14 August 2006

Cease Fire / Fire Works

Convoys of cars are roaming about at this moment in Beirut. Letting go of their horns and victorious screams. The loudspeakers fill the streets with speeches of Nassrallah and songs of victory. Did I mention the fire works? Yes there are fire works too despite the cease fire.


The instant the cease fire came into effect, at 8:00 AM local time, about one million displaced started their journey back to their homes, not caring about the remains of cluster bombs, not caring that most roads are unfit, not caring that their homes are gone. They simply returned.

The myth of the phoenix works. Today we rise from the ashes.

I went to the suburbs. Ghobeiri, Haret Hureik, Jamous Street, Roweiss, Bir al Abed, Mouawad, Sfeir, etc. The destruction can not be described. The photos (I will post later and can be found elsewhere) do not do the horror any justice.
Yet these places were crowded. Some were raising Lebanese flags over the rubbles.
An unexplainable sense of celebration filled the atmosphere mixed with the scent of gunpowder and smoke.
Bricks can be compensated, houses can be rebuilt, it is dignity that can not be retrieved once lost. Every one I saw honestly believed that their dignity and pride were preserved.

Bodies are still being removed from the rubbles of the buildings that were flattened in Rouweiss, Radouf yesterday (photo from Assafir). Tall buildings stood where the rubbles are. Numbers later. The other picture, also from Assafir is of the mother and children in Tyre area (Zein family in Bourj al Shmali) yesterday.
The mother’s last moments. Comforting her child by holding his hand.
Yes we love our children too. And our children know fear too.
And NO this picture is not doctored. NEITHER were the others.

The inflated and doctored Israeli ego has been punctured. Can you hear the fsssssssssss…

I will stop now. There is more to be said and done. Later.


Anarchistian said...

Bashir!!!! AMAZING!!! I can't describe my feelings right now!! Simply amazing. Today I couldn't help but be overjoyed at the sense of pride and victory that the Lebanese showed; it almost felt like 2000 all over again...

RoxieAmerica said...

It seems those neocons in the United States and those far-right Zionists are unable to understand the basic principal - actions of war are the fertilizer of resistance movements. The idea that the Lebanonese people would turn away from Hezbollah, which those in the groups I named stated would happen, is not based any foundation. It was the same logic used to state, regarding Iraq, "The people will ngreet us as liberators." The whole thing rather reminds me of the Wizzard of Oz, and the scarecrow: "If I only had a brain."

Anonymous said...

Such great News, finally ceasefire ,hopefully to stay.
We, not being in Lebanon cant begin to imagine the damage, even so many Pictures are televized and shown here . My prayers are with all the People of Lebanon .
mad in usa

Anonymous said...

The dead bodies are the fault of Hezbollah. Wake up. The pictures are real, yes. But you have no ability, no intelligent capacity to affix blame to where it belongs. You're an idiot. You are no spokesperson. Israel dropped the bombs, but were it not for the hateful, destructive, and masochistic indoctrination of hezbollah....they would all be alive today. Have you ever thought of that? EVER?? EVER????

i care said...

Bashir, Thank you for allowing Americans to see and feel what is going on. The sadness and frustration of the last few weeks have been horrible. Yet today I feel a sense of calm, a sense of completeness. Something is in the air all over the world, like the truth is being revealed. I feared earlier for the cease fire and the 10 bombs, however, when I heard Nasrallah tonite on CSpan I thought about the possibility that the 10 bombs were a set up or a hoax. We have heard so much rhetoric and lies from Isreal and American governments. George Bush speech tonite was pure hate and insitment, no substance. I expect better! Nasrallah on the other hand had substance and hope and patience. What a stark contrast. Even the Iranian president had more substance than Bush!! Lebanon you are generous, resiliant, and wonderful! Hold your head high and shine the dignity of your spirit. May this bring a return of dignity to the Palestinians and their rights as well. The world is with you.

i care said...

To hateful anonymous: The darkness which empowers your heart, may it fizzle to nothing. I wish you only forgiveness and love. Their is no greater power than love and you truely need it.
Your blame will certainly destroy you.

Anonymous said...

I care said:

You too are part of the problem. Open your eyes. Your are brainwashed. You see religion as the answer to every unasked question. That's why hezbollah hates and kills. I don't have hate, but I know it when I see it. I also know an idiot when I see one. It's fine to post pictures of dead to show the atrocities of WAR. It's another to affix the blame solely on the Israeli's who are tired of being subject to beheadings/missile launches/kidnappings/blown up busses/ blown-up pizzerias/ and now thousands of missiles launched on their INNOCENT CIVILIANS. If you want to pray for someone...pray for the Lebanese to take back their country from the Hezbollah. Pray that the indoctrination of hate to the young children...stop. WAKE UP! When tripe like that of the owner of this blog, is spewed. It helps to forward the agenda of hezbollah. And we all know what kind of agenda that is, don't we? Real loving people. Let me feed you, build roads, give you money...and then hide behind you when the Israeli's defend themselves from our terror. Many of you are brainwashed. It's a zero sum game. If you really want to help the children in the pictures, then speak the truth about hezbollah and let their death not be in vain. Protect future children from the same fate. Be men, take control of your city.

What you truly fail to understand, is the differentiation of folks who simply cast an opinion, and someone who posts pictures as such, and forwards the suggestion of who is solely to blame. You suit your anti-Israel and anti-Jewish agenda well, but what do you really do for the future children in Lebanon. That is what really matters here..not your two bit opining on the lowly Israelis.

You have the tools to condemn ALL parties that have a role in the deaths of these children. But what do you do...you waste it. Your blog is hateful and wasteful. It's not about Israel being right or Lebanon. It's about you being able to see further beyond your nose and then to pen something that could truly be helpful for you and your people. Pictures of dead babies and anti-Israeli tirades....may make you and some of your readers happy and satiated. But you will require different words if you truly want to affect change.

I love Munich said...

It's a new beginning, however fragile - but nevertheless a beginning! I pray ceasefire will hold and people can start to pick up the pieces .. a grim awakening.
During all those horrible weeks people showed outstanding resilience, perseverence and strength - I am sure they will stand up again and rebuild this great country. They are GREAT folks!
I pray this will be a turning point for Palestinians as well - the beginning of the end of this brutal occupation. Decades of ongoing suffering is more than one can bear - I pray for both!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with all the positive comments,Libanaon will rise again. To the hatefull comments from anonymous : You are the one who is NOT in the 'know' , educate yourself and open YOUR eyes.
A Person without Dignity and Compassion for fellow Humans is to pitty.

mad in usa

Sophia said...
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Sophia said...

The most important is that you and your family are safe. Many lives were shattered by this war and the scars will last. Israel knew it was going to lose this war so they made sure the victory will be bitter for Lebanese. That's why they continue to bomb and destroy until last minute...

IMBch said...

Sophia you are such a moron... What a Victory and what a Loss... yeah that's what we need.. people like you

RoxieAmerica said...

It is time to change the course of things in the Middle East. Too many decades have passed full of war, more war, and more horrible war.

It is not time for a "new Middle East." It is simply time to change the course of events in the Middle East.

Julie said...


Some people in New zealand have started a website for the Lebanese to tell their stories on. It has a Google map so you can find your area and insert your story. They want pictures and videos too. We have thought it would be good to gather all the stories and submit them to the U.N Human Rights Commission. We all want to support you for trhe torture your country has endured. www.mmswitness.com. There are already some entries. Tell everyone you know.

Here's the whole story click here

Julie said...


You are so brainwashed it is sad. You are the poster child for everything that is wrong with the country I grew up in. I don't even recognize it anymore and it's mostly due to people like you.

Thanks a lot....

Julie said...

correction: www.mmseyewitness.com

Anonymous said...

Anon said :

" You too are part of the problem. Open your eyes. Your are brainwashed. You see religion as the answer to every unasked question. That's why hezbollah hates and kills. I don't have hate, but I know it when I see it. I also know an idiot when I see one. It's fine to post pictures of dead to show the atrocities of WAR. It's another to affix the blame solely on the Israeli's who are tired of being subject to beheadings/missile launches/kidnappings/blown up busses/ blown-up pizzerias/ and now thousands of missiles launched on their INNOCENT CIVILIANS."

Apparently Israelis are not tired of Oppressing , ethnic cleansing , House demolishing , Peace activist buldwozing , shooting Palestinian kids in the head , commiting collective punishment , occupying their neighbors land and trying to pull the blinders on thier Naive American supporters .

But , one thing the WORLD is tired of is Listening to your none stop whining and baliming your victims if your mass killing by playing yoir victime's cards .

Sophia said...

Do you have the means to verify the stories as other humanitarian organisation do ? My fear is that zionists and bushistes will invade your site with make-up stories just to flood the real ones once EVIDENCE is presented before courts. I am not casting doubt on your initiative, which is a well meant one but you still have this risk.
I have people coming on my site trying to plant all kinds of conspiracy theories, usually they are careful to hide their country and their name.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

yesss anonymous !!


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