31 July 2006

Israel Responsible for Qana Attack - HRW

Human Rights Watch:

Indiscriminate Bombing in Lebanon a War Crime

(Beirut, July 30, 2006) – Responsibility for the Israeli airstrikes that
killed at least 54 civilians sheltering in a home in the Lebanese village of
Qana rests squarely with the Israeli military, Human Rights Watch said today. It
is the latest product of an indiscriminate bombing campaign that the Israel
Defense Forces (IDF) have waged in Lebanon over the past 18 days, leaving an
estimated 750 people dead, the vast majority of them civilians.

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Abu Lanjri Al Farrân said...
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Abu Lanjri Al Farrân said...

“The seeds of internal strife are being sown?!”.

Dear M.B.,

Hmm…Me thinks you’re kind of behind the (yield) curve on this one, as they say on Wall Street!

I’m afraid the proverbial “seeds” were sown long time ago, when heartless Maronite Christian bourgeois types, their feudal Druze partners (“Al-Eqta3 al-Durzi” whose bon vivant Lords often indulged in the habit of raping the daughters of their Shiite slave laborers…) and/or conservative Sunni Seljuk and Ottoman friends (who committed what must be called a systematic genocide against Lebanon’s Shiites throughout the Middle-Ages, forcing many amongst the survivors to convert to Christianity [see history books e.g. by Princeton’s P.K. Hitti and the AUB’s K. Salibi] for the “Jesus cult” was [is??] viewed as a lesser evil by most hardline Sunni thinkers) started using racist expressions (with no equivalent outside Lebanon, not even in uber-Wahhabi fundamentalist spots such as Riyadh or Karachi) such as “Klâb Matâwleh”, “Mushreqeen Râfidah”, or more colloquially “Shi-tiq-tiq wa Shii3a”…

Lebanon’s pathetic political elites (names such as Hariri fils, Herr Jumblatt, Mr. and Mrs. Gaga come to mind) can’t blame “Iran”, “Hezbollah” or orgone rays !

If they’re really looking for the root cause of what they call hypocritically the “situation in the South”, they need only to look in the mirror.

Joao said...

I am very happy because the Human Rights Watch condemn Israel for Qana attak and others war crimes in Lebanon. Long life to Lebanon!

Radikalist Revelations said...

Let the be war...

After a very long time of wanting to fulfill my promise of publishing something on here, I've finally figured out how to work on this damn thing and have gotten around to it. Before anything I'd like to appologise to Moussa for not being in touch. so much has been going on it get's confusing. I hope that you and your family are all safe and well.

Under circumstances like these, one doesn't know what to say or where to start. The scenes on TV make your heart bleed. Most of the villages in the south have been turned into wastelands. The numbers of casualties are still not verifiable due to the fact that half the dead and injured are still stuck under the rubble, unable to be rescued because the Israeli defenders of human rights have destroyed every single road leading to and from the south, and are targetting anything that moves - even ambulances. My area in Dahyeh looks like a massive football field under construction... What have those animals done to my country ?!!!!!

it's all so surreal. One day everything was just fine. Just another summer day in lebanon; then in a split second all hell breaks loose and the next thing you know, we're back in 1996. The amount of death and destruction is unfathomable at first. It takes you a while to adjust to the idea. My first impression was "oh shit, not again!" but later, as things played out, I actually got excited about the whole issue.

With the images of all my murdered cousins still fresh in my head, and at the risk of sounding incompassionate, I say LET THERE BE WAR!

"Peace" with those zionist dogs has gotten us nothing but the same death and destruction that war with them brings, so I say we finish what has been started. Not to insinuate that we, by any means, started this. It has become common knowledge that this entire campaign has been meticulously planned for years now and that no one starts wars with "Israel", "Israel" starts wars with people. Anyone blaming Hizbollah for starting this is a political idiot as far as Im concerned. Anyone who still doesn't believe in Hizbollah's right to exist, and to bear arms, is an even bigger fool.

I can't bear to hear some people from safe areas in Lebanon condemn Hizbollah for "doing this to them". I was discussing the whole issue with a woman from Jounieh, and out of sheer curiosity I asked her what she meant when she said "why did they have to do this to us?", she said (sit down for this): "Well how the hell am I supposed to go to the beach now ? its too dangerous and there's oil everywhere!". Yup, that is the harsh truth folks. The unbelievable suffering of the anti-Hizbollah camp. Our children are getting ripped to pieces in the south, houses- the owners of which have worked their entire lives to build- have been levelled with the ground, and she's upset because she can't go to the fucking beach.

The harsher truth, perhaps, is the fact that a lot of people still don't understand why this has to be done. As painful and frustrating as it is, many Lebanese still think that all this is unnecessarry and that we should just let things be. How can they not understand that if we let them get away with this now they will undoubtedly do it again. They've done it several times before. How can they believe the bullshit those jews feed them ?! Do they really believe that "Israel" wants the well-being of Lebanon and its people ?! And how can some Lebanese media, because of internal political disagreements, side with the enemy ? After the end of World War II, the French resistance executed 10,000 Frenchmen, who collaborated with the Nazis, without trial. Now Hizbollah has to feel awkward about winning the war because these "March 14th" traitors see them as more of a threat because of their military strength?!! What kind of retarded rhetoric is this ?!!!

It's late, and I have work in the morning. I'll cut this off right here and I'll get back to it when I'm fully awake. Untill then, I salute the demigods protecting lebanese soil and wreaking havoc and terror among the ranks of our enemies. I pledge my ever-lasting allegiance to them, to their cause, to their strife, to their suffering , to their sacrifice. You have made me proud to be Lebanese, to be an Arab, to be a Muslim, to be a Shiite.

I love Munich said...

Why is there NOBODY who can stop them??? It is utterly unacceptable that they dictate and the whole world crouches and shuts up!!

the perpetual refugee said...

This is an important report. But like anything that criticizes Israeli actions, it will amount to nothing. Unfortunately. So long as the U.S. is a superpower.

Farid said...

It's good to hear that you and your family are well.

I have tried to remain neutral in the many wars than continue flatten the face of the Middle East. My father was born in Tiberias, and considered himself "Palestinian." He hated Jews, so much so that he pulled me out of "boy scouts" when I was a kid because we met in a synagogue. My brothers hate Israel as well.

I try to see both sides, but sometimes it's hard. People here have been screaming for a "proportionate" response for the kidnapped soldiers. But I can guarantee you that if Islamist terrorists were firing rockets into Texas from Mexico, we would have already occupied and/or destroyed much of Northern Mexico.

All life is precious to me; there is never an excuse to take what God has provided. I'm not smart enough to know how to "fix" all that is wrong with the Middle East. I just wish that death, killing, and kidnaping was not part of it.

I wish you well. Be safe,

Farid said...

By the way, American media is reporting that the building was hit at midnight, but didn't fall until 8 hours later. Were the people killed during the initial raid, or in the hours afterward when the building fell?

Anonymous said...

Better yet, American Media is now reporting that Hizbollah is killing it's own people and dragging them out into the streets and blaming Israel. When the American Media gets bored, they sensationalize things to try to keep viewership up.

They should be shot for that!

Simply put, the American Media is very powerful in the US. You should believe very little of what you read and hear from them.

i care said...

I am deeply sickened tonite as the spin of damage control is released. Why the media does not look at the Human Rights Watch report? It states they have no evidence that Hezbollah has been fighting from the areas bombed, only from the mountainous areas. Israel bombed ~ the crater is there. Just because it was not a direct hit does not excuse them. The force was strong enough to weaken the building, even if it fell 8 hours later. The superior military they are, where was there heat sensors ~ you cannot miss 60 bodies. While trying to cover this "regretable Mistake", they "mistakenly" hit a car killing Lebanese Army and wounding 3. Hmmm-what happened to the 42 hour lull in the air. They were not even provoked to fire! Americans, wake up, call your congress. Let us stop funding this humiliating war machine! We must VALUE life again.

fairandbalanced said...

I value life and always apply critical thinking to my observations. I don't just accept what the media tells me is fact. How about people actually do research? The Hezbollah did in fact continue to fire upon Israel and therefore, they had a right to continue their air campaign. The cease fire was based on no attacks from Hezbollah and included a clause in case legitimate Hezbollah targets were identified. Why are you not talking about the night cam military video that shows Hezbollah firing rockets from this location? Wake up people please!

kruczek said...

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Anonymous said...

I`m amazed at Gillermanns way of words defending the actions of Israel. For all incidents even incidents of the past), bombing of the UN Post, the Red Cross ,civiliens he/Israel have an excuse and a very clever way of putting it into words. Even the breach of the cease-fire is defended . Very un- ethical business.

Anonymous said...

also the US media is biased, (especially for the last couple of days,) brainwashing the viewers even more is the goal for the day. ..
mad in usa

Radikalist Revelations said...

Fair and balanced, The nightcam view of Hezbollah firing rockets from WHAT location? Do you know the area there ? How do you know that the feed you saw from that nightcam is even in the same city as the building that was destroyed? or you just thought it was easy to simply believe what they said ? I would suggest that YOU wake up and read up more about a concept called "Media Warfare", maybe then you, and others, might start understanding a little more about how this war is run.
It is our duty to let the truth be told. Naturally, I can't help being at least a little biased to the Lebanese side of things, but I guess that's natural. I've seen way too many massacres in my days to be "objective".
To all the people trying to be "objective", and trying to see "both sides" with equality, I'd like you to try and see this from where I see it, a very simple, but rather effective scenario I think: If you were in the middle of a school fight between a bully weighing a 150 kilograms, and a tiny, raily, bespectacled "nerd" weighing a mere 50 kgs, would you accuse the little guy of starting the fight? would you, in your right mind, believe that the bully was simply defending himself because the little nerd was trying to steal his lunch money? It just doesn't make sense nomatter how you choose to look at it, and it's exactly the same here.
"Israel" has a history of bullying its neighbors. Even before Hizbollah ever existed, their army committed unspeakable attrocities against the Lebanese and invaded Lebanon more than once.
I don't blame people who don't see eye to eye with me on this. I would blame their media for brainwashing them into their current opinions. All I ask is for them to be logical when weighing issues.

Anonymous said...

radikalist i agree with your thoughts
mad in usa

ny yankee said...

same here, i agree as well

Anonymous said...

if only the politicians could agree as we do ,this already would be over ,or better yet, never started.
mad in usa

fairandbalanced said...


Firstly, I want to say that I’m sincerely sorry that you have had to experience and seen the things you have. No one should have to go through that. You have made your points and made them well. I don’t know in fact that those videos are of that exact location and/or city. What I can say is that the geography and buildings looked to me at least 95% accurate. No one seems to be disputing that fact. I am fully aware of the concept of “Media Warefare” and understand how manipulative the media can be.

I see what you are trying to say with the example and it is actually a good one. However, I think that any reasonable person would not “assume” anything. Instead, they would ask people and obtain a consensus based on several people’s opinions (like the recent G8 summit where the opinion was that Hezbolla started this affair). That is the bottom line. When are people going to stop blaming and punishing Israel for past atrocities? Let’s all please stay on point. We are talking about the current conflict. They were attacked; their soldiers kidnapped and have had to endure 100+ non-laser guided missiles dropped on their head. One side has its leaders asking for peace and the conflict to stop, while the other leadership claims it will stop when every person of a certain race and religion is dead.

No matter which media spin you try to put on this, you cannot and should not ignore this fact. Can someone on this blog name one time when an Israeli leader has stated publicly that they want to kill every Muslim on the planet? Better yet, since the Israeli bullies are so bad and evil, how about ANY Israeli in other countries? How about some news footage of Israeli civilians wearing stupid blue masks and running around the streets burning flags and pictures of Muslims, with 8 year old children not in school, but instead firing machine guns? Since you know so much about the history of this evil giant, can you give me a listing of Israeli Temples, or schools where Israeli’s teach their kids to build bombs and become suicide bombers, in order to kill Muslims at shopping malls? How about Saturday morning animated cartoons that teach Israeli children the GLORY of killing Muslims? Look all you want….. you won’t find any.

I am not trying to be biased towards Israel, but they are the side that keeps asking to be left alone and to please be allowed to live in peace. Instead, they have to keep living in fear of people that want to kill every last one of them. If you want to change the perspective read my next sentence. I would be completely against Israel if Hezbolla and Hamas put down all of their weapons, stopped attacking Israel and eliminated any and all threats to them, but Israel kept on bombing. I think we all know that would never happ

Anonymous said...

Radikalist, I watch 'fair and balanced'sometimes, they forgot the word 'un' ... yees!! this raket could have been fired from ANYWHERE we just see a image without cordination ,what justification,what excuses for all the 'accidential'killings disgusting.

Radikalist Revelations said...

Fair and balanced,

I'm going to reply to your post chronologically by order of points attempted so that all the ideas you proposed are fairly responded to.
First of all, concerning the building up of your opinion on this issue and the G-8 summit, why would I resort to conclusions based on what these people say when I've actually been on ground zero and have seen the events take place for myself? Which one of these G-8 leaders has ever been to southern Lebanon so that you may take their word for it? Have YOU been there and seen first hand what the people there have been suffering continuously since 1948? This is all not mentioning the fact that concerning Qana,the Israeli army admitted later on that no rockets were fired from that location on the day of the Qana massacre. Which brings me to the question: Assuming the Israeli airforce really is as innocent as it claims to be, and bombing that place was a mistake, what do you call the shelling of the UN headquarters in Qana in 1996 that killed 102 civillian refugees, mostly women and children, hiding there? Was the UN center also a launch site for Hizbollah rockets? How do people fall for that nonsense?
If that isn't enough proof that Israel makes no "mistakes" and that every act they undertake is predetermined and well thought of, then I don't know what it would take to convince you.
The reason we keep referring to "past attrocities" is because they're still ongoing. The two soldiers who were kidnapped were kidnapped for one clear reason stated by Hizbollah from day 1: to conduct a prisoner swap and get back LEBANESE PRISONERS who have been rotting in Israeli prisons for decades now. How come its ok for them to destroy my entire country over two soldiers, and its not ok for us to kidnap two of their soldiers, whom I assure you are being treated very well, (you can ask General Tannenboem about his experience with captivity for Hizbollah)in order to get back our prisoners? Can you see the great difference in approach between Hizbollah and Israel when dealing with the same issue?
If you go over the general standard rules of engagement in warfare, you will see that when at war, the imprisonment of enemy soldiers is a completely legitimate act. Hizbollah have, hence, committed nothing out of the ordinary, and definitely no war crimes. If Israel had just given us back our prisoners, none of this would have happened. If Israel had given us back the Shebaa farms, Hizbollah's military arm would not even exist today.
Concerning the side asking for peace and cessation of the conflict, which side would that be? I hope you don't really believe that side to be Israel because in that case my friend, you would be severely mislead. You are also mislead if you really believe that the aim of Hizbollah is to obliterate "every person from a certain race". Deterring the Israeli army from committing further violence against Lebanon would suffice for them, and I speak from first-hand experience with these people.

Secondly, concerning Israeli leaders that make public remarks concerning killing Muslims/Arabs, you just threw yourself in a pool of shit because I can name you a dozen off the top of my head: Last December, in a conference on security in Herzliya, Benjamin Netanyahu said that the existence of Israeli Arabs was a "demographic problem". Moshe Katsav, on several occasions, advocated pushing all Arabs out of Palestine so that they don't disturb the "racial purity" of Israel. Ex-Deputy Interior Minister Gideon Ezra called off investigations on the killing of the Israeli police 13 Israeli Arabs. Michael Kleiner, member of the Israeli parliament, proposed enacting a special law that would encourage Muslims and Christians to immigrate to the Arab world in order to guarantee the "racial purity" of Israel. If that doesn't denote racist hatred and an intent or at least a wish to obliterate all Arabs, Muslims and Christians, then I have no clue what does. If you haven't seen footage of Israeli civillians doing all sorts of weird shit pertaining to wanting to kill Arabs/Muslims, then you should contact your local cable provider, you're clearly missing some vital channels on your tv. Im sure too that you have knowledge of the Goldstein incident, the Israeli maniac who went into the mosque in Jerusalem and massacred dozens of muslims praying in there. I have not a speck doubt there are thousands of Goldsteins in Israel. I don't know about 8 year olds, but Im sure those little Israeli girls writing messages to Lebanese children on artillery shells about to be fired into Lebanon were somewhere around that age. Don't tell me you haven't seen that picture because it was all over the media. If you haven't, I could email it to you. I personally haven't heard of any Arab or Muslim saturday morning cartoons showing children the glory of killing jews, so if YOU find any, please forward them to me. However, if you ask an Israeli child,who has never seen an Arab,what an Arab looks like, you would get a description of a creature resembling something from the bad guys camp in the Lord of the Rings. I heard it with my own ears a few years ago, several Israeli children interviewed described Arabs as monstrous-looking creatures with hairy warts covering their faces and fangs for teeth. Please, do not attempt to overwhelm me with petty dares that might work with people not knowledgeable on the issue. I know my history and my politics. Contrary to what Mosche Ya'alon thinks, some Arabs DO read.
I never accused you of being biased towards Israel, at least not intentionally. I suspect you don't know any better. It's very difficult to know the truth if you're not there on the ground. If you depend on the media to form an opinion on things, then there's a great chance that you will be deceived. If you told me where you were from then I would have been able to customize my examples more effectively to answer your questions or my arguments to counter yours because then I would know more about your background/culture and about the nature of the media you're exposed to and I would suggest alternative sources of information.
Finally, concerning the sentence you wanted me to read, I ask you, were you completely against Israel before hizbollah even existed when they stole our land and pushed several hundred thousand Palestineans into our country? or when they invaded Lebanon 2 times? Hizbollah was created in 1983, what was their excuse to invade my country and hurt my people then? To match you one for one, I would be completely against Hizbollah if Israel put down all of its weapons, gave us back our prisoners and the land it has taken from us, and eliminated any threats it poses on Lebanon, and Hizbollah still, not fired a rocket, but so much as uttered a profanity against Israel. That would be the day I join the Israeli army.

Anyway, I've typed enough for one night. To all the bloggers, keep bloggin', let everyone know about this.
To God's warriors spilling their blood in the south to keep the rest of us safe, may you be eternally blessed with the pride and dignity that you have blessed the people of Lebanon and the Arab/Muslim nation with. We are forever greatful.

Anonymous said...



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