15 July 2006

Marwaheen Massacre Today: re-run of Mansoureh & Qana Massacres of 1996

The number of dead in this new massacre today in Marwaheen is 23 dead 9 of them children. Their vehicles were on the road. Going away from their village. Seeking refuge in another city after the UN refused to shelter them.
It is Qana and Mansoureh of 1996 all over again. Massacres by IOF (Israel Offensive Forces). In Mansoureh parents sent their children in ambulances thinking that the "moral" IOF will not target them. Well they were wrong. In Qana, well we all know what happened. Don't we?


jooj said...

I am afraid it is Qana all over again, probably worse.

Bashir take and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

You are such a hypocrite, you know. Since Wednesday, your country is firing tens of rockets on civilian targets in Israel, day and night.

And guess what, these missiles don't contain kinder eggs for the children. They contain explosives.

Massacre my ass.

Anarchistian said...

NBN showing footage. Shit. I'm gonna puke.

halloum said...

Anonymous, there's no hypocrisy here. Why is it every time one of you Zionists die it's a tragedy?

And why is it every time you kill scores of Lebanese civilians, it's 'okay'?

Anarchistian, could you please provide a link to NBN?

Anarchistian said...

Halloum, not sure if they have it on their website, but here you go:


usaCHRISTIAN said...


Josh Scholar said...

If Bashir expects Israelis to stop shelling Lebanon, but thinks its perfectly all right whenever Hezbollah fires a missile to do exactly the same, then he is a hypocrite.

How many years of attacks from Hezbollah is too many? Or has it always been no big deal when they do it?

Josh Scholar said...

I should add, about the attacks:
I'm so sorry.

Loubnani said...



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