16 August 2006

Post Cease Fire, War Photos - 3

Okay, so where do we go from here?!

I can not post all the photos I took of the suburbs. Forget about the time they need to upload. All the places look alike in the photos. It is like the same rubble over and over again. I will just post some photos of the area around my parent's home in Haret Hureik.

See the two previous posts too. They contain updates of places photographed at the beginning of the war.

The banner on the rubble below reads "Made in USA" !


Anonymous said...

For all that still think HA started this under the orders from Syria & Iran , read How Isreal and US planed bombing of Lebanese .

Washington’s interests in Israel’s war.
Issue of 2006-08-21


I love Munich said...

Destruction - destruction - destruction! Wherever one looks .. only destruction! What can I say Moussa .. I am numb.
I know that I will do whatever I can to support you guys to build up this great country again ... and to pull through! You ALL will make it - you're FANTASTIC!!
Love you ALL!

RoxieAmerica said...


I am so sorry about the destruction in Lebanon. Lebanon deserves peace. I have posted my newest writing, and it does concern terrorism and Iran. I am doing to the only thing I know how to do to bring some sense to these decades of nonsense that have lead to so much death and destruction across the Middle East.

No one may hear me. No one may listen, but at least I have been true to my heart, and to the facts as I know them.

The tragedy of generations growing up in such circumstances is beyond words.

LebExile said...

Hey Anonymous 12:57
Do you think that Israel doesn't have similar plans for a response to an attack from Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt???
I am sure Israel has plans for the following scenarios:
1. an attack from Syria
2. an attack from Iran
3. overthrow of Egyptian regieme and attacks from Egypt
4. overthrow of Jordanian regieme and attacks from Jordan
5. overthrow of the Saudi regieme and attacks from Saudi Arabia

The point is - Israel probably has several different responses planned for several different scenarios - but they haven't acted on any of them...wonder why???

I don't know, but I'll throw in a guess... they dont have a terrorist proxy of Iran shooting at them and capturing soldiers from their territory.

Do you think that is possible?

I wouldn't even assume that that list is the only scenarios Israel has planned responses for... there may be many many more.

We can go on speculating on this forever, but will always come back to having an armed terrorist group on the border which provoked this war.

Don't get me wrong, I dont excuse Israel for the damage they have done, as well as the collective punishment, but, it is time to be honest with ourselves... we started it, not by kidnapping the soldiers, but by our reluctance in declaring the Hezbollah what it is, a terrorist foreign proxy that is a cancer on the country and has to be removed at all costs.

The worthless government in Beirut should expel the Hezbollah ministers from the government and declare the Hezbollah group a terrorist group and ban them once and for all.

Now that the army is entering the south, I see a very bright future for all the Lebanese - the Shia included.

The saddest part of all this is that the Shia probably feel as helpless as the rest of the Lebanese in getting rid of the cancerous Hezbollah.

RoxieAmerica said...

How long before war starts again? It is reported the Bush Administration http://blue-is-beautiful.blogspot.com/2006/08/bush-administration-israeli-air-force.html quietly gave Israeli air force the OK to bomb trucks carrying suspected Hezbollah arms coming into Lebanon from Syria.

What does this mean for peace in Lebanon?

yougogirl said...


Anonymous said...

Guys, I think the answer to all our problems is freaking immigration. Look at what they are offering now, and how easy it is!

I'm sure the only way to help our country is by succeeding in gaining more influence in the western countries.


Ugly but attractive….

Osaid Rasheed said...


Anonymous said...


That's very astute of you, and also very stand-up coming from someone who is Lebanese. You won't find Bashir having the same talking points. He's brainwashed just like the hezboleze want him to be. He can't allow himself to place blame on anyone but Israel. He goes through all the trouble of starting a blog, even gets some international attention with the media...but what then does he do with the blog?

Does he use it to help his country and countryment for the future? No, he spews propeganda and puts up pictures of dead children and blames Israel alone. There's nothing worse than someone who is predictable in thought. They are unchallenging, unhelpful to themselves and others, and sometimes even dangerous. Bashir is dangerous because his words spew evil.

I read a report the other day that hezbollah placed on the border (during the war) a decapitated strung up Israeli soldier along with a note warning what happens to Israelie fighters. But you don't see Israel fighting the war this way. No, you see Israel dropping leaflet and, yes, calling homes before an attack warning civilians to GET OUT.

Does Bashir comment or even recognize the existence of these facts? Rhetorical question.

I've said it before. Bashir has a opportunity to help his people via this blog. He can do that by speaking the uncluttered truth, by seeing things through a lens that is not clouded by hate and prejudice, and by placing blame on all sides of the conflict.

You see, there is blame (as Lebexile pointed out) to go around. If Bashir wants to help insure that future Lebanese children aren't killed by war, and that his homeland isn't destroyed, he must recognize the role of hezbollah. He must look past the fact that hezbollah fixes pot-holes, helps communities, feeds children..whatever...and starting realizing that they do that SOLELY to win favor with the people...the same people that they push in front of themselves when they want to survive.

Israel is no angel. I'm Jewish, and I can recognize that I'm sure they've had their transgressions over the years and moments of poor judgement. But none of it compares to the steps they've taken to knock out hezbollah...and warn civilians to leave, and the way that hezbollah has hijacked Lebanon and used its civilians as shields. And, the indiscriminate bombing of Israeli civilians by hezbollah.....does Bashir speak of this? Is it justified because of his slanted view of Israel.

Who was content with living in peace before this conflict erupted? Israel was. While they were minding there own business, hezbollah (and Iran) were plotting. The result is dead children. Bashir, do some good with your life--start speaking the truth and try to make change based on that. Don't be a parrot, a parrot never made the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

STOP criticizing Bashir, he is doing a very good Job informing on what is going on in Libanon, and believe it or not,.....many children DID die,hence the Pictures.
I do detect some hidden hostility in your statement.
mad in usa

i care said...

To anonymous jewish 3:28 pm:::
Bashir is showing the truth.
Let me be very clear~Isreal did drop flyers. When my family attempted to leave, the main and back roads were bombed and Isreali jets and apaches were bombing vehicles. You are a very very naive person who beleives Isreal minded its own buisness and wants to live in peace. Isreal never left Lebanese airspace since 2000. They were conducting targeted assassinations 6 weeks prior to the kidnapping all the way up to Sidon. Isreal bombs Palestinian homes. Isreal IS a ruthless zionist state. I say zionist because there are jews who believe the Isreali govt is wrong. You have been listening to all the Gillman rhetoric. He is so full of lies. Even Human rights Watch report stated this was Isreali "fantasy" if they think Hezbollah was using shields in Qana. ISREAL IS FULL OF COLD ROBOTIC LIES AND RHETORIC. Thank goodness truth prevails in life. It has taken 58 years in Isreals case. Even today, Israel is in control of Lebanese air and navel space!!! Wake up and stop blaming the true victim. Leave Bashir alone ~ shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I care said:

Israel targets terrorists. Hezbollah targets the death of Israel and civilians. I appreciate you confessing that they drop leaflets. Yes, roads were often bombed and egress was difficult if not impossible. But they dropped letters. They tried. There is a distinction here and you refuse to see it. Israel's behavior vs. Hezbollah...just what do you see?

You and I both know why the roads were bombed. You know where hezbollah's weapons come from. Israel has been put in a no-win situation. If they want to defend themselves, they can't do it without collateral damage and death. You know this.

If you are suggesting that hezbollah does not, has not, has never hid behind civilians....then you are unable to see what the rest of the world does. Where does hezbollah live? Where do they shoot missiles from? We've all seen the videos of them transporting missile launchers in populated areas, shooting them, then moving. Who does this kind of thing? WHO? Does Israel? NO? They respect their citizens, they fight FOR them, not behind them. Start seeing the distinctions that matter...and open yourself to reality.

I care said: Do you care about the children in Bashir's pictures? Does placing blame solely on Israel and disregarding the terror organization of hezbollah really give you peace in your heart that you want the best for them? Does hezbollah care for the children in the picture? What is hezbollah doing in Lebanon? Why do many of your own citizens say they should be out? Do you care about the children??

So Israel is in control of Lebanon's belly button? Heh heh, navel is spelled 'naval'.

Anybody here who doesn't consider the future of the children of Lebanon, an otherwise democratic government, when they pen opinions on Israel, are simply selfish imps with too much time on their hands.

Stop blaming Israel, start asking yourself what you would want for yourself if you lived in Israel (freedom from terror), ask if it's too much to ask, then start assessing the deeds and terror of hezbollah. There simply is no argument here. The facts are plain. Hezbollah are terrrists. Israel is seeking to defend it's citizens. Brainwashing, unfortunately, is a common variable in this debate. Hezbollah (among others) teach their children to hate Jews and Israel...from the time they first go to school. Why don't you compare that to how Israel educates their young. Or why don't you just compare it to.....ANY CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

One land wants to live in peace but cannon. The other wants...STATES...it wants the destruction of the State of Israel and its citizens... "INTO THE OCEAN".

In the end, the people who want to be free and live in peace...will win. The oppressors, kidnappers, terrorists, civilian-aimed missle launchers....will fail because their hearts are impure. In the end, the masses of humanity will always choose freedom rather than terror. Unfortunately, you and the hezbollah supporters are currently more concerned about patting the back of someone who fixes potholes, pays for the children's anti-Israel education, puts food in mouths, then fights behind its civilians. When the civilians die and the town is no more....you ask yourself no questions as to how you got in this predicament. You blame the wrong people. But it's not your fault. The brainwashing has worked.....again.

Anonymous said...

To you above:

Yes Israel tried AND accomplished to destroy Libanon BUT without US help it would never happend,it is not of great honor to hide behind modern mashinery and target ANY civilian population.
Isael has and always will be a agressive nation who has learned has NOTHING good from the Past and is in Shock when others reserve their rights to defend themselfs for THEIR Existence.


AM said...

Sigh ...
I am worried about yesterday's news ... and have a bad feeling that you'll end up posting new and even worse pictures ...

Anonymous said...

Israel tried to destroy hezbollah, not lebanon. Post something accurate and insightful. Israel left Gaza, but that wasn't good enough. Nothing is good enough for hamas and hezbollah. Nothing was good enough for the nazi's either. The same indiscriminate brutal torture and killing was used by them too. After the holocaust, Israel had and still has a right to have a nation state of their own...to protect its people. They have 6 million reasons why.

Again, Israel teaches its children how to get along in the world. They teach the same academia as the western world. Hamas and hezbollah teach their children to hate, murder, and destroy. It's called brainwashing. When you're brainwashed, the facts mean nothing. You also think that you'll go to heaven and be met by virgins. You fly planes into buildings. Educate yourself, yourselves, and see the distinction between Israel and its enemies. OPEN YOUR EYES.

Anonymous said...

My eyes always have been open, and i`m familier with the 'Teachings' of Israel, it seems that you are not getting the full picture.
Look up Zionism versa Judism.. perhaps then you will see as well .

mad in usa


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