14 July 2006

Take Your Boots off my Neck

Am I supposed to appreciate and take into consideration the "psychological pain and anguish" that my executioner is bearing as he steps with his boots on my neck?


the perpetual refugee said...

Stay safe.

I've been on the phone all day. All yesterday. All the day before.

I've said that phrase 1000 times.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

No, you're supposed to demand that this stupid, war with Israel end. Finally. You're supposed to demand real peace, for the first time.

I love Munich said...

I look at all the pictures with horror ... I can only echo the perpetual refugee and urge you PLEASE STAY SAFE!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:26

u r right the war should end. Lebanese prime minister asked for a ceasefire, it was refused.even HA said they are ready for indirect negotiation for prisonners release. May be you should check with the Israeli goverment what they think destroying a whole country will achieve.
For Israelies who care about Israel, you should understand that such violent collective punishment will only bring anger to the street and drown moderate voices in leb

Anonymous said...

I didn't say you should demand a cease fire I said you should demand actual peace. There is a big difference. You haven't had peace with Israel since she was created. Don't you think it's time?

Anonymous said...

I think you should wake up and smell the coffee it's burning. Israel is through playing the same old game - you take hostages and I have to release prisoners. They have finally learned that negotiating with terrorist is a no win situation. Please stop complaining to the rest of the world and especially America that Israel's not playing fair. When you elect terrorist as your leaders, when you support terrorist groups with your words and actions, when you spit in our face by burning and dragging our flag through your streets not to mention what you do to our citizens and troops, well then you must learn to reap what you sow without our help.

We have a saying here in America - Play with fire and you get burned. I suggest you strongly urge your Government and terrorist thugs to return the Israel soldiers while there is still time, otherwise you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

We have another saying here in America you screw with the U.S. and we'll put a boot up your ass.

So all you idiots out there that think you can continue to screw with Israel - America suggests you bend over because here it comes again..... delivered courtesy of an American F-16.....

Anonymous said...

Above someone stated:
Lebanese prime minister asked for a ceasefire.

Loosely translated he said:
Please!! Stop kicking our ass!!!!!

Josh Scholar said...

I feel guilty since this morning, when I said that Israel has no choice. Yes Israel is probably doomed, being in a middle east full of Musims who want all the Jews dead...

But Lebanese as a whole don't want war, only the Shiites. And they want war so bad that they have their own army that has no purpose but to fight this war with Israel.

Seriously fucked up.

I wish the middle east wasn't part of the earth so that I didn't have to feel so ashamed humanity.

There are places on earth where people don't hate. There are places where no one ever wants war. There are places where no one tries to stir up hatred.

I wish I could forget the middle east, I wish I could love humanity.

Josh Scholar said...

I meant to write "so ashamed of humanity."

Anonymous said...


You need to go read some history books - it is not just Shites -
ALL Islamic groups want Israel gone. Don't feel bad for Israel though they are not doomed, luckily Islamic countries enjoy living in the dark ages so Israel is at least 5 steps ahead of these countries.

notorious said...

anonymous number 2, the 1 with shit 5 steps down his throat, YOU should read history books, coz if u did, u would have knawn y they all hate u, try to imagine this, u have a knife, i have a gun, i knock ur door, u open, i shoot u in the leg, come and n tell u get out this is my house now

Josh Scholar said...

I know all Muslims in the middle east hate the Jews. I reference the Shiites because those are the ones in Lebanon who have an army to keep this war going forever.

But destruction will always be easier than defense. Technology will only make destruction easier as the century wears on. Eventually the Islamists will be capable of any massacre they dream of. So their own countries suffer too when Islamists make war... Did that stop Hezbollah this time? No of course it didn't, and it won't next time either. Israel is doomed, eventually.

We have a bloody century or two comming up. Already Al Qaeda killed 200 people in the Bombay bombing rather than the usual 20. Imagine when that's 20,000 or 100,000.

And Lebanon is off to war, because middle eastern Muslims don't understand that Israel expects them to make peace. Peace is impossible to them, completely impossible.

usaCHRISTIAN said...



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