18 July 2006

Sad & Ugly. How Can We Expect Peace in the Future?

These pictures from Sabbah
[Photo caption: Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006.(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)]

I don't know what to say!! Israeli kids sending message of "love & peace" to Lebanese kids!
And our Lebanese children receive the gifts.
Israel just targeted a Church in Rashia that is sheltering displaced civilians.
Israel bombed roads in Dhour el Choueir.
Israel shelled Zahle.
In the Lebanese language these are all Christian areas.
No HizbAllah.
Israel is practicing the old and ugly Lebanese tradition of 6x6 mukarar: If you do "A" to one sect you should do the same to all other sects.
Israel is just!!


Pierre /Candide's Notebooks said...

What the hell? Jounieh? Dhour? Why not Bikfaya as long as they're at it? Why not the monastery in the Kaddisha Valley? I'm sure the monks there are hiding WMDs in their tunics. And those "messages" from kids. What an obscenity that any parent in his right mind would enable this. Dr. Strangelove had a higher moral quotient.

PorcV said...

shame over Israel.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those pictures of the children writing on the bombs has made me feel sick to my stomach. Our thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Lebanon at this most difficult of times.
For shame Isreal, for shame.

Donna said...

And what political party did you chose to "lead" you? Why are these Israeli children writing in English? And where did YOU get the pictures? What do these prove?
It is common to write on the bombs and the undersides of planes? What is that supposed to mean or prove? So what? War is not good but Israel has tried many times and made many offers for peace - I haven't seen any offers coming from your representatives.

I love Munich said...

This is nothing short of perverse .. and you are totaly right with your question about what kind of peace can be expected under these circumstances!
What perverted mindset does a parent have to have to let or even encourage his/her child to do such a thing? Shame on them ... ALL of them - they only discredit themselves ...
The pics make me want to throw up!

Anonymous said...

This is how Israel teaches their children...

naiive said...

no one can dispute that those pictures are not good for anyone...however, We must remember, in the recent history, what started this current fighting was the attack and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Now you can counter that with the event that occurred just before that event that was "against" the lebanese or Palestinians and the circle will continue all the way back to the creation of Israel.

It is important that the youth of both countries and the Palestinian areas, become empowered to stand up for Peace. A 2 state solution, no militants on either side being able to attack, that includes Jewish extremists who equally are dangerous to peace. Like the lebanese stood up against Syria, and the Palestinians recently stood up for Hamas, it is important for those groups (hezbollah and Hamas) to stop "fighting" with arms and instead fight for peace via negotiation for a strong border, strong economies, strong schools, strong trade, etc.

It will take almost 100 years of the youth of each country, to come together and build a foundation of peace but there really is only 2 choices. Both sides can gloss them over and add addendums to them but theyre BS. Both sides can put "ugly" pictures up on sites to stoke flames and sentiment. Both sides can blame the other side and allow the fighting to not only continue but indoctrinate the children of both countries to hate the other side. BUT the true hard work, the true job of the youth and open minded is to convince everyone that BOTH sides suffer from war and it is both sides who should WANT to have peace and it is important to teach the children that everyone bleeds red and everyone cries when theyre hurt. PErhaps Im being an idealist and one would say, "Its more complicated than that." and perhaps religion is involved, and exterior influences like the US and like Iran, etc. but I have to say that in history it has always been the youth of an area to make a change and I certainly hope that some leadership on both sides stand up for peace and can creat a peace that is everlasting and hopeful for ALL, the Palestinians, Israel, Lebanon, Syria...and so on and so on.

a h m a d said...

I would title these photos as,
"The peace-loving-children of israel"

RoxieAmerica said...

When religious groups, any religious group, embraces killing it becomes toxic to world peace. Throughout history religious groups have attempted to force their beliefs on others using killing as a means to justify the end. Hisbollah is such a group, a group that has embraced hate, killing and death. It has attempted to hijack the Nation of Lebanon, and its hate of Israel is toxic to world peace.
Throughout history such radical regligous groups attempting to use god to take power have refused to compromise, refused to yeild and have been destroyed. Of such is made martyrs, the excuse used to get weak minded people to follow leaders blindly to death in the name of hate. Hizballah uses the name Allah in its name - they describe themselves as a martyr bergade - by their own name and description they are warriors whose design is to kill and destroy. If it looks like an apple, one can not successfully call it a grape. If Hizballah wishes to have peace, then they should lay down their arms, give up their wish to kill and destroy. Hizballah is reaping what they have sown. Hizbollah will destroy itself while blaming Israel. Hizbollah is toxic to Middle East peace.

Anonymous said...

israel supported the apartheid govt in SOUTH Africa.what they are doing now is no surprise.

Adriano from USA said...

NOTE TO CNN TV in the bottom of this message please read and think about your role as the mainstream media and please do your part in reporting the truth.

The picture of the child lying the floor in the street has made think that we all don't deserve to live in this world, for crying out loud the wild has more respect for their fellow kind than us human do, we do not deserve to be called humans, we are savage animals at heart, actually we are worse than that because animals kill out of necessary and we kill in order to obtain money, power, political interests, and of course religion, we even kill in the name of peace which is absurd in it's own, our kind need a great disaster in order to unite the whole world as one, ONE PEOPLE, ONE KIND, HUMANS WHO DESERVE TO LIVE AND LET LIVE AND NOT SAVAGES THAT WE ARE.
I am so saddem by this picture that I ashamed to be called one of us humans, given a choice i would rather be an animal and not be part of this sick society we live in today. I pray to GOD or whoever is out there watching over us to help us, even tho It is kind of hard to justify why does any superior inteligence which ever you wanna call be your God, be Allah or Inteligent Creator or whatever it doesn't matter, why let things like this happen to innocent children. Be safe UrShalim and everyone in the war zone be Lebanon or Israel because we are all the same human with different options which we kill in the name of those opnions.
One last question tho, CNN show your site all the time whoever it doesn't dare to show this picture on TV why not? I mean this is the reality of war and people show see it so that they can understand who stupid WAR is, CNN do your part for peace and show the world the real war and not the partial innocent war that all the media shows, CNN show this picture of this innocent baby on the TV so that the world can hopefully see who stupid this is and demande a resolution to this WAR NOW.
Good thing I do not have a nuclear button to push, because if I was a president and I would push that button and end all the war and the world in the process because we don't deserve to be here, I woudn't really but you guys get my point hopefully.

the perpetual refugee said...

I would title this:

'Pen Pals'

The bombing of Zahle, Jbeil, the church, etc....only demonstrates in absolute terms that this is not a war against Hizbullah. The goal is the utter destruction and humiliation and submission of Lebanon. This strategy will of course backfire.

The Israeli don't realize that we Lebanese like to argue amongst ourselves yet we don't take kindly to outsiders emposing their will.

We will remain united. Of that I'm sure.

Adriano from USA said...

to the person that said that Hizballah is reaping what they have sown, the problem is that innocent people are paying for others mistakes, does 200+ people dead justifies 2 grow up soldiers? doesn't 1 child life worth more that 1 adult life? I think it is specially a innocent child that did nothing to cause this problem, that child in the picture was just born in the unstable area, how is that fair? If you would tell me I can kill you or this child I would tell you please kill me then and let the child live, it doesn't even have to be my child, a child lifes is invaluable is the future of our world and we need to protect and educate to live together in peace and respect for each other.
UrShalim great job on reporting the truth of war, which mainstream media does not, and I don't care who is right or wrong it is not worth a the killing of innocent children, as matter of fact it does matter who is right or wrong both sides are wrong for killing innocent people.
And the people that live in these 2 places are innocent people who politicials and militants does propaganda to gain their people support.

One more thing the USA does not want the lebanese Goverment to fall so if the lebanese want to stop this war all they have to do is quit there jobs all of the goverment, then the USA would stop this mess because that's something they don't want to happen because of course of money and power.

So Goverment people given the world an ultimatum that unless this whole war stops say within 1 day the whole goverment system will quit and the place in a ungorverned state which the world would then do something about IT.

2choosy said...

When will the middle-eastern people realize that the human race has to share (cohabitate) on this little tiny blue ball called earth. If this escalate into WWIII then we will have to merge and purge the region the way we did in Europe and Japan. So you better get it Right or get Ready.

Veritas said...

Is it not true that the vast population in the Middle East is moderate, and most wish to avert war?
There has been a story written about Palestinians and Israelis working on both sides of the conflict to heal people injured from suicide bombs and airstrikes.

Cannot this example be followed everywhere? Is it impossible for Israelis and Lebanese to network together over the internet and make a petition of peace? Is it possible for Judaism and Islam to unite and do a massive demonstration of peace in a major city to get the media's attention?

If this is impossible, please so state and why. If it isn't impossible. THEN WE SHOULD MAKE IT SO.

RoxieAmerica said...

does 200+ people dead justifies 2 grow up soldiers?"

It is shallow to say this about two soldiers. This is about years of hate, death and violence. It is rather one-sided and highly prejudice to conclude that Hizballah has not killed innocent people, including children in attacks.

Adriano from USA said...

Actually i think both sides are wrong, I am not taking side but killing innocent children no matter where they are is unbelievable that we let it happen.

2choosy said...

Yea, I care. I care that the Islamic radicals are being attacked. I care that Israel are being bombed. I care that the world is not responding. I care that innocent people are dying. I just don't care that both sides don't have enough brain cells to rub together to figure out where to draw the line. So, let innocent people die, let the world turn a blind eye, let Israel get bombed to bits and let the Islamic world remain under attack. "Stupid is, what Stupid does!"

Israeli dude said...

that's demagogy! these Israeli jids were hit by Hezballah. The picture of the killed kid in was from an aeroplane who hit the bus for fear it is carriyng rockets.

African-American Princess said...

I'm trying to look at both sides of the coin and trying to look at the facts. Fact 1 - Isreal was attacked by Hizballah who is a representative of Lebanon's Government. Fact 2 - Hizballah acted on their own without conscent of the entire Lebanese Government or People. Fact 3 - Hizballah is using the Lebanese people to hide behind while forwarding their cause. The citizens of both Isreal and Lebanon are innocent. The children are dying because bombs started flying from Hizballah's hands. Isreal has to protect themselves because bombs are dropping on their innocent citizens. On the other hand the people of Lebanon must look at Hizballah and truly ask them... "How are you protecting the people of Lebanon?" The truth is Hizballah is firing bombs at a country and wants to cry foul when the other county protects themselves. The people of Lebanon must hold the agressor, Hizballah, responsible for bringing this War to the people. Remember you can't drop a bomb on another country and expect them to send you roses. If Hizballah dropped a bomb and killed my family I would want Hizballah taken out... by any means necessary because they brought the fight to me. Hizballah holds the key to ending the bloodshed. Turn over the captive soldiers and stop bombing Isreal. It seems simple to me.

God Bless the innocent citizens of Isreal and Lebanon who were brought into this war over personal gain.

If I got any of this incorrect please feel free to correct me. I'm looking at this from an outsiders point of view.

Axxcexx said...

I feel bad for both side, we here in USA are not aware of the whole situation. I do belive that both party need to stop fighting. the rich goverment is to blame for all this. They are sitting at home eating caviar while their people are diying and their houses are bein destroyed. I cry when i see pictures of people diying, either if they are from Israel or Lebanon.

Your blog is very imformative, I found out about it today on CNN, usa. Keep it up. Its always good to find out what is going on over there from a civilian point of view.

Suha said...

Moussa et al,
Check out this forum:

A group of Israelis and Lebanese put it together after 3 days of endless debating. We agree on some points, but not on everything. Yet, we try to discuss things in a civilized manner to make the other see our point. I think it needs more input from people inside Lebanon.

Sorry if this is a redundant posting.

Anonymous said...

As has already been mentioned, this site was briefly shown on CNN this morning. For those people, I suggest reading some other points of view like this site. American media and government is notoriously one-sided towards Israel, so most American opinions toward this situation are similar. Anyway, check out these sites:

William said...

Look, the problem is not Israel nor is it Hizbollah ... it is BOTH.

Loyal, true Lebanese need to kick Hizbollah out of their country! As long as Lebananon houses Hizbollah, there will be no peace.

Anonymous said...

If they kick Hizbollah out, they'll have to kick out thousands of civilians and face serious risk of another Israeli invasion in southern Lebanon (to protect themselves, right?). Hizbollah is the only reason Israel is no longer in Lebanon and is seen as a legitimate resistance movement by all of the world, aside from Israel and the US. Kidnapping soldiers has been portrayed as a terrorist action by Israel and the US, of course, but this has been a long going tactic...the only way Lebanese have been able to get Israel to release their own citizens. Not everyone in Lebanon fully supports Hizbollah (Shi'ia's), but that's because, like much of the middle east, several groups with historical conflicts have to live under the same border.

Anonymous said...

It is true, innocent children are dieing and it is a horrific thing. but these cockroaches like the Palestinians and Hezbollah must be eradicated from this planet. They are useless vermin that refuse to help themselves. 80% unemployment, when the Gaza Strip was given back to these leeches. the land was fertile and great for farming. But this was no interest to them, all they want to do was have their children blow themselves up. I was in Vietnam, which was truly a useless war. But I feel that most of the Muslim world just doesn't get it. Even their own people don't want them. As they say, all Muslims are not terrorists. But all terrorists are Muslim

Anonymous said...

this whole war is a tragedy. tragedy for the children to be taught violence is ok and a tragedy for the chilfren who were murdered. when the holy day comes those who kill will be damned.

Anonymous said...

and it doesnt matter who started this war. the truth is the war any war is a useless waste of time. nobody will change the way they think and for the rest of the time earth is around theyre will be stupid useless wars a way for one country to make themself look bigger and better then the others. well guess what killing innocent people and getting your own people killed doesnt make you look better it just shows how ignorant you are. america should have just kept themselves out of the war and let you guys continue to blow your selves up. terorist have been around since the begining of time. whether its from overseas or right here in our own streets.and these picturesprove that their will be more because you guys are teaching your own children to be one. shame on the parents and the country.

V. said...

When I see those miserable children doing what they're doing on those pictures, I can't help myself to think that Israël is a dead country full of living deads and zionists zombies who can only pour death on the earth. It is a sad and horrible nightmare. Sorry for Humanity.

Anonymous said...

Israeli kids are nothing compared to these urchins.

Really, do we need to post links to all the massive "death to Israel" rallies around the Arab and Muslim world that has preached such trash to children from the cradle for decades?

valerie said...

Wow look how civilized ISrael the great democracy of the future for the middle east. Wake up people, bombed a whole country's civilian infrastructure is TERRORISM at its best. I hope the world can now see who is primitive, who is barbaric.

Anonymous said...

israel doing bad things, i hope they will not get out with this.
Israel - nazism, fashism.

William said...

Valerie wrote:

Wake up people, bombed a whole country's civilian infrastructure is TERRORISM at its best.

Valerie, IF that country does not want its civilian infrastructure bombed, it should kick out those who fire missiles into Israel. If somebody in my house starts shooting at my neighbor, I should not be surprised if my house gets destroyed when my neighbor starts shooting back.

Anonymous said...


Don't break the geneva convention and you won't have to worry about being missiled.

Khadijah said...

This is such a sad photo. And this is how the Israelis speak of peace. Hurts my stomach to the core. I pray that Allah stops this. And America being cheerleaders to this is just sickening...I am so hurt by this. Israel are dirty murdering liars.

Anonymous said...

We don't know the source of this picture, nor its true context, do we?

Therefore it's not appropriate to post it, other than to inflame and to use children for yet another political purpose.

I feel VERY sad for all innocent people caught in this war, and my love and my constant concern goes to all of them.

We must face the facts, however difficult:
Hezbollah deliberately plants its military assets in areas full of babies, so, when Israel strikes back, they can claim that the enemy kills babies. Now, who is the real killer of babies? Hint: the people who use civilians as human shields.

Anonymous said...

show a few pics of the murdered children on israel . . fair is fair

khadijah said...

Oh please...there have been ZERO fatalities of Children in Israel..ZERO !!!!!

the olive ream said...

The rage and uncontrollable anger one feels at this current situation is undescribable. You have a VERY important blog here..please keep posting and provide the reality of what is happening as compared to the the skewed version of events that the mainstream media projects.

Anonymous said...

William, exactly. Who started attacking first? Israel. So, can you blame Lebanese for fighting back? Would you take it? No, you said you wouldn't. The kidnapping incident was hardly an act of war and has been an ongoing tactic used to get Lebanese prisoners released from Israel. In the past, it has worked. This time, Israel says it's an act of terrorism and goes ballistic. I cannot understand why people keep acting as if Israel is helpless, has no choice, acts only in self-defense, is the underdog (it's not, fully backed and armed by the most powerful military force in the world, the US), can-do-no-wrong, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good for the Israeli's and their children. When living in the gunsight of terrorists, it is best to learn early how to deal with them.

khadijah said...

Keep this blog up..the truth needs to be told...

RoxieAmerica said...

A grandmother and her five-year-old grandson were killed and at least 50 other wounded Friday by one of over 100 Katyusha rockets that were fired at northern Israel on Friday. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1150886000391&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull
Since Israel withdrew from Gaza 10 months ago, scores of Qassam rockets have been launched from Gaza; Israel says there were 100 rockets fired last month. Between June 2004 and March 2006, eight Israelis, including three children, were killed in the attacks, the Israeli military says. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/14/world/middleeast/14mideast.html?ex=1307937600&en=60c6444ad9a600af&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss
So the idea the Hezballah has not killed children just doesn't hold water.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, at 7/18/2006 9:17 PM, said:

William, exactly. Who started attacking first? Israel.

No, Lebanon.

So, can you blame Lebanese for fighting back?


Would you take it? No, you said you wouldn't.

Precisely. Lebanon is getting what it asked for.

The kidnapping incident was hardly an act of war

Oh, poo poo. Oh, pfut pfut. What's a little kidnapping compared to the usual barbareties coming out of Lebanon. Happens every day!

and has been an ongoing tactic used to get Lebanese prisoners released from Israel.

"The Laws of Kidnapping", a best seller in Beirut, no doubt!

In the past, it has worked.

That is to say "crime pays - let's do it again."

This time, Israel says it's an act of terrorism and goes ballistic.

If you don't like it, there's a very simple way to stop it. Send the 2 Israel soldiers home safe and sound.

I cannot understand why people keep acting as if Israel is helpless,

It isn't and Lebanon is learning that the hard way.

has no choice,

Just like Lebanon still has a choice before things get even worse, all for your stupid pride and arrogance.

acts only in self-defense,

In this case, it certainly is.

is the underdog (it's not, fully backed and armed by the most powerful military force in the world, the US),

OK. Israel's not the underdog. Israel's right. Lebanon's wrong. The world doesn't understand why Lebanon thinks they were so smart in attacking Israel last week. Wise up, dodos.

Anonymous said...

Simple fact, very very simple:

Don't do terrorist acts, and you will be entirely safe and sound.

This is all you need to know if you want to get Israel to stop occupying any territories.

Explain this to your corrupt leaders. Tell it to them slowly, because they are learning-disabled.

khadijah said...

The Zionists must be stopped !

M LAmine Sahraoui said...

The History reapeats it self, this is our modern time systematique extermination of the incocent children of LOUBNANE EL HABIBE.this is a vendetta of the zionists, against kids, they can no more convince anybody of their cries about the HOLOCAOUST.
M Lamine Sahraoui

Anonymous said...

Why should Arab lives be worth less than Israeli lives? About 230 Lebanese people have been killed since the fighting started - the vast majority of them civilians, but including about 30 soldiers. These soldiers are the ones the Israelis are saying should stop the Hizballah, yet Israel is killing them. Twenty-five Israelis have died - 13 civilians and 12 members of the military. This is almost a 10 to 1 ratio. Lebanon needs tanks and aircraft to at least level the playing field.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Israel can sell you tanks and aircraft, if you get rid of HA and the Syrians.

We could make beautiful music together, mon cheri.

khadijah, I love it when you seeth.

Anonymous said...

Why not give them for free, in the spirit of friendship?

and what about this question?

Why should Arab lives be worth less than Israeli lives?

Anonymous said...

Why should Arab lives be worth less than Israeli lives?

Because Arabs made themselves cheaper.

In January 2004, Israel released a total of 436 prisoners and the remains of 59 Lebanese soldiers in return for the remains of three Israel soldiers and Israeli citizen Elhanan Tennenbaum.

Iran, Syria and Nasrallah couldn't give a damn about the Lebanese who are dying now - all this for the sake of kidnapping 2 IDF soldiers and attacking Israel. You are your own people's canon fodder!

For what grand purpose are you allowing your lives to be thrown away?

You should be asking yourself this question - not others.

khadijah said...

khadijah, I love it when you seeth.

Really? Thats lovely to hear. I am of Syrian descent and a devout Shiite Muslim woman...and I am so saddened to what is happening. The Hezbollah resisitance must keep up the fight. Make the enemy think you are dead...then you attacl.

Anonymous said...

Yes, kill more more more, Khadijah. That's the spirit. Keep it up. Martyrdom to all and 72 virgins for the Muslims among you. Sorry abou that, Christians.

Speaking of which, maybe the new question should be "why should South Lebanese lives be worth less than Hizballah butcher's lives"? Is anyone surprised?

khadijah said...

Yes, kill more more more, Khadijah

Israel should know that this will not help them get their zionist solidiers back...it will not...Olhmert is making a sad mistake. He thinks murdering honest Lebanese are Muslims are going to bring peace to Israel - think again....

Anonymous said...

khadijah, i am lebanese, and i hope israelis army gets to your heroes and to you - and to your syrian motherland. maybe then we can live in peace again without you fanatics.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the U.S. and I think that the pictures displayed here are terrible to see. It disgust me to see these children writing on these bombs. What does this send to the world? The Lebonese people don't deserve what's being done to them. Many are dying due to these horrific acts. Where is the humanitarian aid?

Masoud (Palestinian) said...

Ye know: It is truly incredible how over
six decades ago the world watched as Jews were
humiliated, despised, robbed, projected as unworthy of
respect, dignity or legal protection and faced
state terrorism. By the end of the Holocaust,
the world said "Never again!"

Today the world watches as Palestinians & Lebanese are murdered,
humiliated, despised, robbed, projected as unworthy
of respect, dignity or legal protection
and face state terrorism. Again?

It is extraordinary how nothing ever dies completely!
Even the evil that prevailed yesterday in NAZI Germany
is gaining ground in Israel today. Shame?

They have NO SHAME!

Long Live Palestine & Lebanon

Masoud (Palestinian) said...

We all can see that world opinion varies on what rights and actions Israel may take to “defend itself” ... It is certain that Israel’s current actions in Gaza & Lebanon violated the Geneva Convention on war; which prohibits the targeting of civilians. I personally question the long-term impacts, economic, and socially that such harsh and overreaching action that Israel is taking will have on a country, that has been working hard to rebuild and lift its people out of poverty. A citizenry with an economic future is less susceptible to produce a high number of citizens who believe they having nothing less to live, for but perhaps can look at the burned out homes, decimated power plants, blown damns and bridges and find something to die for.

In the long run harsh military actions will produce more terror and instability for Israel. Israeli Death Forces Generals would do well to read Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth for advise on how to treat the conquered.


lleile said...

it is simply sick to compare who has the most casualities in children... kids being trained to hate is even more sick..does the rule 1 israeli kid for 5 others applies here too, or is it just a competion for fame on CNN ? very very cheap standards , Israel has No ,absolutely No Morals..

Anonymous said...

To Donna, you are one disturbed Chick, sure always write greetings on Bombs in a war , invite them perhaps for Tea, you are totally in the dark about the reality of war I hope for your sake you will never have the experience of a "greeting-bomb "falling on your head .

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the deception and lies. It is amazing what you can do with Adobe Photoshop (photo editing software where you can superimpose and overlay pictures). One can create pictures fraudulently showing anything they want. One could create a picture of Arafat and Bush holding hands. Pictures can be easily "doctored". Again I am glad the pictures are gone, because the naive and gullible are easily persuaded to believe anything without exercising discernment and using verification.

I am NOT a Jew. I am an American. But Israel has no choice but eliminate Hezbollah. Lebanon is responsible for all actions that occur within its borders. I am saddened by the death of anyone. I suspect many of the number reported dead on the Lebanese side are Hezbollah fighters. I pray they are. They don't wear uniforms. They wear civilian clothing and hide behind women and children to fire their weaponry. Islamic Nazism is evil. In Iraq, Islamic fascists are senselessly killing Shiites and Sunnis each killing one another. Arabs in Gaza and the west bank would rather send their kids off packed with suicide bombs to murder men, women, and children in Israel than to send their kids off to college. They say they will not be humiliated. Their own behavior humiliates them and makes them look like fools due to their false insane pride.

What OHTER "culture" in this world beside "Palestinians"/Arabs dress their kids and grandmothers with machine guns and hand held rocket launchers? I hate to speak in generalities for their are ALWAYS exceptions, but it seems that "Palestinians", Arabs, and Persians (Iranians) are the biggest liars but apparently not intelligent enough to realize that they are not even good enough at it except to deceive the lowest common denominator of those in other cultures including naïve Americans. Note: not all Americans are naïve.

If the kidnapped Israeli soldiers are not returned, Hezbollah surrender their weapons, and the rockets stop being lobbed into Israel, then you, your culture, your families, will die. You will be humiliated for being fools. Israel is tired of living in fear. Tired of suicide/homicide bombers. Tired of the rockets. I support one hundred and ten percent Israel destroying Hezbollah. I am saddened that Hezbollah has cruelly subjected innocent Lebanese men, women, and children to the hell of war. Damn Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran for their evil...followers of the false "god" "allah" of the fiction called the Quran. When a Muslim or any man dies without Jesus Christ as Savior who is the Son of God...GOD in the flesh...they find themselves in hell with Mohammed, Hitler, Mao, and all others who reject Christ.

I wish wish wish this attack on Israel had occurred from Syria instead of Lebanon for Syria and Iran are the real evil culprits in this evil enterprise. I pray that Israel, the United States, and/or western civilization attacks and vanquishes Syria and Iran. They must be vanquished. The West can not sit back and do nothing against her enemies who vow to destroy her.

Interestingly, when Lebanese, "Palestinian", or Arab children die, Israelis and the West are saddened by it, when Jews are killed you see actually dancing in the streets of Gaza, the West Bank, and in other Arab/Persian capitols. Remember the dancing in their streets when the Twin Towers came down? What a demented and perverse culture. What a backward culture. What a foolish culture. What an evil culture. What an humiliated culture who by their own foolish stubbornness brings their own condemnation and humiliation upon their heads.

Dear Lord Jesus God Almighty,

Please protect the children...all the children ...Lebanese, "Palestinian", Arab, Persian, and Israelis. Dear God Almighty destroys the enemies of Israel. Bring peace to the area and vanquish Israel's foes as we USA/Britain with other allies did to Japan and Germany in WWII. That is the only way to bring peace to the area. They must be brought to their knees due to their stubbornness and evil desires.

Sorry for the rambling, but I am tired of seeing Israeli and Lebanese children killed as the result of the evil, foolish, and false pride of the Arab/Islamic culture.

The land Israel holds (Israel proper) is Israel’s. It was given to them by the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The sooner you accept that fact and give up this foolishness, you can have peace. Otherwise, you will just have death for you and your children and spend eternity in hell with the false prophet Mohammed. The choice is yours. Repent and accept Christ...that is your only true salvation. That is your only hope. For only Jesus Christ the true God who came in the flesh as a JEW and freely laid down his life for you. HE SO LOVES YOU that HE DIED ON THE CROSS JUST FOR YOU. He let the JEWS and GENTILES kill Him for YOU. He died for my sins and He died for your sins. The choice is yours as to wear you spend eternity. The choice to live or die in this war is yours. I lay before you life and death…..choose LIFE!

Levi (pseudonym)
Attorney at Law
Florida USA

Anonymous said...

Why are these pictures important for the world to see? It is important to remember that for years the Arabs have been accused of inciting hatred in their children ~ I even heard the Israeli govt mention this last week and Israel makes it clear they do not use their children this way. The pictures clearly are disturbing and speak a loud truth the world should be aware of.

Anonymous said...

Jewish kids,sign a bomb, obviously..strap one on..no way...

USA said...

khadijah - You say you are a devout Shiite Muslim Woman. I have to ask you - What voice do you have in what is going on around you today? You are so ready to support Hezbollah - Does that mean when the men of your family get together and speak about the issues that affect your life that you are expected to sit in and give your advice? Notice I didn't say allowed or invited. Do the men in your life - Father, Brother, Husband, Son - listen to your input and respect your opinions? Are you equal to any man in your country? Are your opinions your own or what the men in your life have told you it will be? I really want to know, because as a woman I feel for those that do not share the life I have and would never try to argue words back and forth with anyone that did not share a like existence. I don't say this because I think you are any less than me but because I need to know what level of freedom you enjoy before I attack any words you express. At this time I honestly believe you haven't had the opportunities or freedom that I have had and therefore to attack your words would be like attacking my ancestors that didn't have the right to vote, own property, have a voice in one's life. If this is true I feel for you, know that I believe you are deserving of all of the above.

To anonymous who started out: Don't be fooled by the deception and lies. It is amazing what you can do with Adobe Photoshop (photo editing software where you can superimpose and overlay pictures).

I agree with everything you had to say and applauded most except when you attack a persons religion, "followers of the false "god" "Allah" ect.... I for one believe in no God but I still respect anyone's belief in their God. In my opinion your God is just as false but I would never criticize either of you for your beliefs. I have raised a Christian child in a home that believes in science only, because I showed her both and allowed her to chose her own way.

Now before anyone responds calling me an atheist or a Scientologist - I am neither, I am a person that started out in life believing in the God my parents told me about. As an adult I chose a different path - I no longer believe in God, Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny - I believe in myself, my family, my kids, my friends. I believe history teaches us. I believe that the rule of law is what will ultimately save mankind. I just try to live my life by doing unto others as I would have them do unto me. But ultimately in the end I believe my soul MAY be energy that will go off into space - where I admit I don't know - but that my body will be worm bait if put in the ground or dust if I am cremated.

Terry said...

No way these pictures (The top 3) are real!!!! It is a false & vicious anti Israeli propaganda. Please don't belive it. It is so refuted and tendentious, I swear to god.

Anonymous said...

Dear USA,

We can agree to disagree as to "attacking" someone else's religion. I have read the Quran. I have a copy on my bookshelf. It states that Isa (Jesus) son of Marium is but a prophet. Allah the magnificent the merciful (sic) has no sons. The God of the Bible says that Jesus is His Son in whom He is well pleased. Allah of the Quran states he has no sons and God of the Bible says Jesus is HIS SON...one of them is a liar. I choose to believe the God of the Bible. The fact that you do not believe in God does not mean He therefore does not exist. I choose to believe and unlike the radical Islamic fascist I won't cut off your head for not believing in God.

Thank you for your honesty and otherwise well written post.

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

By the way when this tragedy is all over I will be writing my representative asking the United States government and ask the Israeli government to help and assist restoring Lebanon to the beauty she once was. Sadly, many of you were born after 1975 and never saw how beautiful Lebanon really was. Roads can be repaired and buildings can be rebuilt. Don't despair for when this is over the international community will financially help proud Lebanese rebuilt their great nation. I look forward to the day when Israelis and Lebanese can easily cross the border with one another. Israelis enjoying the sites and sounds of Beirut while on vacation and Lebanese shopping in the shops of Old Jerusalem.

Lebanese free of the shackles of Hezbollah. Damn Hezbollah for their reckless disregard of their innocent fellow citizens. They put their hatred of the Jew before their love for their fellow countrymen. What evil...What selfishness...what a shame.

And I look forward to the day when Israelis will not have Palestinian children strapped with bombs killing men, women, and children in the cafes and bus stops of Jerusalem. The only way to end terrorism is to kill the terrorist.

Lebanon is in my prayers.

Florida USA

Anonymous said...

im an israel citizen, lived in tel aviv and stand against the israeli army in thier crimes against the lebanonies people.


Hans said...

The vast majority of the Swiss people is on the Lebanese side and our thoughts and prayers are with the Lebanese people suffering under the terror of Israel.

Anonymous said...


Sven Svensson said...

Even if these photos are real, you are making a cynical connection between the dead baby and the "writing on bombs photos".

I am not an Israeli, but a Swede. I believe that Israel is over-reacting, but at the same time, I believe that you guys are to blame. Instead of standing united against the Hizbollah and kicking them out of power and proving to be the independent country you want to, you let them use you as playing cards in the power play between Syria, Iran and Israel.

Plus, I don't see how hundreds of rockets fired into Israeli cities, killing men, women, elderly and children, are any better than what the Israelis are doing in Lebanon.

Or in other words - What goes around, comes around.

Free the soldiers, force Hizbollah to withdraw and stop firing, put your army next to the border like any other normal country, and you will be surprised to see how quickly Lebanon will become quiet and prosperous yet again.

khadijah said...

khadijah - You say you are a devout Shiite Muslim Woman. I have to ask you - What voice do you have in what is going on around you today? You are so ready to support Hezbollah - Does that mean when the men of your family get together and speak about the issues that affect your life that you are expected to sit in and give your advice? Notice I didn't say allowed or invited. Do the men in your life - Father, Brother, Husband, Son - listen to your input and respect your opinions?

I do not live in Syria, but visit my homeland often. I reside outside of the Mid East..and yes I can sit in on conversations. I dont have to be invited. Obviously not all Muslim women are so liberated but I am.

Who Watches The Watchers said...

At least the Israelis dont aim at children.

Unlike the Hamas terrorists, who try on purpose to blow up as many civilians as possible, or the Hizbollah, targeting civilians on purpose (with the latest casualties being a 3 year old and 7 year old children from Nazareth. Not even Jewish children but Arabs like yourself. Somehow, I doubt you will have the guts to say anything about that).

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

watcher..what are you watching? did you miss the part where Israelis bombing rescue teams, churches, ambulances ect.and children WERE involved you ^^^ should watch again this time with open eyes.

Anonymous said...

why do some people think that the pictures are fake ,
why does everything not so pleasing needs to be challenged?


USA said...

khadijah - Good for you. It is women such as yourself who will help change the future for others by using your voice. But with that voice be sure to educate yourself that there are always two sides to every story. Be sure to look at both honestly don't just blindly spout rhetoric. Hezbollah is a terrorist group that kills innocents indiscrimately. Countries or people that continue to support these individuals do so to their detriment and will always have war. Even if Israel pulled out today Hezbollah will continue to shell Israel, they will continue to send suicide bombers, they will continue to take hostages. How can anyone honestly expect people to continue to suffer these actions without retaliating back. We don't therefore there will be more wars in the future. True peace will only come when the citizens of both sides come together and agree to coexist. If you honestly think about it, Hezbollah is in the business of war. Without a battle to fight or some war to win they have no purpose, so it is to their benefit to keep the fight going.

Anonymous said...

usa - you are entitled to believe whatever that you want to believe. But from your comments, it is evident that you are not seeing two side of the story which you prescribed for khadijah. Apply those advice to yourself, master/manipulate your mind first before you aim to reach another because as it seems you are unable at doing so.

from New York said...

To adriano from usa -- very well said, I feel the same way.

To African-American Princess,
even Oprah-Winfrey deoes not dare to see herself as African-American Princess, but you claim yourself as an African-American Princess, but hey whatever makes you happy. As it seems, you only saw only one side of the coin, the side shared by propaganda, Condoleezza Rice, who very well might be your role model and who you might confide in and thus, believe everything she says. Totally natural. This is how it is in our country, everyone worship what our leaders say. It has always has been that way. Truth is, most of us are ignorant of the rest of the world and sometimes it is easier to see only one side of coin, the side of the coin that shines better. At this moment, what our leaders are saying is defintely shining to you and far most of the country, for which you are saying exactly what they are saying. And nobody, even a fellow American like me can change your mind because your mind is locked in a cage.
P.S. sorry for being sarcastic, but I thought it was necessary.

Swiss said...

The German Red Cross asking Israel to let pass 2 trucks with humanitarian aid for people in south Lebanon does not even get an answer from Israel. This is what Israel calls "humanity" and "self defence". Unbelievable this all is happening under the eyes of the world and nobody is stopping the massacres on Lebanes civilians by Israel!

Some1 said...

To the "Swiss", amazing how every Israeli casualty is "A just casualty of the Arab/Palestinian resistence" and every Arab/Palestinian casualty is "A casualty of the Israeli agression".

If Israel is no better than its neighbours, then the least you can do is give them the same judgement. But somehow, being brainwashed as you are, I doubt you are capable of such an achievement.

Anonymous said...

go and look at the photos carefully again. On the shell on the left you can read "Nasrallah" yourself (with typos yes, kids). On the shell in the middle I can tell you it says Nasrallah in Hebrew, ask any Hebrew reader. This is the recipient this girl hopes for.

But let's not ruin Sabbah's wonderful and humane theory.

BTW - if these children are near the cannons, that means they are in the north of Israel, being shelled and killed by Hizballah just the same (only that Israelis are equipped with better bomb shelters). Rockets have been fired by Hizballah on that region also before this operation, only there was not that much coverage. Even this operation by hizballah to kidnap the soldiers began with an unprovoked rocket attack across entire northern Israel after some months of quiet.

Ofer from Israel.

Swiss said...

To "Some1"
Swiss - or rather non-jewsh - do not to be "brainwashed" to recognize the massacres and tragedy of the lebanese and palestinian people Israel is mainly responsible for. You are right,"Israel is no better than its neighbours" - it is worse. Was Israel attacked by a neighbouring country or by terrorists? Is it Israel or jewish terrorists attacking innocent civilians in the Lebanon and Gaza? There is quite a difference between a powerful country disregarding any international laws and some terrorists. It is responsability a country should have and terrorist do not have. Israel dos not show any! As long as Israel is not fully withdrawing from land occupied in 1967, there will be no peace in this area.

Anonymous said...

Swiss; where did you get that info from?
Also concerned
sad in usa

Anonymous said...

Swiss ; I ment the info about the German Red Cross being denied entry.

USA said...

Anonymous said... it is evident that you are not seeing two side of the story which you prescribed for khadijah.

Anonymous you are so wrong. I see and feel for both sides. Do you want to know what I see, because I have been watching for the past 10 + years. I started watching nothing but news back in 1999 so will only speak towards this knowledge. Back in 1999 I can remember how I felt as I read in the paper about rape camps, mass graves and the many war crimes that were coming out of Kosovo. I wanted to pack my bags and go fight to help protect them. I can remember during this time seeing Israel have battles with Palestinians and thinking these people have nothing but rocks this is not right. My sympathy was with the Palestinians.
Today -NO MORE!!!!
Since then I have seen nothing but what can be classified as atrocities come from the radical Islamic fanatics that are the core foundation of most movements across the land. The Middle East, Africa, France, Russia, etc... etc... It's everywhere!!!! You talk about War Crimes - these people have invented a whole new level. Islamic Groups that want their way or NO WAY..... They send their suicide bombers, they behead people for entertainment, they bomb trains and night clubs, they fly planes into buildings and kill thousands of innocent victims. Then their people dance in the street. These people I was willing to go to battle for dance in the street at the death of my brothers, sisters, and neighbors. I'm sorry, at this I can no longer support them, but know that even now when I feel they deserve what they have asked for, you will not see me in the street dancing at their death. I honestly believe their are innocent victims but in truth I believe they are in the minority. For all of the innocents I wish I had the power to pull you from your land and protect you, but I cannot. But for all the rest of you that support the terrorist acts of Hezbollah - I say to you I hope you get what you deserve

Swiss said...

Anonymous: I got the information from "Der Spiegel", the most serious and largest magazin in German. It is not just the Red Cross which is disesteemed. Also our (as well as many others) governement requests for safe corridors to get the refugees out were not even answered. In contrary, treks of refugees are attacked purposly by Israel!

I do not understand the discussions going on like "they fired a rocket and now we fire back". When your child is slapped by another in the Kindergarten, you are not going to blow off the Kindergarten.

By now, there are over 500'000 people homeless, about 40'000 of them lived in Beirut. I did not hear of any rocket fired by Hisbollah from there... What a tragedy!

Some1 said...

And what about tens of thousands of refugees from northern Israel? Or the two million people that need to sleep in bomb shelters from Haifa to Tiberias and up-north?

And "Israel has never been attacked"? I dont know which planet you just landed from, but you are either completely blind, completely brainwashed or completelt hypocrit. LAst time I checked, 1000+ civilians were murdered by "peace loving Palestinians" since the year 2000.

As for "withdraw from West Bank and get peace" - Bullshit, Israel withdrew from Gaza completely, what they got in return was hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza into Israeli cities.

And of course, ignore the fact that these countries around Israel, as well as the Palestinians, do not want the west bank and gaza - They want to annihilate Israel and its Jewish residents with. Just like their Idol, the Irani presidents, who says that flat out.

But for some reason, its convinient to ignore these facts to fit your nice "theories".

Anonymous said...

Swiss thanks for the info,I`m familier with this Magazin and will read it again.
Yes, I do agree with you 100%, it is NOT a fair War.I`m dissapointed as well at the Reaction of the USA ;where is the concern for Human suffering?

If Israel had stayed in the Areas given after WW2, all this could have been avoided .

Etwas weit weg von der Schweiz im Moment.
Sad in usa

Anonymous said...

Some 1; This is a 2 way street.
Israel should never have gone there in the 1st place,what do you expect from the Pal.People, live with a boot up their but and a noose around their neck, would YOU?

Anonymous said...

It is absolutly a pity that Irael will not allow humanitaerien aid into Libanon, ice-cold-heartless towards the sufferings of fellow Humans. The Politicians of Israel/USA are bloody disgusting .

Anonymous said...

.. inluding Poodle Blair..

Anonymous said...

Look, crap exists in both sides, and even in your "enlightened" European contries.
That does'nt make Israel the "bad guys" in this story.
You should refer more to why this happens, and actually, as horrible as it might sound to you, I don't really understand what's so bad about what these children do, even if the photos were real.
Why? - Because we're at war!
And we HATE the terrorists!
So allowing such actions just boosts up a bit the morale of the Israeli people, who are trully the victims here.

Now, the Lebanese are also victims in this, but stop the demagogy.
Israel does not target civilians, the civilians who are hit are those who happen to be arround terrorists during Israeli bombings.
Our other choice is to let them bomb us to death, so you really can't blame us.
By the way, the Hoezballa also hurts the Lebanese, and actually more than Israel does.

So next time you say "shame on Israel", reconsider your words, and look at actual facts before you make such insulting statements!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you know what?
You might be right.
But try to think..at least that.
And get to whatever conclusion you want.

Try to put yourself in Israel's place, and in Hoezballa's place.
Israel - returned all of the territories that didnt belong to it, and now receives katyusha bombings from the territories that were returned.
Hoezballa/Lebanon - Israel hurts us and our civilians, they opened a war on us, and they offer no help to those they harm.

Now, look. Israel is doing a horrible thing out there, making Lebanon look like hell.
But not in an intention to hurt civilians..it does it in order to harm the Hoezballa and stop the bombings in order to protect it's own civilians, Israel just has no other choice.

The Hoezballa, however, does have a choice.
They can return the Israeli prisoners, withdraw their forces, and stop attacking.
And then Israel will also stop.
Israel does'nt have that kind of privilage - if their army stops bombing strategic points in Lebanon, Hoezballa will get stronger, and non of this will stop.

So, personally I don't think you can blame Israel on this, but think for yourself and make your own decisions...

Anonymous said...

well i got to say this is shocking but what you are saing is dumb
so what if they write on bombs...when the American people wrote on the bombs that bombed japan in WW2 i didn't see any 1 complining this of the world goes... as long as both side wont "fight" for peace there will be no peace there can be no 1 way exit from this hell.
you are writing as if the Hizballah as never bomb any thing on isreal you're cring that isreal is boming Lebanese citizen's but what about the Hizballah boming on hifa factories and such what about the isreali citizen's who die because of the hizballah boming? are they nothing?
there are losses in both sides and both sides are to blame.

Anonymous said...

Mainly the Politicians are to blame, the everyday/normal citizen of each country just wants to live,no matter who or where they are.
It is just sad that Goverments allow violence and hate propaganda to be promoted on all sides ,henceforth new generations of "haters" are created and the cicle will never be broken.


Na'ama said...

i'm so sorry

Anonymous said...

Salam !

anamericanrevolutionaryathotmaildotcom said...

This has got to end. Someone needs to cave. Someone, ANYONE, regardless of who is really right or wrong. Sweet, innocent children that only want hugs from their mothers are dying painfully. Imagine being a little kid and in the last moments before death wondering where your mother is and why you're hurting and not being comforted. It's horrific. I know the background, but it doesn't matter anymore. Nothing matters when kids are being murdered. No one is right anymore because innocent people are being killed. Now all sides are assholes. And I am so, so, soooo sorry that the U.S. and U.N. are being arrogant and not pushing for peace talks. I would give my life to bring those children back to their happy lives before politics got in the way.

Anonymous said...

To usa...it's Anonymous who said "it is evident that you are not seeing two side of the story which you prescribed for khadijah"

It is unfortunate that you no longer can see right from wrong. It is also unfortunate that you only watch news and read newspaper(which always favor our U.S government and our allies), but it is fortunate that you have come across other means of propaganda such as this blog because truth is out there and maybe someday you will be able to regain your conscious and see right from wrong again, which is the only means of separation from men and animals.


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