02 August 2006

Israel Mobilizes its "Internet D Force"

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the following letter to pro-Israeli groups. Their mission: search web sites and chat room for "facts" that may harm "Israel's image" and take appropriate "corrective" measures. The following letter was published on EI:

Dear friends,

Many of us recognize the importance of the Internet as the new battleground for Israel's image. It's time to do it better, and coordinate our on-line efforts on behalf of Israel. An Israeli software company have developed a free, safe and useful tool for us - the Internet Megaphone.

Please go to www.giyus.org, download the Megaphone, and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc.

We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel's supporters.

Do it now. For Israel.

Amir Gissin

Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Well, I’ll be damned; we can all use this Megaphone software. It may turn out to be very helpful for Lebanon, Palestine and everywhere else.


RoxieAmerica said...

I would say the statements contained here are a significant problem for Israel’s image:

"Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is connected to Hezbollah," roared Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon on Thursday.

"Every village from which a Katyusha is fired must be destroyed," bellowed an Israeli general in a quote bannered by the nation's largest newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/opinion/columnists/guests/s_464300.html By Pat Buchanan, Wednesday, August 2, 2006.

I am not persuaded that ANY software program can undo the reality of the belief system behind such statements.

Sophia said...


I think like roxie. There is no force in the entire world or cyberarmy to change Isarel's image. But lets do it anyway !

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...
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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« Megaphone Software» [sic]

Sounds like a sinister electronic tool
In vogue at Bush’s Ministry of Bandwidth
But it won’t work…for you don’t “control”
An atomized network of little mouse with

A centralized cat-ware or a mechanized army
Olmert’s offline soldiers are learning that lesson
In the city of Tyr, whose children have more bravery
Than all of Israel’s Sadist preachers of Armageddon

A small mouse, which presumably had been watching television, attacked a little girl and her full-grown cat... both mouse and cat survived, and the incident is recorded here as a reminder that things seem to be changingThe New York Times, July 7, 1957 [Quoted in Marshall McLuhan: “Understanding Media, The Extensions of Man”]

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I am not surprised at all. No wonder so many pro-Israelis are on your blog defending Israel by all means necessary. Not just yours, Jamal's Propaganda Site and many others.

I wonder what they are going to do next...

I love Munich said...

I may sound like an idiot but .. what does this thing do? I have a problem comprehending that they attack INTERNET-SITES now - they must be desperate!!


i care said...

One suggestion for everyone, how many times have you heard derogatory comments regarding Arabs. This goes for government officials and citizens~well Mel Gibson made his comments he has now been attacked heavily. Well I now say, the word terrorist is used in a prejudicial manner. Hmm. I even saw two debates on CNN and Fox about this very matter. I am even speaking to my local newspaper about the word terrorist. Small start, but I think our officials should not get away with their rhetoric and derogatory comments in America. Time to get back to respect even for their "enemy". Times are peeling open something new. Has anyone opened the software? Good idea!!

Anonymous said...

I`m a little 'worried 'about opening the software who knows what is the REAL meaning behind this. Arrogant Israel surely does not need help via net , there seems to be a different motive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah same here...maybe they want to trace your IP address?

Anonymous said...

I agree anything IS possible ,desperate people resort to desperate measures


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