13 July 2006

Finally the Gov't Takes a Stand

The minister of information has read a statement after a cabinet meeting in which he declared that Israel's claim that its aggression is an act of self defense is groundless. He also called the UN to interfere.

Israeli TV station announced that HizbAllah sent a rocket to Haifa so that the Israeli can be sure that their threat to attack Haifa in case Beirut was attacked is not a bluff. HizbAllah just denied this claim by the Israeli TV.

Yater was bombed and a civilian family was caught under the rubbles of their home with their children. Yater is one km away from Kafra. Kafra is my home town, now I have to worry about my sister in law who was trapped there with her two children and a feutus. They are here for the summer vacation.

Kafra is less than five km from Qana.


I love Munich said...

I don't know what to tell you .. I support you ALL THE WAY and pray, this nightmare will end soon!!
PLEASE watch yourself!!!

Tasuooooo said...

release our soldiers and it WILL b over.
as simple as that!!!

notorious said...

we will i promise ;) as soon as u release our prisoners :D

usaCHRISTIAN said...



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