03 August 2006

Beyond Collective Punishment. Lebanon: Collective Death or Total Submission

900 dead (equivalent to 71 000 American citizens)
3000 injured (most of them badly injured or have been permanently disfigured)
1,000,000 displaced with most of their homes demolished and now living in schools and in parks.

300 of the 900 dead are CHILDREN below the age of 12
(this is equivalent to 23666 American children)

There is no hope that this will end soon.
This is what PM Fouad Al Sanyoura declared this morning.

And to know that all this was premeditated and that the war was planned in 2005.

Congratulation PM Ehud Olmert.
You have earned your place in the club of Israeli generals with bloody red honors.


I love Munich said...

These are dimensions of horror and sadness I can't find words for anymore ... I can rack my brain and flip through the pages of the limited mental encyclopedia for help - but what comes up is blank.
Had you told me before that would happen, I'd have called you crazy - I'd never in my life have believed it!

Moussa - how's the food situation? Clean water? Medicine? Who takes care of the people without shelter? Are there organisations? Red Cross/Red Crescent? Can you please give some info on that?


tikabanget said...

war always produces tragic..

Bashir said...

Karen: check out this site for the relief efforts and other statistics:
Lebanon Under Siege

tikabanget: yes you're right

Anonymous said...

Please stop comparing the casualities to Americans, America wouldn't stand for an armed militia attacking it's neighbor. America is a real nation, not a mess that allows an armed terrorist militia to drag it into a war. If you want to compare value in lives, stop telling us how you are ready to suicide bomb everyone, the west doesn't value you lives because you don't.

Anonymous said...

> west doesn't value you

The West ???? Typical united statian ignoramus who believes that the western world is reduced to that crazy country of rabid calvinists who elected a crippled retard. Get your eyes out of your butt and get a clue (and a map would be nice too) !

Anonymous said...

What a lame excuse. You go ahead and convince yourself that if that makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

I`m furious listening to all these lame excuses from so called World- Leaders,Israel is portrayed as a white Lamb ..not as the Wolf within.
I can only imaging the horrors the Lebanese People go through, I`m furious and sad that this is allowed to take place with the approval of World " leaders".
I hope that the People of Lebanon keep the courage and all this will pass soon.
Thanks again to the Author of this Blog for keeping all of us informed, I hope that you and your Family stay safe. Salam
mad in usa


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