever takes pictures. Ever wondered why you see all these graphic pictures of Lebanese wounded and only pictures of Israeli mourners weeping? This is why; Hezbollah takes advantage of the oppurtunity to exploit the media. Israel refuses to sink to this level to gain appreciation through the media.

No doubt you can see what side I am on. I do however recognize the horrible casualties on both sides. All I ask is to look at the media more closely. Read the Jerusalem Post as well as al-jazeera. Look at a large variety of American media sources, knowing that they will sometimes broadcast whatever will get the most press, even if it might be more bias. Please, learn about this issue with caution and understanding.

I love Munich said...

I can only echo roxieamerica . weapons of war are HORRIBLE!! Cluster bombs are considered illegal on top - so why is Israel allowed to use them? Why does nobody have the guts to punish Israel for committing war crimes? Why do they get away with them? Stupid questions, I know ... but they keep popping up!


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