06 August 2006


Steve, a blogger friend at Brains Over Bombs told me how CNN described my blog as pro-Hezbollah while showing pictures of Israeli girls signing bombs before they were sent to bomb Lebanon.
I am not surprised. More than a year ago, during the days of Cedar Revolution, some of my posts highlighted the suffering of the Palestinians and the Iraqis. An anonymous left a comment then, stating that Lebanese bloggers do not comment on my Blog because it is pro-Palestinian.
Pro-Palestinian?! And I thought no one left comments because no one was reading!
No problem. I will not use cheesy clichés like: hell, I am pro-justice, pro-liberty and the rest of that stuff.

July 12 was supposed to be a Lebanese day of solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza. A demonstration was planned to take place on that day, in the afternoon, in Beirut.
On July 12 Israel started its heavy bombing of Lebanon.

By the way, what happened to the ministers and the elected Palestinian parliamentarians who were abducted by the IDF from Gaza last month?

On July 12 Israel started its heavy indiscriminate collective punishment of the Lebanese people.
Israel expected us to be the cheerleaders for its troops as it destroys our country and kills of our children!!
Because John Bolton said that we can not compare the children of Israel with the children (collateral damage) of Lebanon.
Yes the same John Bolton with the smart moustache who received the Shield of the Cedar from our brave and castrated politicians of the Cedar Movement.

Today our children are being massacred. Yes massacred!!
I stand with our children.
Today the Israeli generals and PR officials refuse to accept that the killing of more than 300 children (ages below 12) is a massacre but insist that the killing of 12 Israeli soldiers is a massacre.

I choose to disagree. Am I pro-Hizbollah?
Does this qualify me as a terrorist according to Bush’s doctrine of: you are either with us or you are a terrorist?

I stand with my country. I stand with my people. All Lebanese do. All Lebanese bloggers do.
Are we all then pro-Hezbollah? And what if we are?

Now, how does a non-religious secularist who got married in a civil court after crossing the sectarian boundaries end up being pro-Hezbollah?
This is the naivety of the Israeli and Bush’s administration's approach to the problems of the Middle East. An approach that is intolerant of other views to say the least. But this is another story.

So is this blog pro-Hizbollah?
This blog is pro-Lebanese, pro-Palestinian, pro-Iraqi, pro-whatever…
But one thing for sure, this Blog is NOT pro-Israeli.
Live with it!


Anonymous said...

u r full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Bashir you dont have to apologise to those fools for being pro-anything...no one blinks an eye when the pro-mass murderers rush order bombs to Israel on the eve of bombing...or when the pro mass-murder US congress passes another 'we support Israel at all costs' resolution...if they cant deal with the blog read elsewhere


Anonymous said...

i always read your blog but never left a comment til now. i think u are pro truth.

Nouj said...

لن يقفل باب مدينتنا ًفانا ذاهبةٌ
It's time for action and not explanations.. Who cares pro-what? I'm pro-life.. our own life and our children's lives.. and that can not happen unless the f--bastards evaporate.. So Thankyou Nasrallah and Hizbollah for something that should have been done a long time ago..
Bashir, see you soon.. in peace

RoxieAmerica said...

Bashir to every endevor there are always critics. You have blogged about life in Lebanon - I do not believe anyone not in Lebanon during this time can pass any judgment, including CNN. I see your blog as pro Lebonon, not pro Hizbollah. I see you asking for peace, not for the destruction of Israel. Perhaps if the CNN crew had spent the last three week in your home they might have a different take on your blog.

Critics are a dime a dozen. Those willing to speak from their heart, especially in difficult times, are most precious. There are both GOOD and BAD things to say about Hizbollah. I do not believe because someone points out the good qualities of Hizbollah they are pro-Hizbollah. One might better argue that those who can not see any good in Hizbollah are anti-Hizbollah.

Stand strong for Lebanon. Stand like a tower. Your nation has much ahead. I personally do not believe the current peace plan is going to provide any lasting peace. I do it it creating greater dangers to the area in the future.

So... am I pro-Hizbollah, pro-Israli or simply an American willing to look with an open mind at a horrible situation?

Sophia said...

I am pro-Moussa Bashir.
Robert Pape, professor at the University of Chicago showed that among the fourty something of suicide attacks that Hezbollah conducted in its early days, because they did not do suicide attacks since 1986, only eight of them were performed by religious members, the rest was done by communists. however, zionists and the Bush administration like to portray suicide bombing as a Muslim invention and motivated by religious dogma. Pape used his statistics to show that these are not terror suicide bombings but acts of resistance !
Americans will never understand the ME, it is too complicated and they don't want to learn or even to understand.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...
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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...



I had left a little comment on your Feb 26/06 post.
Had made the following remark to myself back then: MB is THE dude.

Re: John Bolton, a man on the record for saying that “the UN Secretariat building in New York should be razed” and that “Arab and African lives are worth less than American and Israeli lives”, what can we possibly say??

Except that, when this war is over, the mischievous Mustaqbal/Mach 14 collaborators who pinned the sign of Neocon infamy to their (easily reversed) vest will have to pay a price.

Tar and feathers treatment comes to mind.

Thanks to Bushmert, you now have plenty of both along the Lebanese seashore…

I love Munich said...

I am like you PRO-justice, PRO-peace, PRO-children's life - PRO-LIFE!! ... and I stand by you ALL!!

joao said...


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I cannot understand why the US admin. gave the position, of a representative of the US at the UN, for a person who made such comments. Don't you think that, people who represent their respective countries, at the UN, should at least believe in its values? if not, then, what should we expect?

John Bolton vs. the World
By Nicholas Thompson
July 16, 2003
- During that time, and during his early tenure in the second Bush administration, Bolton's first priority appears to have been to roll back public international law so it isn't used against us by other nations as they battle for power in a dark, Hobbesian world. At its most extreme, this view has led him to say that "if the U.N. Secretary Building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference," and to support former Chilean President Augusto Pinochet against the international courts that hope to bring him to trial on charges of gross human rights violations.

- More generally, four years ago, Bolton said: "It is a big mistake for us to grant any validity to international law even when it may seem in our short-term interest to do so -- because, over the long term, the goal of those who think that international law really means anything are those who want to constrict the United States."

RoxieAmerica said...

Considering President Bush has used signing statements to attempt to side-step the legislative branch of the government, it should come as no surprise he selects like-minded people. In January 2002, Gonzales advised the President that the United States Constitution does not apply to his actions as Commander in Chief, and thus the President could declare the Geneva Conventions inoperative.

So why would Mr. Bolton have any regard for international law? Mr. Bush is a divider, not a team player. He said, "Either you are with us or against us." He didn't offer any nation a position of being neutral. Even WWII permitted countries to remain neutral.

antonio boronha said...

from south of portugal where long time ago we have been met by people coming from your country.
keep on fighting for your country and for an end to the barbarie.

Anonymous said...

it is very inportant for the arab and muslim world to come together and beat this killing "MONSTER." One might ask how can we stop them? i tell wallahi the only way we as BROTHERS can stop these dogs is if we work together, this is not the first time the DOGS of isreal hve killed our women and children but it is very new that the internatioal world is looking to this issue very sereusly insallah we as one not christon, sunni, or shiit we can stop them

FiveNotSix said...

damn these annonymous cowards. its better if you stop them from making comments

cnn is not different from the other news networks. no real news, just stuff they want us to think.

pro hezbollah? my god, they really know nothing about anything.

a h m a d said...

Your blog is one of the most successful blogs as indicated by your ranking on Technorati.

Personally, I used to avoid political posts. Now, during this war, when I started to read politics, I find your blog one of the most truthful and I keep quoting from you ;). Thank you for being a voice of justice.

Bashir said...

Thanks people...

Monica said...

We're reading. Keep talking.

yougogirl said...

I appreciate you putting our your thoughts and ideas for everyone of us to read.

sterlino said...

I am a Christian, not a Jew pelase note before reading my comments.

I have been in Lebanon a couple of years back and enjoyed my stay. I have as well Lebanese friends. When I see those pics of killed people regardless their age I wish to cry impotent of doing anything.

At the same token, though I have never been a supporter of Israel, I believe these Hezbo Allah are doing nothing but trying to get Lebanon 100 years back in time. Who are they? Are they a legal lebanese army? They fight on behalf of the government? I mean is it normal that armed groups fight wars?

The sooner you get read of these the better will be for everyone I guess... I don't trust anyone who calls themselves "party of God". Who are they to represent God? And most of all why to convince this is a religious war? I can't possibly trust anyone like that.

the perpetual refugee said...

Bashir, you speak it as it is.

No need for any apologies.

I on the other hand am pro-Bashir too. And this post hit it on the head my man.

luis said...

hi, I am from Portugal but i live in the switzerland. i see the CNN, and know well that they are pro-Americans, for times they produce information disturced, what he takes the European people not to have a notion correct what's go on in your country... continue to fight! and sorry my english

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi M.B.,

The Thirdworldist man Scottish girls call “Gorgeous George” strikes back at Bushmert and Olush on Murdoch TV:

Click here

Gorgeous is the word!

RoxieAmerica said...

We've seen the UN peace plan put together by world leaders - no one like it - few think it will bring a lasting peace - sooooooo, let us see if Bloggers can bring all the issues to table and write a better peace plan. http://www.topix.net/forum/topstories/TIKN8HISCJLJDSGQT is a topic I created for so bloggers can try their hand at peacemaking -- I'm sure we can write a better plan than the UN Proposal. Pass the word.

i care said...

Hi Bashir! Beleive me, your website is very popular ~ I have been sending to everyone I know ~ even the senators, etc. If your website is described pro-Hezbollah, then people visit your site. They might finally open their eyes to all of Isreal's autrocities and really start asking questions. Not to worry, those of us who are regulars to your site know very well you do not take sides. Only on the side of humanity and human rights. Never apologize for your truth. Never! We need your transparency, in America we are allowed very little of the real "stuff". Thank you Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bashir for speaking the Truth;the World needs to know.
Yes,I`m as so many on this blog :
pro Hezbollah, pro Peace pro Human.
mad in usa

Anonymous said...

If you guys think Cnn is pro-American you should probably be more concerned with Fox. I would say half of all Americans watch Fox and whine that Cnn is liberal lies. Fox is replete with pure mis-information that uneducated Americans with zero capacity for critical thinking turn to. If Cnn thinks you're pro-Hizbollah than it's safe to assume you're a drooling, screaming, automatic weapon waving terrorist to the other half of America. The half you really should worry about.


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