10 July 2006

"No poetry after Auschwitz"

"Sometimes I don't know why I write--anything. You see news of murderous Israeli occupation bombing the hell out of Gaza, and you say, does anything matter? Was that what Adorno meant when he said "No poetry after Auschwitz"? But how can you kill poetry? I would not. Not for any reason." - As'ad

And today I was hit by the worst news ever from Iraq. Not the intentional murder of civilians by the "liberating" troops, and not the raping of a teenage and the murder of her family by the "liberating" troops, these may just have been tactics to "win hearts and minds".

Today I heard this and this. "Iraq the Model" of Bush's DEMO-KRATA. Lebanon's dark past comes to mind.

On the Gaza front, see this, and this. You will not see these on your local TV. Be warned, little children bathing in their blood, may be too "graphic" for some.

"No poetry after Auschwitz", maybe, but here is hip-hop for Gaza and Palestine.


usaCHRISTIAN said...


Anonymous said...

For your information:
ALL soldiers involved in raping and murdering the teenage girl are charged and being tried by criminal court in USA for MULTIPLE counts of murder, rape, conspiracy. What do you want US ese to do? Cut their heads off?

If Hezbollah murders Israeli civillians they are heros. If Americans murder Iraqi civillians they serve 25 years in prison, or worse, get death penalty. That is the difference between Americans and Arabs, it seems. Do not you agree?


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