14 July 2006

From my Kitchen's Window

These photos of the bombing of Haret Hureik from sea (war ships). I just took. They are less than a km away. They are from my kitchen's window. The sound was terrible. The TV just said it targeted a radio station of HA. I have lost my satellite TV stations and I can only receive local stations now. My two nephews (teenagers), my brother (lawyer), mother and father (in their 70's) are with me. My other brother (bank executive) was asked to live in a furnished apartment near the bank where he works. Business must continue. A third brother is in Zaire while his wife and children are stuck in Kafra down South. My pregnant wife and kid are at my mother in law (Verdun) supposedly tucked safely there. I just called them. They are fine. We have been warned that the "Cola" bridge will be hit. Am I repeating myself?

An acquaintance died last night. He drove his family to safety and went back to get something from his house. A bridge was targeted (picture below). He was killed. I just knew.
Civil Defense rescuers in the South, trying to rescue a family hurt and dead on a bridge, were targeted during the rescue. There were more casualties.


Leila said...

Thanks Ur Shalim for blogging so bravely, and God bless you and Lebanon.

Lazarus said...

take care of yourself bashir.

Anonymous said...

Death to Hazbollah....They are nothing but cold blooded terrorists !!!

Anonymous said...

Be safe, I wish everyone in the region to be safe and hopefully peace is coming soon to all of you guys. My biggest concern is that this may be the start of a 3rd world war, our world is so fragile at the moment.
Good luck to you and be safe friend.

michelleitt said...

I just saw your blog on television (CNN) here, in the U.S! I am in Florida, and extremely worried and troubled by the situation in Lebanon. I am not religious, but i am praying for the people of Lebanon. The U.S news has not stopped reporting on this, and it seems that there is outrage at Israel for they are doing. I hope that your family and you will be safe. We are thinking of you!

I love Munich said...

Thanks so much for reporting - I so much apptreciate that! What we hear is of course partially biased and you are the source of what's REALLY going on!
Please WATCH YOURSELF ... and do ignore these ignorants who have nothing better to do than spill hatred!

Anonymous said...

The blog above is totally false. Many American, which I am one, hope that Isreal keeps pounding Hezbollah, Syria and the Iran into the ground.
Remember Hazbollah is the same terrorist that took 300 plus US Marines lives while they slept in the 1980's. Cowards that they are (Hazbollah) they have no guts to look a man in the eye before they pull the trigger. The just strap a bomb on their body and drive themselfs into a barracks.....nothing but cowards.

And the Citizens of Lebanon are even bigger cowards for not standing up to them......

usaCHRISTIAN said...


joshua said...

prayers and prayers from myself joshua and



michelleitt said...

usachristian-What a terrible comment to make. It is people like you that show the world that Americans are ignorant. Your comment is ignorant, intolerable, and stupid. Stop reading the Bible for a one day, and start exploring other aspects of the real world. I am not saying that it is fair that Israel should sit and do nothing in retaliation of the kidnapping of their soldiers, however, their reaction is out of line and out of proportion. The Lebanese have not sent bombs to Israel, it is HizbAllah. US Christian citizens are not here to protect Israel. The only reason we protect Israel is because of political pressure at home. The people of Lebanon are brave and kind. They do not deserve this. As the hegemon of the world, we should try to mediate a cease-fire through a UN resolution. You should also understand the position of the Lebanese PM, who is in a, strategically, bad position, with Syria ontop and Israel to the South. With any moves that lead to sovereignty for Lebanon (away from Syria), there is a real threat, as there was for former PM Rafik Hariri, who was succeeding in just that, and as a result was murdered. As before, Lebanon is being used by Israel, Syria, and now Iran, as a place to fight war, which is not fair. To get back to the point however, Lebanon's people do not deserve this, and many people in the U.S (educated ones) agree that Israel is being quite harsh in their 'retaliation' to HizbAllah. Again, i wish nothing but peace for Lebanon, and for Israel to stop immediately. Lebanese are great! Stay safe Bashir!

Anonymous said...

To the previous commenter, I have to repeat words that I read earlier to another stupid comment:
You need to get your head out of your ass.

Israel has let countless suicide bombings go by without retaliation. They have given land back that they didn't have to and made concessions frequently.

Hezbollah is nothing more than a terrorist group and deserve everything they are getting and then some. Any Government or people that support their cause are just as guilty and deserve the same. The Israeli troops being kidnapped is just the straw that broke the camels back. If Hezbollah does not want civilians/infrastructure being hurt they should stop hiding behind them.

Any groups that support suicide bombers and public beheadings deserve to be bombed back to the stone ages they apparently want to live in.

How stupid - You are throwing rocks at people with guns.

Anonymous said...

The US needs to join in the attack by hitting the Syrians from the east while the Israeli troops swoops up from the south and let's just end this B.S. once and for all.

usaCHRISTIAN said...

thank you to the commentor just under michelle. and yes thats exactly where her head seems to be. and michelle i am NOT saying that in a mean perspective. you simply dont know what you are talking about and for that i pray for YOU. stop reading my holy bible for just 1 day you say? THAT EXACT STATEMENT IS ESPECIALLY WHYYY IM PRAYING FOR "YOU"! you have nooo idea what you say. if anything i pray that YOU LEARN TO PICK UP THE HOLY BIBLE!!!! AND SEE & LEARN FOR YOURSELF!!!! THENNNNNNNNNN COME BACK & LETS SEE IF YOU STILL FEEL THE SAME!!! and if you dont.....then there WILL come a day i will be waving to you from HEAVEN!!!! actually, crying for you from HEAVEN. BECAUSE YOU DIDNT LISTEN!!!! and i will cry for ALL of you on this earth who didnt pick up the holy bible and turn to JESUS CHRIST YOUR SAVIOR!!!! AND YES EVEN MUSLIMS.......HE ISSSS YOUR SAVIOR AS WELL!!!! IF ONLY YOU ALL KNEW THIS THEN NONE OF THIS WOULD EVEN BE HAPPENING!!!!! PERIOD!!!!! it really bewilders me how MEN FIGHT FOR THE DEATH OVER SUCH PETTY ISSUES!!!! I MEAN REALLY WE ARENT EVEN HERE ON THIS EARTH FOREVER!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE REPENTING FOR YOUR ETERNITY IN JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! THATSSSSSSSS WHAT YOU ALL NEED TO SPEND YOUR LIFE HERE ON THIS EARTH DOING!!!!! INSTEAD YOU FAVOR SPLATTERING BLOOD AND LIVES FOR A MERE AVERAGE 70-80 YRS ON THIS EARTH!!!! DONT YOU REALIZE AFTER THIS SHORT AMT OF TIME YOU ARE GOING TO BE BURNING IN HELL FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW?!!!!! PUT DOWN YOUR GUNS AND PICK UP THE HOLY BIBLE NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

usaCHRISTIAN said...


Anonymous said...

When will you people realize what we are fighting here? An enemy with no face, that hides among women and children.

This could be WWIII, hold on when this is on your own USA soil, then lets see how you respond. It's not that far off either....

Stay safe in both countries. For the sake of everything that is holy stay indoors and or in a bomb shelter.

Anonymous said...

USA christian> how does the website "myspace" fit in to your Gospel?? Big Difference between the 2 ehh?
Also USA and knowing>>>

gungajody said...

Thank you for bringing us a closer look at what is really happening over there. I think of the people in both sides of this conflict daily and pray that this violence will end soon. I think it is a travesty that our president is not calling for a cease fire when so many innocent people are being killed.

I also find it very sad that some people are representing themselves as "christians" on this site and then supporting murder. Christ would be appalled, and they should be ashamed.

gungajody said...

I pray that this conflict will end soon, and I am so very sorry that you are having to live through this. It seems so obvious to me that killing civilians is wrong, and there is no way to justify killing innocent people to avenge some wrong committed by other people. It's insane logic, and a complete lack of ethics. I can't comprehend it. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely, Jody Johnson, MS

knowledge said...

usaChristian, as a Christian myself, I am ashamed at your behavior on this blog. Even though I agree in principle with your message, what you are doing is giving people a very bad perception of 1) Christians, and 2) Americans. First of all, you are the only one shouting here. Even though I understand you are passionate, that is not the way to converse constructively in a publig forum such as this. Secondly, posting your personal myspace website here makes you seem like a fanatic and will have absolutely no effect on non-believers that visit it from here, but to estrange them even more from your message and your nationality.
And finally, who are you to pass judgment, as a Christian, on others? You have absolutely no right, and it is vastly inappropriate, to condemn people to "burn in hell" just because they don't agree with you on one issue.

Please, seek much spiritual maturity before you attempt to post your screaming drivvle on someone else's public website. Regardless of your message.

human said...

The Lebanese civilians do not deserve what is being done to them.
Israel does not deserve to be critisized for protecting itself by taking an offensive position to make sure that Hezbollah is crushed.
The thousands of men, women and children that Israel hold in their prisons are all criminals who have carried out attacks against Israel. Why should they be released??
The Lebanese people should start at home and come together to denounce Hezbollah and all that they stand for. Only then will Lebanon be able to live side by side with Israel in peace....

Anonymous said...

As salaamu alikum Brother,

I am an American Muslim, living in Tunis..This is the first time in my life that I am seeing unbiased news and it's eyeopening to me...It's a shame... what's going on in Lebanon, inshallah it all ends soon. Be safe. Allah M3ak.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian Orthodox and I am deeply ashamed of what Christians do to Muslims all around the world.
And, of course, there is no way I would ever feel I am to protect Israel...I rather feel I have to protect Israel's neighbours.
US people, your nation is great. Why dont you ever take your eyes from the ground and start watching what is happening around the world? Then we would have peace.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the post above from the Christian Orthodox - we in the US do have looking up and seeing what is around us. In fact my eyes viewed 2 planes slamming into buildings on Spet 11 by these loving and caring Muslims.....Give me a break...when will the rest of the world stop rying on the US to fix it's problems.

Anonymous said...

Why Israel should get all the support and backing until successfully eliminating the Hezbollah.

The foundation to analyze this issue is to consider the set of fundamentals that are taken for granted. If this set of fundamentals will be proven wrong the whole premises of the issue may take a much clearer course without any moral conflicts.

Perhaps the main fundamental to evaluate is the fabric of faith. It is widely accepted that all people are generically equal. There is even an evidence for that. All people have virtually the same DNA. DNA however, does not provide identity. Identity is an attribute that a person does not own by birth. Identity is an attribute that is acquired in the same fashion that a vacuum sucks air. As such, a person acquired identity from the moment of birth. The identity is shaped from whatever is available around. It is exactly like a vegetable soup. The peas will get the taste whatever it is next while cooking.

As part of the identity attribute the prevailing faith is acquired. Again, the identity and faith are not a core property, it is an acquired property.
It is also obvious that the powers that drive a person are not the DNA derived. It is the identity and faith that provide the direction of the driving powers vector. The intensity only may be a combination of identity/faith and DNA.

As such faith is a major and dominate power behind a person actions. Evaluate one's faith and you will find the powers driving him.
If a faith is calling for, e.g. shaving the head, then the more believer the person the more "shaved" will be his head. On the same principal, if the faith calls for eliminating all the infidels then this faith believer is a very good candidate to practice the faith. It will be done in the same power that a vacuum sucks air.
It is practicing the faith callings through which the identity experience is enhanced.

It is an obvious conclusion that evaluating a faith that can teach and predict the believer actions. It is similar to a virus in a person’s body. The virus acts as its nature is. It is completely independent of the carrier. No matter who the carrier is the virus supports its existence in the only way it knows.
A believer person is very much the same. The more he believes the more he will follow the faith callings.

The fundamental Moslems are very highly believing people who follow the Koran teachings very religiously.
Evaluating the Korean one finds that becoming a mortar is a desired goal as it brings the person to heaven. With this teaching on it’s own the Korean teaching is colliding with the Judea Christian faith. Combining with the teaching of “death to the infidels” the fundamental Moslems are, by definition, equivalent to any other lethal entity on earth. Cancer, viruses, (bad kind) insects, mites etc.

Once the language and understanding of faith and identity issue is obtained the obstacles for several moral dilemmas are removed. It places the fundamental Moslems in a category of elements with no room to relate to them on moral levels. They are clearly belong to the family of object that need to be eradicate with no emotions involve. The same as we relate to cancer cells, viruses, mites etc.

As far as the women and children are involve, they are virtually more peas in the vegetable soup of fundamentalism. They are all elements who together generate the fundamentalism soup. Do we fill any mercy to mite’s eggs? Do we fill any mercy to baby cancer cells? Fundamental women and children are no different.

Israel is sacrificing it’s sons in the effort to eliminate this cancer and should be left alone to complete the mission.


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