27 July 2006


In Gaza the massacre continues.

In Iraq the model of the new middle east continues.


Anonymous said...

Moussa Bashir: je suis chilien et j'habite a Magellan au sud du Chili et je suis impresionné du desastre dont vous etes victime et votre pays. Moi je condamne l'agression israelienne et je voudrait vous faire sentir ma solidarité et proximité humaine avec votre douleur.

Manuel Luis Rodríguez. rodriguez1949@gmail.com

Je vous invite a vous linker avec mon blog:

Merci et solidarité avec vous tous.

Rebel said...


Former Biggest Imperialist = Great Britain
2nd Biggest '' = France

Current Biggest Imperialist = United States of America + State of Israel

Is Middle East "The White Man's Burden" that they have to go there and enforce "their" way of life by taking/destroying millions of lives? Even if they didn't take/destroy lives, who are they to say what is best for these people and if that is the logic, why can't Al-qaida or Hezbollah come to Western countries and enforce their way of life? Why would that be wrong? So, how are they different from government of U.S. and Israel, except the fact they are not recognized internationally as a political party and they do not have sophisticated military power. Also, I guess that they are not oppressors, just trying to resist being oppressed. Those who speak up against this oppression are "terrorists", (term used by British when they were imperialist, from India to Africa), more precisely labeled "Islamic terroriststs" since they follow Islam and to generalize all muslims in this category among Westerners. So, whenever it is asked among Westerners, what do you think of a muslim? the very first thing they say is 'terrorist'. Is this a war against terrorism, or Islam (who follow Islam)? or this is the "Tenth Crusade"?

Wikipedia defines Crusade = The Crusades were a series of military campaigns—usually sanctioned by the Papacy—that took place during the 11th through 13th centuries. Originally, they were Roman Catholic Holy Wars to recapture Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims,

To read more, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusade#Ninth_Crusade

Anonymous said...

hey Mr moussa its reem frm bcs:) its been a while checkin the whole net n i found out tht ur site is still up 2 date ..hope u n hadi n the whole family is alright n take gud care w wish sein u next year:)B'bye

Nightstudies said...

Some days, terrorists in Baghdad kill many more people than the Israeli army. Some times they kill more in a day than the Israelis kill in a week.

The source of the problem isn't what you think it is.

Rebel said...

Who's responsible? Those who broke the country and divided it into pieces.

Question is not who kills more than who, but why are they getting killed.


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