13 July 2006

Lebanon: The Current Israeli Aggression

What are the bloggers saying about the current crisis between Lebanon and Israel? Here is a sample. Although it is not all inclusive, it can give an idea.
Jamal in his own way supports Hizbullah’s right to act and sees that they are a strong foe that PM Olmert has to deal with:

Hezbollah acted unilaterally and they will get some criticism for it in Lebanon, especially for endangering the precious tourist season. However, regionally they got millions of admirers for being the only group in the world to do something about the rape of Gaza. Sure, Nasrallah insists today was all about Lebanon and Lebanese POWs, but who is he kidding.It wasn’t and there is no shame in that.Olmert disagrees with me and thinks he should kill, burn 5 month-old-baby-terrorists, kill some more, and then face the inevitable negotiations.
At the end of the day Hezbollah proves they are strong, very strong actually, and Israel is not used to dealing with a strong foe.

Here too Jamal continues with what he sees should and will happen:
Olmert can choose to annihilate Hezbollah completely. That would involve a major regional war that I don’t think Israel is ready for or that the world community would allow. So that leaves Olmert with the only the choice of when to stop the killing and start the negotiations. Do it today with 30 civillians dead already, or do it next week with 300 dead.
I’m afraid 300 might be the number closer to quenching his blood thirst.



Tasuooooo said...

ooooo... we r ready dude... have no mistake about that!
we were wating for this moment so we can kill this MF!!!

i have nothing against the lebanon ppl... i have a good british friend who can visit lebanon (for i cant of course) and he tells me about lebanon and about its ppl...
i just dont like ppl who call to kill me... i dont know, call me crazy, but i wanna live :D

notorious said...

tasuo hopefully u wont

usaCHRISTIAN said...


Anonymous said...

Hezbollah "the only group in the world to do something about the rape of Gaza"? Are you nuts? Israel is NOT in Gaza since LAST SUMMER!!! What rape? If there is any rape, that is Hamas raping Fatah and the rest of Arabs world-wide! You Anti-Semtitism clouds your judgment. And now Hezbollah rapes YOU by inviting expected Israeli response.

After all, rage and fury are not exclusive to Arab nation. Israel is incapable of always being impartial and restrained. After years of intifadah , apparently, they have had enough. Now, because of Hezbolah, you will pay the check for the party that Hamas and Fatah had the past five years. I congratulate you. You sold your own country.


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