17 July 2006

Something Fell Down from the Sky

Update: It was announced that "both sides" have confirmed that the "flying object" that was shot and fell was not an F-16.

LBC and Aljazeera are showing a footage of an Israeli war-plane (most propably an F-16) falling in the Baabda area (Beirut suburb). A footage of a ground-to-air missile fired before the "flying object" fell is also being shown.
It was very difficult for me to take a snap-shot.

Many of the Lebanese civilians displaced by the war have sought refuge in schools and open spaces in Beirut like the tiny Sanayeh park.
Especially those who can't afford to rent or don't have relative in the few safe places left in Lebanon.
NTV is interviewing the kids in this tiny park.
They don't have good thoughts about Israel.
Folks are sleeping with their children in open spaces.
Where the fuck is The minister of ping-pong and his collegue minister pipo the pebble?


Anarchistian said...

What do you think it was?

I still think it was a helicopter or F-16.

The Israelis first claimed that it was fuel tank from the jet then they said it was leaflets box, now they're saying it's a Zilzal rocket that failed to launch.. There are no HezbAllah positions in Wadi Kfarshima, I thought...

Anarchistian said...

I meant Wadi Shahrur. Oops.

Anarchistian said...

The Israelis have changed their story AGAIN. Now they claim it was a failed attempt to launch a KATYUSHA. Katyusha rockets don't have more than a 30km range and cannot make it into Israel from Wadi Shahrur.

2choosy said...

When will the middle-eastern people realize that the human race has to share (cohabitate) on this little tiny blue ball called earth. If this escalate into WWIII then we will have to merge and purge the region the way we did in Europe and Japan. So you better get it Right or get Ready.


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