04 August 2006

Trying to Stay Sane

A few days ago I took a stroll down on “the Cournich”. Trying to stay sane in the midst of all that is going on. I am not a fan of fishing but I was happy to see people with long fishing poles. I took some pictures. There is also "Ramlet al Bayda Beach" (Arabic for White Sand Beach) polluted with black stains of oil from the bombing of Jiyyeh storage containers.
These are from the tourist resort of “Soufar”. The highest bridge in the Middle East use to pass there until Israel brought it down. So you see why it is almost empty.


RoxieAmerica said...

I am pleased you found a way to get out amid the conditions that exist. It does appear that Moderate Arab leaders are getting annoyed with events:

Jordan king says Hezbollah heroes in Arab eyesPublished: Friday, 4 August, 2006, 01:11 PM Doha Time

AMMAN: Jordan’s King Abdullah said yesterday that Israel’s offensive against Hezbollah had turned its fighters into heroes among ordinary Arabs.

"A fact America and Israel must understand is that as long as there is aggression and occupation there will be resistance and popular support for the resistance," the monarch said.

Sophia said...

Thank you for these pictures. I hope one day and soon lebanon will return to its 'joie de vivre'.

I love Munich said...

I like a lot what King Abdallah said - he's RIGHT!!
Moussa, I'm sorry for not responding for two days now - I wasn't home!
It's great to see fishermen .. a sign of resiliance - I LOVE THAT!!
The oil-spill is another disaster in making - I HOPE someone will take care of it "in time"!

I am SURE, Lebanon will be built up again and be even more beautiful that before! The people, Moussa, are FANTASTIC! They will make it ... and the world and history will judge Israel - NOT the way they would like to though!
I've never felt any real connection with Lebanon as country nor with the Lebanese people, was rather indifferent, neutral ... but this war changed everything! I feel SO solidary with ALL of you - you're in my thought and my prayers!

How's your family doing?


the perpetual refugee said...

I used to travel to Soufar alot before the bridge was built. It was the nicest way into the Bekaa.

I always associate the smell of chicken on the fire with Soufar. No matter where I am in the world, whenever I smell chicken on a barbeque, I associate it with Soufar.

I guess I'll be travelling alot through Soufar again. It's beautiful up there. Unfortunately, it's under the wrong circumstances.

Lazarus said...

great pics bashir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moussa,

Again, another day of reading your blog is a comfort to know that you are alive. I truly appreciate you giving us the news-telling it like it is.

It is such a joke and disgrace to watch the news from the US. No one wants us to know to what extent the Israelis have destroyed Lebanon. Thanks to you, I know.

At this point in time, what would you most like to see happen?

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures; at least an Illusion of Peace may it come soon. Salam
mad in usa


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