20 July 2006

Help LebOrg’s Petition for a Cease Fire

leb.org has always maintained an apolitical stand, welcoming members from all edges and remaining neutral in face of political events.

But today, it's not about politics. It is war and there's no staying out of it.

Lebanon is under siege: Regardless of what your political beliefs are, Lebanon is being destroyed at the time you read this. And there is one thing you can do to help cease the fire: you can make your voice heard against the disaster that's being forced upon us.

Scream your indignation and call for a cease-fire and for the support of the Lebanese government position.

At a horrible time like this, we need to stand together and react. Only by showing how united we are, will we be able to achieve massive sensibilization and help Lebanese children have a future.

Take a minute to read the note below: it's a summary of the main points of the Lebanese government legitimate sensible call for a cease-fire. Print it out and send it by post, by fax, by email to western embassies, to international newspapers, to international TV stations, to the UN headquarters and missions around the world.

Calling for a cease-fire
July 19th, 2006

Israel is destroying Lebanon. It has no right to do so.

Children, women, innocent civilians are being killed by the Israeli attacks. Entire families are being chased out of their home villages. Bridges, roads, airports, ports, highways, energy plants and communication networks are being pounded to the ground. The whole country has been cut off from the rest of the world.

We, Lebanese people, are sad, we are suffering, we are angry, we are determined and mobilized to work together towards saving our nation.

Israel's initiative is an unfair disproportionate collective punishment inflicted upon Lebanon for the wrong reasons: what is happening today goes beyond the issue of a prisoners exchange.

Neither the government nor the innocent people of Lebanon had been informed or agreed on the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers.

Lebanon is in despair: it's a humanitarian and economic disaster.
• We call for an immediate cease-fire under the auspices of the UN,
• We call for the establishment of the government's sovereignty on all Lebanese territory in cooperation with the UN,
• We call for your help to pressure Israel to stop its attacks.
Help us achieve it as soon as possible.
So that Lebanon will survive. Lebanon will survive.


Anonymous said...

I agree a cease-fire is absolute necessary if further damage is to be avoided.What is in the Mind of Bush & Co? have they lost the capability of ratinonal thinking since the suffering of the People does not affect them.Perhaps the International Community will show its human face.
Sad in USA

Anonymous said...

How do you have a cease fire with a terrorist organization that can't be restrained by the army of the "nation" it is based in?

Anonymous said...

Did that nation have any support from the ones who made the rules?and do
remember the circumstances under which hizbollah was "born".

Anonymous said...

perhaps by making Connection and Dialog and labeling each other Humans.
Sad in usa

khadijah said...

I will sign...but the Zionists will listen to no one.

Anonymous said...

khadijah perhaps if an effort is made,they too have a lot to loose.
sad in usa


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