24 September 2006

Can it be Called Victory Rally?

HezbAllah can claim victory.

And this rally can be called Victory Rally.


Because one of the main goals of the Israeli collective and indiscriminate attacks on Lebanon during July and August was: to create a major schism between HezbAllah and its civilian supporters.

This evidently did not happen.


Anarchist Revolution is Coming said...

Peaceful wars, oppressive liberations, and the list keeps growing... At this rate they might as well replace the world peace day (what peace? they should tell that to the 1200+ Lebanese who were massacred by Israel) with a Bombs'R'Us celebration day. At least officially. I know that every day in Israel is a Bombs'R'Us celebration day...

Anarchist Revolution is Coming said...

Oops sorry my comment seems to have been misplaced.. I meant this to be a reply to


Sophia said...


Here you can find a moving and heartfelt first person account of the rally He is a former FINUL sergeant from Ireland who married a Lebanese and moved back recently to Lebanon with his family and attended the rally.

I also have on my blog now my analysis of Nasrallah's speech.


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