19 August 2006

To Cease Fire or not to Cease Fire

Today Israel staged yet another bound-to-fail commando raid in the Bekaa.
Casualties on both sides.

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RoxieAmerica said...

I posted on August 17, 2006 at http://blue-is-beautiful.blogspot.com/2006/08/bush-administration-israeli-air-force.html that the Bush Administration had given Israel permission for this Military action. I asked this question at the conclusion of the post:

"RoxieAmerica comments: A United Nations force was supposed to enforce the peace, but President Bush has decided those rules do not apply to him, and he given Israel permission to ignore the rules. Does this refusal to follow the rules endanger the peace in Lebanon?"

Anonymous said...

President Bush WILL DO as he pleases ,that includes shipping weapons to Israel i.e. as long as this is allowed there will be no peace.
mad in usa

I love Munich said...

mad in usa ... RIGHT and a half!!! Israel uses THE SAME TACTICS in Gaza and the rest of the Occupied Territories .. they pop in at random as if it's their country - nobody cares that other people do live there .. and EVERYTHING is of course for "security-reasons", no question! They only know that THEY have rights - but forget, others DO have as well!!

i care said...

How frustrating! Those who support Isreal ~ they never have a right to state Isreal wants peace. Isreal DOES NOT want peace. This is not defense. As an American I am very upset my government does nothing. NOTHING. It is time for Americans to wake up, stand up and demand to stop sending money and arms to Isreal. Good objective Americans must take a stand. Isreal arrogantly controls everything. They do not have the right to go into Lebanon, Gaza, and West Bank. What happens when they kidnap another Hamas official or anyone for that matter. Other nations are supposed to sit back and allow this to happen. My God, what has this world become? How much more are we to allow. No wonder there is so much hatred against America. The majority do absolutely nothing and allow this to continue. Lebanon and Palestine ~ this American knows the truth and is contacting my Congress, President and Secretary State, once again.

Anonymous said...

Yes...By keeping Bush 2 more years ,we are risking our ( US) safety and Word Peace.America wake up.

mad in usa

mikealpha said...

Katushas are an annoyance but big rockets could do serious damage. Of course Lebanese have no problems with Iran shooting large rockets from Lebanon. It's all very peaceful and they dont mind if their country gets wrecked as a consequence.

Most of Hezb'allahs large rockets were destroyed during the war. Israel is preventing more from coming into Lebanon from Lebanon's good friend Syria.

Since the UN resolution says the Lebanese govenrnment is supposed to be the only one to possess arms within Lebanon and that the importation of weapons is forbidden (save by the Lebanese government) the current Israeli action is probably an attempt to enforce, not violate, the (useless) UN resolution .

RoxieAmerica said...

I'm almost finished with my Middle East Terrorism Made Simple for Americans. As soon as I get it done, I will get posted on my blog site. It will hopefully be a good condensed read that will help some Americans with their false-beliefs about terrorism.

The Nog said...

Down with Hezbollah, who murdered Lebanese Jews in Beirut in the 1980s. Down with terrorism.

RoxieAmerica said...

Vote Republican for More Terrorism, http://blue-is-beautiful.blogspot.com/2006/08/vote-republican-for-more-terrorism.html
Article name: Terrorism in the Middle East Made Simple for Americans
By: RoxieAmerica

i care said...

To the nog:
Hezbollah was born from the Zionist Jews raiding the Lebanese in south. Mostly populated by Shia. Are you speaking down with that terrorism also?

i care said...

MikeAlpha wrote:
"and that the importation of weapons is forbidden (save by the Lebanese government) the current Israeli action is probably an attempt to enforce, not violate, the (useless) UN resolution ."

Assuming you are American, this is precisely what is wrong with my country and the blind support for Isreal. Do you not realize the UN resolution is made "useless" because Isreal makes it useless!!!! "An attempt to enforce" ~ you must be kidding? Step back and ask yourself why we are so hated around the world. When will people who apologize for Isreal wake up and take off the rose colored glasses to see the truth. Humanity deserves better understanding. I strongly recommend the book "Deliberate Deceptions" by Paul Findley. Do not take anything Isreal does or says at face value. :)

i care said...

to MikeAlpha,
I strongly suggest the book "Deliberate Deceptions" by former Congressman Paul Findley. Every American should read this book.

Roxie, I am looking forward to your info. Thanks for your efforts. Americans who know the truth must help fellow Americans in the dark see some light with true facts.

Anonymous said...

I love Munich:

Coming from a German, your views are dispicable. Your people's treatment of the Jews long ago should have prompted you to get a better education.

Israel's actions in Gaza are a result of hamas'inability to recognize the existence of Israel and to let them leave in peace.

Israel left Gaza, they returned when rockets were being fired into Israel. Hamas and those palestinians are never happy. Israel left Gaza. Hundreds of Israel citizens cried as they lost their homes. The government, however, made the sacrifice in the name of peace. But that is never good enough for some. Some will forever want more.

Gaza is a shining example of how these people would rather see Israel in the sea before their own happiness. THe same goes for their children. It's disgusting that you see know distinction between Israel and its enemies.

They fought SO HARD to have Gaza. And what did they do when they got it? WHAT DID THEY DO MUNICH????

You are nothing more than a mouthpiece, Germany. A mouthpiece not for peace, but for prejudice, and approval for barbaric behavior by Israel's neighbors.

Look up barbaric in a dictionary, Munich. The term is appropriate and applies. Hey...want to talk about the suicide bombers that are aimed solely to kill Israeli civilians? You are no spokesperson for peace, Munich.

Anonymous said...

woow ,anonymous ,,since when has Israel EVER listen to anyone ? Not even to their own Rabbis , and many of them are against the Jewish State and pro Hamas perhaps you should check history a little better(plus TRUE Judismn !)
The Zionists have NOT learned anything from WW2 ,(or the Germans)other then hate,you are not a good brooker!
mad in usa

Sophia said...

Coming from a jew, your answer to IloveMunich is despicable. Germany has paid a heavy price to what was done in their name by nazis during WWII. Who is going to make Israel pay for its war crimes ?
This is why I think Germans cannot participate in the multinationale force in Lebanon because Israelis will feel entitled to do whatever they want to in face of the Germans !

Anonymous said...


What war crimes? Sure, Israel must be playing hard ball with terrorist prisoners. I can't speak on that. I've admitted that no country is comprised of all angels. Israel can't be an exception.

But let's document the steps that Israel has taken to WIN PEACE with its neighbors, and how its neighbors have steadfastly refused to be happy with any actions by Israel.

Israel began as a nation state with International support and approval. Israel only wanted a place for its previously massacred masses of people. Let's itemize what happened immediately after Israel became a state.

You see, Sophia, the simple fact is that some just don't agree that Israel has a right to exist. So, since 1949 they have made trouble for them....deadly trouble.

When taken to war, Israel has conquered the land of its aggressor opponent in the hopes of securing its border. It's given that land back. Not good enough.

The Palestinians may be an impoverished people with often little hope. But they, nobody else, has elected hamas as their leadership. Hamas....yes...the suicide bus/pizza parlor killers.

Do the Palestines want to live in peace, or send bottle rockets into Israel who has just ceded them the land they've wanted for years.

Do they want peace, or do they want to teach their children to hate and kill Israeli civilians?

If they want a better future, and certainly they should, they need to start by ridding themselves of the cancer of terrorists. Just like Lebanon...beautiful Lebanon...was run over by hezbollah...so are the Palestinians faced with a life of despair with hamas as their leadership.

Why, Sophia, does Israel kidnap hamas leaders? Is it because they have hate in their hearts and they just want to make trouble? Or is it because hamas has stated they want Israel in the sea and they've murdered SPEFICALLY innocent Israeli civilians? Israel REACTS to its neighbors acts.

Israel's enemies would rather see their own children die than to accept that Israel simply has a right to exist and to let them be.


It's a difficult task because it must involve the death of innocents. There is no choice when hezbollah hides among the citizenry. It's sad, that Israel is forced to include innocents among the dead when defending itself. But, their citizens have value too and must be defended. The MANNER in which warfare is waged, is key. Israel does not behead, gloat, hide among citizens, threaten and attack neighbors that leave them alone.

Was not Lebanon prospering before hezbollah acted aggressively? Was it worth hezbollah 'winning', to lose all that Lebanon lost?

Before Palestinians can have true hope of a prosperous future - and they can have one - they must win the trust of the Israelis. Hamas, and their attacks, does...well...who does it help Sophia?

When Palestinians reaches out for help, and are not a threat to Israel but are in the market for peace, then they will see the fruits of international help. But again, when the children are taught to hate....the future is bleak.

This blog by Bashir, and all the posters, must start thinking of ways to help the FUTURE of the mid-east. That means teaching the children the values of every living person, and not tacitly condoning the terroristic tactics of terrorists who espouse and produce hate and death.

Israel can not be perfect, no doubt. But those that hate Israelis would like them better if they had a single chance to see them exist as a country that is not continually attacked.

An Israeli is no different at birth from a hamas infant or hezbollah. The difference is how that child is educated to value human life. Sacrificing your life through a bomb that kills innocent civilians, reflects an education...nothing of the sort. If you can't value your own life (for the sake of 7 virgins), you certainly can't value the life of your neighbors.

RoxieAmerica said...

Quoting: "Anonymous said...
I love Munich:

Coming from a German, your views are dispicable. Your people's treatment of the Jews long ago should have prompted you to get a better education." End of quote.

I believe it is important to focus on facts, rather than personal issues. Concerning Isreal, "Any idea that Israel does not cause problems is based on myth. Quoting Ambassador James Akins, "Turning to the Golan Heights, Akins noted that the United Nations investigated about 1,000 incidents of border skirmishes. Only 10 of them were found to have been caused by the Syrians, another 20 were ambiguous, and all of the rest were found to have been caused by Israelis. Yet the majority of people still believe that the Syrians were firing upon innocent Israeli peasants from the Golan, thus justifying Israel’s invasion and continued occupation of that fertile and strategic land. In his diaries, Moshe Dayan confirmed the UN investigations and said that one of the worst mistakes of his life was to yield to the pressure of the settlers who lusted after the waters and the rich lands of the Golan Heights." http://www.alhewar.org/james_akins.htm"

The idea that there have not been wrong actions on both sides is a false-belief. The solution to this problem is to work towards peace, not towards war. Surely enough people have died. Surely enough lives have been destroyed. Surely there has to better way.

Anonymous said...


That is a LIE .

From an interview with Moshe Dayan :

DAYAN: ...But what I wanted to say was that in two cases I did not fulfill my duties as the Minister of Defence, in that I did not prevent things that I was certain had to be stopped. The first case was on the fourth day of the Six-Day War, when a delegation from the kibbutzim met with Eshkol in order to convince him to BEGAN WAR AGAINST SYRIA . Dado [General David Elazar] had sent them; he was the commander of the northern district and feared that he was going to be left out of the war, so he sent the kibbutzim members. The kibbutz members came and put on a big show for Eshkol: "What is this, you are abandoning us, and how are the Syrians going to get away clean, and all this kind of rubbish."

DAYAN: Leave off. I know how at least 80% of the incidents began there. In my opinion, MORE than 80%, but let's talk about 80%. It would happen like this: ****We would send a tractor to plow someplace of no value, in the demilitarized zone, knowing ahead of time that the Syrians would begin to shoot. If they did not start shooting, we would tell the tractor to keep going forward, until the Syrians in the end would get nervous and start shooting.***** And then we would start firing artillery, and later also the airforce, and this was the way it was. I did this, and Laskov and Tzur [two previous commanders-in-chief] did it. Yitzhak Rabin did it when he was there (as commander of the northern district at the beginning of the sixties), but it seems to me that it was Dado, more than anyone else, who enjoyed these games.

Anonymous said...

Annon : " The Palestinians may be an impoverished people with often little hope. But they, nobody else, has elected hamas as their leadership. Hamas....yes...the suicide bus/pizza parlor killers. "

Democracy doesn't mean people elect who YOU want them to elect , may be you should have negotiated with Arafat and not created Hamas by YOUR own hands to confront the secular PLO .May be you should have not blown up the Oslo peace processes by "talking peace" and grabbing piece and building the MOST SETTLEMENTS YOU EVER BUILT during the Oslo negotiation . May be you should have accepted the 2002 PEACE OFFER by 22 Arab nations to have FULL diplomatic and FULL economic relationship with Israel in exchange for Israel to go back to 1967 borders .And those are only FEW examples of how Israel sabotage any chance for peace in the past 20 years . When you PRETEND that there is no one to negotiate with and you have no peace partners then don’t go around complaining why those no ones get armed and attack you .

And a country such as Israel that was created by TERROR and kept electing terrorists and war criminals to lead them has no right to accuse anyone else of terrorism and refuse to negotiate with them . Check who was the father of your present foriegn minister "Tzipi Levni" , it was "Eitan Levni", A terrorist that later was elected to your Keneset .

Anonymous said...

Anon : " An Israeli is no different at birth from a hamas infant or hezbollah. The difference is how that child is educated to value human life."

How do you think the settler's kids that are raised on a stolen land thinking G-D gave the land to them are educated about the value of human life ?!!

Settlers attack and wound four residents in Hebron
Palestinian Students Need Army Escort

Wed Dec 22, 2:43 AM ET Middle East - AP

By RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press Writer
TUWANI, West Bank - The walk to school for five Palestinian children has become so dangerous they require an escort from Israeli soldiers and police
Jewish settlers living along the path have repeatedly ambushed the young students, setting dogs on them, throwing stones and beating one 7-year-old girl with a stick until she bled, according to the children, their parents, their principal and human rights workers.
Who will prevent the pogrom?
Last update - 01:49 21/03/2005Who

Last week, Palestinian laborers were attacked by settlers in what the Israel Defense Forces described as an "attempted lynching." At various locations throughout the West Bank, Jewish hooligans have used guns, iron bars and hammers in an attempt to ignite the territories.In one case, students of the Yeshuat Mordechai Yeshiva attacked five laborers who had come to work in the settlement of Nahliel with sticks and stones.
Settlers kill W Bank boy, witnesses say

Wednesday 20 July 2005, 23:22 Makka Time, 20:22 GMT
Jewish settlers have stabbed a Palestinian boy to death in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, witnesses said.
They said the 12-year-old was ambushed on Wednesday by several settlers near his home at Qaryot village outside the Palestinian-ruled city of Nablus. He was stabbed 11 times, paramedics said.


Anonymous said...

Anon : An Israeli is no different at birth from a hamas infant or hezbollah. The difference is how that child is educated to value human life. Sacrificing your life through a bomb that kills innocent civilians, reflects an education...nothing of the sort. If you can't value your own life (for the sake of 7 virgins), you certainly can't value the life of your neighbors.

So the 50 years of occupaition , humiliation , homelessness , collective punishment , ethnic cleansing , getting murder for their land and having their land stolen right from under thier feet to be given to Settlers moving there from accross the world has nothing to do how they feel about the criminal Isrealis and it is all about how they are raised .

May be they should tell their kids not to pay attention to that tank that demolish thier house ,Mr Tank drives is a nice guy . May be they should tell their kids not to pay attention to that IOF shooter that shoot them in the head when they are at school , Mr IOF shooter is actually a very nice guy . May be they should tell their kids not to pay attention to the Mr Nice pilot that fire a missile at thier houses . Mr IOF pilot is a sweet gentelman !Dont you think the kids would think their paresnts are out of thier F'ing minds ? Or you think thier children , since they are Gentile , are not as bright as your kids and Don't know injustice when they see it ?!

Anonymous said...

Myth of Isreal wanting only to have peace !

"In fact, this was no simple “clash” during an intelligence-gathering mission, as early reports in the Israeli media made clear before the official story was established. Israeli special forces launched the covert operation to capture a Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbak, way beyond the Litani River, the northern extent of Israel’s supposed “buffer zone”. The hit squad were disguised not only as Arabs -- a regular ploy by units called “mistarvim” -- but as Lebanese SOLDIERS driving in LEBANESE army vehicles. When their cover was blown, Hizbullah opened fire, killing one Israeli and wounding two more in a fierce gun battle.

(It is worth noting that, according to the later official version, Israel’s elite forces were exposed only as they completed their intelligence work and were returning home. Why would Israel be using special forces, apparently in a non-belligerent fashion, in a dangerous ground operation when shipments of weapons crossing from Syria can easily be spotted by Israel’s spy drones and its warplanes?)

It is difficult to see how this operation could be characterised as “defensive” except in the Orwellian language employed by Israel’s army -- which, after all, is misleadingly known as the Israel Defence Forces. UN Resolution 1701, the legal basis of the ceasefire, calls on Israel to halt “ALL OFFENSIVE military operations”. How much more offensive could the operation be?

But, more significantly, what is Israel’s intention towards the United Nation’s ceasefire when it chooses to VIOLATE it not only by assaulting Hizbullah positions in an area outside the “buffer zone” it has invaded but also then IMPLICATED the Lebanese ARMY in the attack? Is there not a DANGER that Hizbullah fighters may now fire on Lebanese troops fearing that they ARE undercover ISRAELI soldiers? Does Israel’s deceit not further weaken the standing of the Lebanese army, which under Resolution 1701 is supposed to be policing south Lebanon on Israel’s behalf? Could reluctance on the part of Lebanon’s army to engage Hizbullah as a result not potentially provide an excuse for Israel to renew hostilities? And what would have been said had Israel launched the same operation disguised as UN peacekeepers, the international force arriving to augment the Lebanese soldiers already in the area? These questions need urgent answers but, as usual, they were not raised by diplomats or the media.

On the diplomatic front, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, REJECTED out of hand a peace initiative from the ARAB League that it hopes to bring before the Security Council next month. The Arab League proposal follows a similar attempt at a comprehensive peace plan by the Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, in 2002 that was also instantly brushed aside by Israel. On this occasion, Gillerman claimed there was no point in a new peace process; Israel, he said, wanted to concentrate on disarming Hizbullah under UN Resolution 1701. Presumably that means more provocative “raids”, like the one on Saturday, in violation of the ceasefire.



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