15 July 2006

Israeli Massacres: "Lebanon the Model"

Another massacre. A van full of civilians + children was bombed. They were civilians, from Marwaheen, South Lebanon, who went to a UN (French) post to ask for refuge after Israel gave them an hour ultimatum to leave or die. The UN did not give them refuge. They tried to escape to Tyre (Sour). Their van was targeted. 21 were murdered. Add them to more than 70 others so far.
I just left Dahiyeh (Arabic for suburb). It is one of the target areas for Israeli shelling. I reached Beirut (8 km away). I heard the sound of explosions, still do.
Breaking news: Haret Hureik and other areas in Dahiyeh are being shelled.
So the part of the UN resolution 1559 that has to do with militias was implemented neither by the Syrian troops before they left nor by a decision of the Lebanese government. And the "National Dialogue" did not do the trick.
So Israel had to interfere “personally” and finish the job with the full support of Bolton's "International Community".
Reminder: Israel boasted that it was behind UN Res 1559.
Is this part of the "Grand Plan" for the new and improved "Greater Middle East"?
Is this a continuation of "Iraq the Model" plan?
This is a war involving Syria, Iran, USA and Israel.
I fear we are faced with two options:
Total destruction of Lebanon by Israel to get rid of HizbAllah or a civil war.
What is happening is part of a war that started in the early part of the 20th century.
Even if HizbAllah is gone. Rejection of Israeli injustice will spring in other forms. They always did and always will.
Whether atheists, deists, or plain simple believers in anything, that's not the problem.
The root of the problem is in the injustice.
No justice no peace.


Anonymous said...

I pray daily for peace in the Middle East. Whatever the truth is, what is now happening in your Lebanon is not just.

This may be the 'one act or action' that cause the people of the world to look at your region differently.

This may be the exposing that brings the attention to some ugly injustices of the region.

The planet is getting smaller and the people shall all rise to the occasion to fight injustice and terrorism worldwide, no matter who the perpetrators are (be they groups, gangs, or governments).

Innocent people (on either side) should not have to die for the sins of aggression.

The world is watching, listening and reading. I pray for you, your family and friends safety.

FiveNotSix said...

stay safe. i know people there, sad state of events. hopefully this will end soon.

Anonymous said...

Crime de guerre particulièrement horrible puisque les enfants ont été brulés vifs par le missile incendiaire israélien. Il faudra donc ajouter cela à une longue liste d'atrocités sous couvert de l'impérialisme américain et des pays qui tremblent sous son joug.

Anarchistian said...

Thanks for the pics.

I agree, but I don't think HezbAllah will be disarmed, nor do I think a civil war will ensue. The destruction of Lebanon part is already half-true. The Israelis are trying to sow discord, they have not targeted Mount Lebanon, but have targeted the north, where there are few if any HezbAllah operatives, as far as I know! They are also trying to draw the Palestinians in. Not to mention the Syrians. It seems a few Lebanese (check out some dude called Ibrahim/BOB's post/blog) are working in favour of civil war. But I am happy to say that 99.9% of the Lebanese have - so far - behaved maturely. Let's hope it will remain that way.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of Lebanese friends. All live outside Lebanon today, but their families are there. in the south.
I hope thing will get better soon. Hizballa must be disarmed. inspite of what you may think or hear, it will only cause you trubles. all because one guy, this Nassralla has a small you-know-what and he feels a need tp prove his manhood.

What Israeli injustice are you talking about? the Palestinians are treeted fair enought. they are an ignorent and violent people. They only understand force.

Anonymous said...

As long as there is injustice, we will fight regardless how

Anonymous said...

J'espère que ce n'est pas l'impérialisme américain. Les personnes du monde (pas les gouvernements) doivent unir dans la justice globale pour défendre les innocents et pour défaire les agresseurs ! Par toute manière ou par tous moyens avaiable.
Du premier annonymous.

the perpetual refugee said...

This is about destroying Lebanon.
This is not about Hizbullah.

There will not be a civil war.
We are united against one enemy. Only one. United we will remain.

Our neighbors to the south just don't get it. We are not the Lebanon of the 70s and 80s.

Anarchistian said...

YESSSSSSS!!! They can do their worst, we will remain UNITED. Together we will win. We WILL. Because justice is on our side.

ana said...

Força libano.

marko said...

I think you hit the nail on the head.No justice-no peace.That's the reality.
I wish you all-peace-and justice.

usaCHRISTIAN said...


Josh Scholar said...

"No Justice, No Peace" was a slogan invented specifically to excuse terrorism. It was invented to trick people to accepting war, forever.

Right now your country is being destroyed exactly because you've never made peace, because there's always another missile to shoot at your neighbors.

You should be completely ashamed to write "No Justice, No Peace," it was invented so that you'd have wars like this one, war after war after war, until (they hoped) all of your neighbors are killed.


usaCHRISTIAN said...


usaCHRISTIAN said...

and thats really the truth

Josh Scholar said...

usachristian, you made me laugh. You're the comic character that shows up between the acts of a tragedy, to lighten things up for a moment.

usaCHRISTIAN said...

josh laugh as you may however, remember your very own words and we will see in the end who's "laughing" last.....and thats a PROMISE......GOD BLESS YOU:)

usaCHRISTIAN said...

oh and by the way.....he also warned us of those who would be laughing :)

Nightstudies said...

You made me laugh again, thank you ^_^

usaCHRISTIAN said...

your very welcomed & GOD BLESS YOU:)

Nightstudies said...

By the way, I just posted an article over on my blog about what I think about seeing "No Justice, No Peace" signs at peace rallies, supporting not peace but violence:

I was reading this post over at The Perpetual Refugee Blog, calling for a peace rally over Israel's attack on Lebanon, and some fool posted this comment:

Jooj:I just hope that if the word "Peace" appears in any slogan, then the word "Justice" accompanies it.

That touches on my outrage at seeing people with "No Justice, No Peace" signs at peace rallies because that is a slogan that was very cleverly designed to fool people into supporting not peace, but violence. It's an open-ended sanction for violence.

I responded:

You couldn't be more mistaken.

The slogan "No Justice, No Peace" was invented to fool people into accepting terrorism and war without end.

Who is supposed to decide that there's enough "justice" that we can have peace now?

Hamas? Is that who decides that there's enough "justice"? Is it Hezbollah? How about Syria? Is that who you're appealing to as Judge when you carry your "No Peace" sign?!!!

You're a fool, and you should be ashamed. If there was peace then there would be infinitely more justice. But you carry your "No peace" sign and support death, death, death and hatred, hatred hatred.


Veritas said...

Is it not true that the vast population in the Middle East is moderate, and most wish to avert war?
There has been a story written about Palestinians and Israelis working on both sides of the conflict to heal people injured from suicide bombs and airstrikes.

Cannot this example be followed everywhere? Is it impossible for Israelis and Lebanese to network together over the internet and make a petition of peace? Is it possible for Judaism and Islam to unite and do a massive demonstration of peace in a major city to get the media's attention?

If this is impossible, please so state and why. If it isn't impossible. THEN WE SHOULD MAKE IT SO.


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