28 July 2006

Snapshots of Anti-War Demonstrations

In Tel Aviv
first photo from second photo from


I love Munich said...

It's about time they're warming up!! The lower ones are from the Naturei Karta - movement!
We're not allowed to lose hope!

i care said...

My heart is overwhelmed, I only wish I could be amongst this amazing group standing up for humanity and peace. Thank you for posting the pictures and giving a connection with reality on the ground. Polls will have you believe the entire Israeli population agrees with their govt., which mirrors American polls. Restores my faith in humanity.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the unity of people can solve what their goverments are not able to.


Nightstudies said...

"Jews are forbidden to have their own state?"

Those freaks aren't helping anyone. You're a fool if you think they are.

Anonymous said...

Manifestation in front of the Israeli Embassy in Lisbon (Portugal) 26-07-2006, "Stop the slaughters in Lebanon and Palestine. Peace in Middle East".

photo in http://galaaz.blogspot.com/

All Right said...

To have peace in Middle East, we have to shoot down all the Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Jihad terrorists!

Let's do a manifestation, all over the world, saying: "Terrorists are forbidden to live on Earth!"

Hey fundamentalists, leave Israel in peace!!!

fairandbalanced said...

All right said:

I agree with you! I think every country in the world should come together and agree to imprison or execute any person or group/cult, whose goal or mission statement calls for the death or elimination of any person, race or sovereign nation. They should not be allowed to exist. If they want change, they need to stop kidnapping people and blowing up kids. What they need to do is get an education and follow a legal path of debate and elections.


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