04 August 2006

To Bloggers & Journalists

I received this worthy request from Sophia:

I have got this call for a boycott of Israel which I signed already. Can you spread the word among bloggers and journalists ?
: Recent Events in the Middle East

And here is another call for a boycott.

Excerpt from "Recent Events in the Middle East":

We have watched from afar the unfolding events in Lebanon, sometimes in total disbelief at the level of violence being inflicted on innocent men, women and children. It has been over two weeks since the aerial bombardment of a sovereign state began and the situation continues to escalate.

The daily toll of casualties mounts and now runs into hundreds of dead civilians, of which more than 50% are children killed due to indiscriminate Israeli fire. On the night of 26th July 2006 four unarmed UN officials were killed in a precision-guided air strike. This follows several other incidents in which clearly marked Red Cross ambulances attempting to save lives and aid trucks from the UAE have been targeted.

The level of violence reached it’s horrific peak with the massacre at Qana on the morning of 30th July 2006, dozens of women and children were killed in their sleep whist sheltering from the bombardment.

With no cessation of hostilities expected and failed talks in Rome concluded it falls upon the people of conscious within the region and globally to make their voices heard. This is not the time for silence or inaction but an opportunity to help alleviate the suffering of the people of Lebanon. The Rest ...


Anarchistian said...

Bashir, I hope you and your family are safe! I was horrified by the sounds of the bombs yesterday. I think we're hearing the booms louder than most areas, because it is echoing. I'm sure that most of the Beirutis did not sleep last night. I was awake until 6 am, and the bombings were continuing... :\

Stay safe.

bashir said...

Anarchistian: We are safe. Thanks a lot. Yes I think the sound is louder in your area if you are above Beirut. Stay well.


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