12 August 2006

Why Did Israel Bomb the Marjayoun Convoy?

Because that man dressed as a Catholic priest is in fact a Khizballah Brigadier General.
And the crosses that those women wore around their necks are in reality inflatable Katyousha rockets.
And in the trunks of the cars were inflatable Khizballah fighters with inflatable sexy virgin dolls ready for action.
And the dead and injured civilians are third class Lebanese actors.
And any picture or video that you see is doctored.
And all this never happened.
And all this is just another conspiracy theory.

What about the UN Resolution 1701?
Well, this will have to wait until I consult a professional numerologist.


Lazarus said...

they bombed it only because they could.

AM said...

they bombed it because they are who and what they are ...

Ms Levantine said...

They bombed because the US is sending them new sophisticated ammunition, so they have to get rid of the old one. Storage is costly as you know.

Anonymous said...

The bombed because they have Soul; hence no respect for human life

Anonymous said...

NO SOUL (sorry)


RoxieAmerica said...

I await for the guns to fall silent across the land,
The smoke to clear from the air above the soild beach sand,
For peace to refresh the air of war,
as the people of Lebanon say no more.

It is time for war to yeild in the wake of peace,
It is time for violence to cease,
It is time for Lebanon to blossom in the MidEast vine,
It is way past time.

It is time for Israel to return the land,
It is time free prisioners and bring out the band,
It is time to begin a wall of trust,
To rally around those who are just.

It is time to put away old ideas that have not produced fruit,
It is time to solve problems at the root,
It is time bring permenent peace to air, land and sea,
For that is how it was ment to be.

I love Munich said...

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable!! They kill FIRST, on supicion only - and check afterwards only for to say again ... ooops, sorry! Mistake! For God's sake the convoy was Ok'd by the UN!! Isn't the minimum one can expect, they check on that??

If THIS doesn't clearly show how "much" they respect (foreign) life .. I don't know! I was so uttely disgusted by this unspeakable cruelty!
I feel so miserable for these poor people - they went to hell already during these four weeks of almost constant bombardment ... only for to be bombed on their only way out!! GOD is justice ... and everyone will get what he/she deserves, I'm sure of that - I sure don't want to be in their shoes by then!!

Anarchistian said...

Umm.. a bit irrelevant, but reminds me of a chant from a song...

"I've got the powerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!"

Anonymous said...

Israel should be de-fanged asap,the Zionist Gov. on trial for murder,this is the epidomy of cowardness to bomb fleeing civilians.Very sad for mankind to stoop so low.

Anonymous said...

By now the Bushmerts must have lost their feeble minds and Israel/US all dignity . Are they not even concerned about their Image in the world,ignorant fools,who will pay the price someday. History always repeats itself.
in the us
been there

WE ARE ONE said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The world is so confused, is that the best for everyone. Maybe Isreal should disappear and the jews too.

Anonymous said...

Well, If the world would turn against Israel, they would be gone once and for all. Because everyone knows what is a jew. They take other people's land and kill their children and call it self defense. May they rot in hell and may their feet burn with fire. Forever will the distuction of Israel be the goal.

Joao said...

One more time the cowardlys jews killed civilians innocents.Zionism is nazism.DEATH TO ISRAEL!

RoxieAmerica said...

Isn't this the time to stop talking about death to Israel and the destruction of Zionism and time to begin preparing for peace in hopes it will be a lasting peace?

I know, I'm the eternal optimist, but let us look at the facts: Israel took a significant beating at the hands of Hizbollah. They have lost a significant number of tanks, men and a helicopter and a boat. The Israeli armies reputation, mostly dating from the six-day war, has been further erroded by this conflict. I would think the next time Israel wishes to flex its military might, the nation's leaders will reflect on the cost of this muscle flexing.

I believe it is best time for real peace in ages. I believe it is in the best interest of all to seek after peace. I believe the parties willing to lead the peace effort will have a large place in world affairs in the longer-term solution.

RoxieAmerica said...

Isn't this the time to stop talking about death to Israel and the destruction of Zionism and time to begin preparing for peace in hopes it will be a lasting peace?

I know, I'm the eternal optimist, but let us look at the facts: Israel took a significant beating at the hands of Hizbollah. They have lost a significant number of tanks, men and a helicopter and a boat. The Israeli armies reputation, mostly dating from the six-day war, has been further erroded by this conflict. I would think the next time Israel wishes to flex its military might, the nation's leaders will reflect on the cost of this muscle flexing.

I believe it is best time for real peace in ages. I believe it is in the best interest of all to seek after peace. I believe the parties willing to lead the peace effort will have a large place in world affairs in the longer-term solution.

Lebannon freedom said...

You are one stupid son of bitch. You said that because you dont live here and experience our destruction. Come here and then speak your words.

Get It Straight said...

Muslim brothers,
Please realize you dont need to attack christians, we believe in Jesus like you do, the one that does not is the jew from israel. Lets come together and united against the evil of israel. Do not make enemy against christians, because it is the isrealis that took your land not us. Take back what is yours. but remember that the jew is the anti christ.

RoxieAmerica said...

lebannon freedom,

Thank you for your kind words. I said that, not because I do not live there, but because I believe in hope, I believe in a better future. I do not mind that you consider me stupid, for the world holds many wiser than I am.

I may not know much, but I do know right from wrong, and hate is wrong. Hate is unhealthy. Hate prevents healing and moving forward. Hate creates distrust.

I do know it is wrong to send missiles into civilian populations. I do know it is wrong to bomb civilian populations. I know the solution is peace, not more war. Only real peace can stop the destruction and death once and for all.

I am not suggesting HOW to obtain the peace, only to begin working on that peace. It is my hope that Iran and Syria will help create peace. I believe Middle East nations are better capable of assisting with peace than nations not a part of the Middle East.

I'm sorry my optimistic message reflected badly on your painful experiences. I do wish you the very best, and most of all I wish you peace. I wish Israel had the courage to have ended war yesterday, but they are continuing to try to see how many tanks and helicopters they can lose first.

lebannon freedom said...

I agree sometimes words do not get the true meaning of the suffering. And I understand you, But it is not right what they are doing. Just because it is Israel, It means they are always right. NO I say they are not right and they are killing, and when we fight back, we are call terriorist. Bull shit. I say to that. Texas understand that word.

e said...

Lebanon freedom,
you may say BS but why then did the security council vote unanimously that HA is responsible for this war and didn't even reprimand Israel? If you don't accept the UN resolution, what do you accept, just the results of more wars? If the attitude of most Lebanese is as yours, then it is clear that no serious effort will be made to disarm HA and there will be another war in 2-3 years with very similar results. Is this really what Lebanon needs or wants?

Anonymous said...

Putting all jews in the same box is like putting all muslims in the same box . Many jews are against what Isreal is doing but teh Zionits do not let thier voices be heard .

Peace loving Christians , muslims and Jews should unite and put a stop to Zionits warmongerings and crimes .

Anonymous said...

While I have some reservations about Hizbollah, they are the only ones in Lebanon to resist Israeli aggression in Lebanon. The way to insure there will be no future wars is to stop Israeli aggression in Lebanese territory, not disarm Hizbollah. Since the Israeli withdrawal in 2000 there is ample evidence siting Israeli attacks on Lebanese sovereignty NOT the other way around. Israel is NOT the victim in this war, but rather the aggressor. If we want to ensure there are no future wars in Lebanon we should stop encouraging/enabling Israeli lawlessness.

i care said...

lebanon freedom, My heart BLEEEEDSSSSSS for Lebanon. My family fled their homes to the north and cannot take it anymore as well. It is everything we can do to keep them hanging on and remaining positive. I am not there, but I can only imagine what you are going through because I know what my family is going through. My husband is Lebanese American and I am American. For us, we are helpless, paralyzed, angry, NUMB and guilty for having life. The convoy yesterday was all I could take, I cannot stand another AMERICAN Isreali spokesman talking about self defense. I spoke out and made front page news locally and received several phone calls thanking me for my "bravery". I want to let you and all the Lebanese know ~ I am not looking back, never will I let someone call me antisemetic, I WILL call Hezbollah a resistance movement to my newspaper, my congressmen, my church, my neighbors, my local TV. I am fed up being afraid to speak out. The truth must be told and I must expect resistance and will not let it stop me. For those of you living under the bombs, for the families of Qana, the convoy and all the innocence lost ~ I WILL SPEAK OUT IN AMERICA ~ if AIPAC or FBI wants to put out my voice, then so be it. More and more I see people speaking out, people becoming less afraid, even our media are questioning Israeli officials like never before. The Blogs are allowing Americans to easily find out pertinant information. A friend of mine who supported Bush has taken a complete turnaround with the wealth of information she found ie pictures that are censored in America. I tell you this because I want you to be strong and be positive and think stand up for Lebanon for good this time. Lebanon can do this in solidarity, I even think Nassarallah can work with the Lebanese army and be satisfied with his "win" to work together with all of Lebanon. I am with Roxie on this one ~ you must remain strong in the Lebanese resiliant spirit. This is the time EVERY LEBANESE MUST SAY ISREAL WILL NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN DO THIS TO MY COUNTRY. Isreal will NEVER be allowed to fly into our airspace or put ships off our coast. Civil resistance can be a powerful thing. Shifting your conscious to beleive this to be. If every Lebanese thinks this way you can make a huge powerful force. I know you feel helpless now and that the world has forgotten you. NO! Just because the American and Israeli powers are in charge right now does not mean it has to continue. TAKE CHARGE in your mind. I am from Southern US, I was young yet I remember the Black Civil rights movement, they took to the streets, they shifted their consciousness and walked peacefully in large #s. It was very powerful. Please understand where myself and Roxie are coming from - we want you to be strong in your heart, not come from hate like the idiot zionist come from - Look at their robotic hate spewing, that is who they are. The Lebanese are not that way, they are very loving and generous. Do not lose it, do not give up, do not ever hate like the Isrealis. God they are so arrogant and hateful. Take back your country with solidarity and civil resisitance. GET out those beautiful Lebanese flags everyone and walk in unity toward the south. If you must every Saturday, until the civil resistance grows, keep doing it, send a message to Isreal just as you did Syria. Demand respect through civil resistance. Please, the world is waiting and want you to have freedom again, forever. Remember light wins out over darkness. SHINE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BEACON OF LIGHT LEBANON.

i care said...

To anonymous,
Thank you for clarifying, this is the zionist movement. There are many good Jews protesting this right along with Muslims and Christians. I always remind people their is a differance between Zionism and Judaism. Thanks for mentioning on the blog. The good moderates on all sides must step forward together like never before.
Sincerely, M

Anonymous said...

Zionizem rules and will win forever...you loose.
Every day Israel exists is a win to Uper Zionisim...
Zionizem will prevail....accept it or suffer....if you try to annhilate it it will will annihilate you loosers.
You have been trying since 1948 but have not managed it as you are weak and stupid.
You will never be able to destroy Israel ...but might be able to destroy yourselfs trying.
Egypt and Jordan know better....they made peace and therefor they will survive.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah stupid Anonymous.. This Zionizem of yours will show you hell on earth...You'll never know peace,not in this life,or the next.. not even peace of mind..
keep day dreaming :D

Anonymous said...

Isreal Exists 58 years...you have no chance...
Keep Day dreaming lol

RoxieAmerica said...

Better stated is that Israel has ONLY existed for 58 years. It created under the false-belief that the holicost was an act against the Jews. The holocaust was the result of flirtutations with eugenics carried to the extreme by the Nazi party. The holocaust was inflicted on all non-Ayrians, not simply Jews. This is not to minimize the suffering of the Jews under Nazism but to simply state it was directed solely at the Jews. The Nazi party was a far-right party.

The question before the region today is are the parties going to continue doing the same thing, the same way and expect different results, which is the logic of sickly minds, or are they willing to consider a new direction, a direction to bring peace, being mindful that far-right Zionism, far-right Islam and far-right Christianity are all polarizing factors that work against peace because all three groups operate under the false-belief that is acceptable kill. Such imoral beliefs represent the schizophrenic thinking that takes place in such groups. Such imoral believes throughout history have caused only death and destruction and worked against peace.

Anonymous said...

Back in 1948, the UN sent a Special Representative, Count Folke Bernadotte to Palestine/Israel to report on the growing disquiet of Jewish settlers killing and terrorizing the Palestinian population.
On September 17, 1948, four men dressed in Israeli Army uniforms murdered Count Bernadotte. The four killers were never brought to justice.
Israel's founding Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, knew who the assassins were: members of the so-called Stern Gang, a Jewish terrorist group of several hundred members founded in 1940. The man who organized the killing of Count Bernadotte was Yitzhak Shamir, who later became Prime Minister of Israel in 1983. The other Israeli terrorist organization operating at the time was Irgun. Many of its leaders were later honoured by the state of Israel and the current Foreign Minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni is the daughter of a prominent Irgun member, Eitan Livni, who was sentenced to 15 years in jail by the British for terrorism.

i care said...

To the extremely angry hateful anonymous:
What do the Zionist want exactly? Did not Isreal have to give up to acheive peace with Jordan and Egypt and America had to use tax dollars to buy peace with everyone. Anyway, Isreal did not buy peace with the citizens, only the nondemocratic kingdom leaders in Egypt and Jordan. That is not true peace. Your arrogance will one day be elemanated by your own darkness and hate. You will never win security because of your own actions. All Zionist might ponder this:

We all have positive and negative qualities within us. Lebanese keep bringing the bright light of your goodness and generousity ~ do not allow the darkness of the Zionist overpower you. Consciously you will win you must believe this. Light will win over darkness. Do not let the negative nastiness bother you. They can destroy Lebanon this time, THE LAST TIME. Then NEVER AGAIN. Lebanese resilance and spirit will prevail.

i care said...

Lebanese, trust me, the world is shifting. This morning on CSPAN so many people in America are waking up to Isreali Zionism. Everyone is asking why their arrogance controls the world. No one likes arrogance. Arrogance does not win peace. Zionist arrogance is shining bright for the world to see. I cannot beleive the amount of Americans calling in speaking against it. It is REFRESHING. Americans are waking up slowly, but they are debating it like never before. They are questioning like never before. Once we get through this self imposed Armagedden, Evangelicals and Zionist will have to face the more moderates who are fed up with this cycle. Like two kids fighting, the adults will step in and say ENOUGH! To the zionist anonymous, keep showing your hate and arrogance. The transparancy of the past talk is over. People are waking up to Zionism trail of "apologies, regrets, mistakes". Never again my dear Zionist. Now we can all use the term you have used to put fear in everyone speaking the truth about you. And you know what else! SO WHAT IF SYRIA AND IRAN SEND ARMS TO HEZBOLLAH!!!!!!! SO WHAT IF HEZBOLLAH KEEPS FIGHTING!! YOU DO NOT CONTROL THE WORLD. HEZBOLLAH WAS FORMED AFTER ISREAL INVADED LEBANON. ISREAL PERFORMED TERRORISM LONG BEFORE HEZBOLLAH EXISTED. SO, IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE WHY CAN'T THE LEBANESE???????? Isreal flew into Lebanese airspace after they withdrew ground troups. And the Mossad performed targeted assasinations in Lebanon six weeks before the soldeirs were kidnapped. And I would like to know exactly where they were kidnapped from. Even Newsweek map showed from Shaba Farms. Isreal never fully implemented Res 425. Your words no longer reflect what is happening on the ground. zionism LIES are catching up and it SHOWS. HOW REFRESHING! Isreal claims to be a friend to the Lebanse government, people are simply not that stupid. As Ghandi said: Be the Change you wish to see in the World.

i care said...

Guess what! Just now on CNN, Wolf Blizter is talking to Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker about the attack on Lebanon having been planned. I knew this, but they are talking big time about it!!!! Never before have people been able to come out and keep talking. How very, very refreshing for the middle east. Also Muslim groups are speaking out about the words being used. Noone is going to take it anymore. Lebanese do remain strong, I know it is terrible, terrible for you. You must know their is an awakening in the world. The autrocities Isreal is continuing can no longer be filtered. The European Jews and Americans(fighting with the IDF) are revealing their lies every time they talk now. Actions speak louder than words. They are hurting a Democracy and it is showing big time. Do not let this week split you. Even if Nassaralla does not give up its arms does not mean that one day Lebanese can stand in solidarity. Human nature ~ he will not put down his arms now. Of course not, but in due time it can happen. Get through this every Lebanese, stand as one, even with Nassarrallah. Do not allow Isreal to break you. that is what they want to have a victory. STAND STRONG TOGETHER.

The Nog said...

Down with Hezbollah, who uses civilians as human shields.

Solomon2 said...

Why didn't Israel bomb the entire convoy? Why, if it wasn't a mistake or error or ignorance, would Israel be content with killing just seven people?

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, why do you people think Israel kills civilians?

1) They enjoy it
2) They think it makes for good PR

or.. perhaps

3) It is a mistake

Seriously, do you people honestly think that they do it on purpose? I can understand you thinking that they are not careful enough, which would indicate a disregard for civilians, but I don't see the upside for Israel in deliberately targetting civilians.

Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

DH- They're arabs. They talk about peace and complain about assaults in wars they start by attacking civilians. Arabs don't believe in the obvious, that's why they're all Muslims. Would any reasonable person follow a religion that values death above all else?


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