28 July 2006

Symbiosis: Cedar Revolution & Hezbollah

The leaders of the Cedar Revolution, blessed and pressed by the American ambassador, forged a coalition with Hezbollah during the parliamentarian elections last year. Leaders of the “enlightened and democratic” March 14 Movement won because the support of Hezbollah. Members of Hezbollah who ran, democratically, for seats in the parliament were elected and won by wide margins. A new “independent” government was formed. Hezbollah was and still is represented by two ministers.

Then the national dialogue began with the blessings of the American ambassador. “The leaders” in this dialogue agreed unanimously that the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese. They declared that the farms are still occupied by Israel. They agreed that as long as Israel occupies Lebanese territory, Lebanon has the right to resist. Not to mention the land mines that Israel left behind when it withdrew in the year 2000. Israel refuses to hand Lebanon the maps to their locations. Civilians are injured.

The “democratically” elected leaders endorsed Hezbollah as a liberator of Lebanon from Israeli occupation. A liberation which they say was directly responsible for making the Cedar Revolution possible. They applauded Hezbollah for its high degree of self control, discipline and moral approach after the withdrawal of Israel. There was no revenge, no incident of violence against “collaborators” in South Lebanon.

The “leaders of the Cedar Revolution” - the same leaders who sat and ate and drank with Rice in the US embassy the other day while Lebanon burned - agreed and declared in the national dialogue that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. They blessed it as a resistance movement.

Well, Hezbollah carried on as a resistance movement. Can you blame them?
Then suddenly Olmert, Rice and Bush declared that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Who needs proof? Bush said so! And that’s that! Olmert starts his strike and Hezbollah grows more popular!

Today Israel withdraws from the surroundings of Bint Jubeil and Maroun al Rass. Leaving behind their vehicles and taking dozens of dead and injured soldiers with them.

Hachem the parliamentarian who owns the chain of Hachem gas stations is from Jubeil district. No not Bint Jubeil. Jubeil (or Jbeil) is Arabic for Byblos the ancient Phoenician city accredited with the invention of the alphabets to the north of Beirut. Bint is Arabic for daughter. Bint Jubeil is not a very large city in south Lebanon near the border with Israel. And Maroun al Rass is a small village. Israel was forced to withdraw today. Hezbollah launched rockets deeper (50km) into Israel for the first time during this war.

Is the worse still to come?


I Saw Yahweh's Face: Looks Like a Killer to Me said...

Le littoral libanais à jamais souillé

A qui profite le crime ?
Je vous le demande…

Si ce n’est aux extra-terrestres Israélo-satanistes qui contrôlent la maison blanche, et leur laquais locaux tels l’odieux cheikh barbichu de Koreytem

I love Munich said...

They seem to be cooking something now - I read at Yahoo that Hizbullah politicians back peace package! Do you know anything about that?
How's your wife doing?

dorit said...

So much disinformation in your post!!!!!

1. The Shebaa Farms are SYRIAN territory (also according to the u.n.) Now Lebanon is using it as propaganda to justify the attack.

2. Since the withdrawal of Israel 0n 2000 the Hezbollah attacked Israel few times and Israel was the one that showed restraint. This is not the first time the Hezbollah kidnap Israeli soldiers (last time they kidnapped and killed them .... how moral is that?) This is not the first time they are firing rockets into Israelis cities (not military targets) hoping to kill as much Israelis as possible.
During the last 6 years, Israel did not respond to the provocation of Hezbollah.

3. Both Bint Jubeil and Maroun al Rass are under Israeli control. I'm sure that if you get your information from the Hezbollah TV. they will not admit it. Just watch sky, cnn, bbc reporting from those cities while joining the i.d.f.
Those cities and others will be held to an international force when a cease-fire will agreed on.

This is a situation where the neighborhood's gangster=Hezbollah attacks someone believing that the attacked one is wick and not able to respond. But when the other side attacks back, the gangster complains that it's not fair, that the other side is using too much force.... next time don't mass with somebody who is stronger then you.

Back to the "morale Hezbollah".... I would expect from people of "moral approach", as you called Hezbollah, to fight the army, not to fight innocent civilians and not hide behind innocent Lebanese people if they want to spare their lives. Not to hide its weapon in private houses, not fire from private houses, hospitals and mosques.... the minimum they must do is respect their own people. It looks as if the value of life has no importance for Hezbollah even when it comes to their own people.

I'm sure that when this war will be over. The people and government of Lebanon will thank Israel (well, maybe not publicly) for removing this cancer from their land.

I hope that the sane and peace lover people in Lebanon will realize that Hezbollah place a great danger to their country, that it is their interest to eliminate them.

p/s/ Hezbollah is on the terror list of all western coumtries

RoxieAmerica said...

Rather than blame, perhaps it might be wise to seek an end to decades of war. It is not "terrorism" it is war. Decades of refusing to negotiate with one side in a war because they are "terrorists" has lead to continued war. All side must be brought to the table to ensure peace. No side can be excluded. War shall continue until all parties at war choose peace. A side excluded from peace has no opportunity to choose peace.

Anonymous said...

dorit - you must be getting your information from Israel television because I am watching FoxNews, CNN & BBC. All three report there is fighting in Bint Jubeil, but it has not been captured by the Israelies.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the same channels you watch.... I've said that those cities are in control. Yesterday, the journalist accompanied the if tank and went inside those cities. According to fox, sky, cnn & BBC there are some minor Hezbollah fighters left. I hope you have watched the pictures of the Hezbollah's armory found there... inside civilian's private houses + rockets launchers found inside a mosque... can you imagine a church letting terror fighters fire from its property?

But this is not the issue... The main point is that both countries' civilians are victims of the Hezbollah and it is both interest to kick them out of this region.

This could be avoided if the Lebanese government was firm and acted to enforce its sovereignty in south Lebanon and not abandons its people to the mercy of the Hezbollah.

Anonymous said...

Today's Daily Star Article.


Read it.

dorit said...

I do not wish to argue with you.
This information comes from Lebanese newspaper and has no support elsewhere.

Whether Israel will take over south Lebanon or not is not the point because: 1. Israel has no intention in occupation; all territories will be transferred either to Lebanese government or international force... not to Hezbollah.
2. The focus of us, the people, must be on our dreams and hopes for peace. Unfortunately, when there are weacks or stupid governments or strong minorities that oppose peace, peace can be achieved after a war. Sad and painful , but we spot this chronicle all over history.

I believe that both people have a lot in common and we should not let extremist control our lives. once the majority of Lebanese will be committed to peace as the majority of Israeli are longing for we will come to knowledge that there is more in common between Beirut and Tel Aviv then Beirut and Theran.

Anonymous said...

OK, if the first story wasn't good enough then read this:
Foxnews -

Israel Pulls Forces Back From Embattled Border Town Bint Jbail


Anonymous said...


dorit said...

Now I see whom we are facing. I have no dialog with people that use such a dirty language.

It's pity that you sullies this stage and bring it to such a lower level of discussion and do not respect the platform you are using.

I'm not going to write here any more... you achieved what you aimed.

Hopefully one day you'll be smarter!! and better mannered . then we can start talking.

Have a nice day...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is your contribution to this discussion? beside terrorizing this blog?

Anonymous said...

Dorit, you are mentioning UN resolutions concerning Sheeba farms, what a joke, Israel only uses from the UN what serves its own purpose and totally ignores the rest of resolutions against her.

khadijah said...

Thank you for this informative post...it just goes to show the misinformation that prevails in the west

Anonymous said...

If Israel had a Human Goverment aid would be allowed to pass through the region.
Israel is like a rabid dog who does not know when to stop, regardless of human sufferings.
And dont anyone make excuses for this State without compassion.

Resistance go for it


fairandbalanced said...

I wish all of these posts would stop saying that the West is "being fed anti-Muslim" propaganda and that we only get pro-Israel media. We do get both sides here. The West is educated enough to make their own decisions. Any person with common sense can see that Israel was attacked first and has to dodge over 100 bombs per day! Their leaders do not get on the global news wire and state that they will keep bombing until every last Muslim is eliminated off of this planet. Isn’t that what the Hezbollah leader keeps saying about Israel? I would fully support your points of view, if Israel was in fact the party which started this conflict 21 days ago, by sending non-precision missiles into Lebanon. This was not the case however. Let’s not forget that Israel uses precision bombs guided by lasers, in order to hit targets where Hezbollah fires their weapons among women and children. They even dropped leaflets warning the citizens of Lebanon. I am so sick of hearing about all the bad stuff that Hezbollah and Hamas has done to Israel in the past and the atrocities that Israel did to Palestine and Lebanon. How long do the people of that region want to hold on to old grudges? It is just like revenge. It gets you no place fast. Aren’t these poor people in these two countries sick and tired of living the way they are living? Why do they insist on sending their children to schools that teach them how to make wearable bombs, instead of school that teach them how to be productive contributors of society and help their economies grow? Don’t they want to see their kids grow up and prosper? It is really sad because some of the most beautiful historical places on earth are in that area and because of the non-stop hatred towards the West, some of us will never get to see them. Don’t you all think it is time to just stop and wash away the past, in order to move forward and restore the beauty of that region? Look at America. Do you see us bombing back and forth with Germany based on WWII? No, both countries have let the past go and consider the horrific conflict and holocaust, as “past history”. Both countries learned from their mistakes and have now prospered immensely.

All Right said...

sI totally agreed with Dorit and Fairandbalanced. I'm from the Southern Europe and if almost everybody down there says that Israel are terrorists,or other bad names,I ask: is Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Jhiad, Iran, etc, the saints of this time??? I don't think so! Besides, I don't see the name "Israel" on the UN or almost world nations terrorist list!!! So, Hezbollah and others like them, don't be cowards and weak, don't hide behind children, or women or old people! if you think you are right, come to the ground and fight face to face like true men, not rats!!!
One word for all the dead civilians - God save their souls!


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